Divine Beast Adventures

Chapter 30

Chapter 30: Chapter 030 – Sudden Change to Condition

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After bidding Second Lieutenant Qi goodbye, Zhang Che picked up the bag of Five-Colored Poison Spider material that now belonged to him and almost went wild with joy.

Unexpectedly, just by participating in an outdoor training, he had earned nearly a hundred thousand Alliance dollars! It truly wasn’t a wasted trip!

“Zhang Xiaoche, can you not be so obsessed with money?” Huang Tielan stamped her feet loudly, then pointed her finger at the other bag and continued, “Nah, I’ll let you have the other bag, as well. I didn’t do much earlier, anyway.”

Zhang Che nodded after hearing that. He immediately grabbed the adjacent bag and quickly walked towards a military vehicle parked by the side.

“Hey hey hey, wait for me, Zhang Xiaoche!”

Huang Tielan’s was distracted and she spaced out for a moment. She hurriedly gave chase to Zhang Che.


After boarding the bus, the group of boys and girls started asking about the details of what happened earlier, wondering how Zhang Che and Huang Tielan were able to provide assistance to Lieutenant Qi, helping him kill the three Five-Colored Poison Spiders. None of them didn’t dare to believe it as the truth.

“Haha, you guys have no idea. Earlier, it was all thanks to my Zhang Xiaoche coming up with a strategy to kill off one of the Five-Colored Poison Spiders, then we went on to help Lieutenant Qi turn the situation around…”

Zhang Che didn’t say a word. Meanwhile, Huang Tielan, who was still next to him, started showing off proudly with a faint smile on her face.

Fortunately, this chick’s brain was still working fine and didn’t expose Zhang Che’s vulgar methods. Otherwise, wouldn’t everyone despise him?

Seeing as Zhang Che had become the focus of everyone, the little fatty Liu Haowei grumbled softly, “Hmph, what are you acting so smug for? Weren’t you just relying on your good subdued beast? If I had a silver-quality beast as well, the one helping Lieutenant Qi earlier would have been me.”

After which, he turned sideways to look at Wu Junyu, hoping that his fellow ‘Anti-Zhang Alliance’ companion would say something to diminish their enemy’s prestige and bolster their own.

Who would’ve thought that Wu Junyu, who hadn’t said a word after boarding the bus, didn’t seem to have any intention of doing so. It seemed like he was still absorbed in the pain of losing his subdued beast.

As the only person who had lost his beast today, Wu Junyu’s mood was at rock bottom. Furthermore, he was nearly killed by a Five-Colored Poison Spider, leaving him traumatized. There was no way he’d care about what Liu Haowei said.

The group returned with complicated feelings during the ride back, and soon arrived at their school.

After alighting the vehicle and being dismissed for the day, Zhang Che called out to Huang Tielan and handed one of the bags over, saying, “This is yours, Huang Tielan.”

The latter blanked out for a moment. Her chubby face looked endearingly silly, asking, “What do you mean, Zhang Xiaoche? Didn’t I gift you the Five-Colored Poison Spider’s materials?”

“But I didn’t agree to accept it,” Zhang Che blinked, bringing the bag forward a little more.

“You don’t want it, fine!”

Huang Tielan stamped her feet coyly, causing Zhang Che to sway a little from the impact. Then, she snatched the bag from Zhang Che and walked out the school gates with heavy steps, ‘dong dong dong dong’.

Watching Huang Tielan’s figure moving further away, Zhang Che touched his nose, smiling. He also slowly walked out the gates.

Previously, he accepted the Fiery Scorpion mainly because he lacked a strong beast, and it would allow him to hunt more exotic beasts in the beast world, accumulating his strength.

As for now, Huang Tielan contributed greatly to the Five-Colored Poison Spiders’ material. Not only that, her beast suffered substantial injuries, too. It was her right to have a share of the spoils. Zhang Che would never accept it no matter what.

Even after accepting the Fiery Scorpion, Zhang Che promised a better beast card to Huang Tielan in the future. It could be counted as returning the favor, and not accepting her gifts for nothing.

Due to their encounter with the Five-Colored Poison Spiders, their outdoor training had to be terminated midway. When Zhang Che sold off the bag of materials in the market and returned home, it was only around one in the afternoon.

Since it was still early, Zhang Che brought his mother, Sun Lan to the best hospital in Qian Wei City to buy the latest genetic repair medicine to cure her illness.

After arriving at the hospital, naturally she had to go through the routine checks.

The two waited for nearly two hours before the results were finally out.

“How is it, Doctor? Did my mother’s illness aggravate?” Naturally, Zhang Che couldn’t understand the report, and could only ask the white-haired doctor in front of him.

Ever since Sun Lan was diagnosed with a malignant tumor half a year ago, she could only rely on medicine to keep her condition in check due to their lack of money to treat it, keeping it from getting worse.

Even so, Sun Lan’s complexion was far worse than before. She even quit her job a month ago to recuperate at home.

If it wasn’t the compensation from Zhang Che’s father dying in the war a few years ago, coupled with the Alliance’s coalition government providing financial aid, they wouldn’t be able to sustain their daily expenses.

That aged doctor stared at the report for some time. He suddenly creased his brow, saying, “It’s not looking very good. Due to her illness not receiving treatment in time, the tumor cells have started mutating, and are showing signs of rapidly spreading. Ai, if you had come for treatment earlier, there wouldn’t be such problems.”

The tumor cells were mutating?

Zhang Che’s face paled greatly after hearing this.

He, who had inherited the memories of his previous self, naturally knew that following the appearance of the spatial gateways, some unknown substances were mixed into Mercury’s world. Many illnesses had a certain possibility of mutating.

The moment such a situation occurred, the illness would become extremely complicated. No matter if it was the traditional treatment methods, or the latest genetic repairment treatment, they weren’t guaranteed to be able to fully cure them.

“Then, if we used the latest genetic repair medicine, would it guarantee curing the illness?” After asking this, Zhang Che stared at the doctor’s face, his feelings in disarray.

As expected, the doctor shook his head gently, sighing, “There’s no guarantee. As of now, there are very few mutated cancer patients who recovered from their illness. Even those who used the latest genetic medicine are like that.”

Sun Lan’s face was devoid of color, the light in her eyes dimmed. “Forget it, Xiaoche. Let’s not bother with treatment. It can’t be cured anyway.”

Zhang Che wasn’t willing to give up just like that, however, and asked the doctor, “Then, doctor, is there any way to keep the cancer cells from spreading, to keep her condition from aggravating?”

This time, the doctor nodded slightly, “Of course there are ways. Although the latest genetic repair medicines aren’t able to completely cure such conditions, they are able to effectively contain the cells, keeping them from spreading. This could effectively extend the patient’s life.”

Zhang Che immediately heaved a sigh of relief. -It’s fine this way. As long as it can be delayed, they should be able to find a cure in the future, right?”-

Alas, the doctor’s tone suddenly shifted as he continued, “However, the expenses for this would be too great to bear. In order to control the cells from spreading, the patient would require a shot of the genetic repair medicine once every half a month. It would cost twenty million dollars a year.”

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