Divine Beast Adventures

Chapter 31

Chapter 31: Chapter 031 – Decision

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Twenty million Alliance dollars a year!

Sun Lan nearly fell off her chair after hearing that from the doctor, her face turned even paler than before.

“Let’s go back, Xiaoche. Mom’s not treating it anymore.”

Sun Lan came back to herself and revealed a cold and dismal smile. She pulled on Zhang Che’s hand and was ready to leave.

“Don’t worry, Mom. I will definitely help you find a way to cure your illness.”

Zhang Che wasn’t feeling good in his heart, either. It wasn’t because of the huge sum of twenty million dollars a year, however. It might seem to be an extreme amount, but it was not even two million dollars a month. With his current abilities, he was able to earn that much if he entered the beast world more frequently.

It was just that he didn’t expect such a turn in Sun Lan’s condition. There was no way to find a cure in the short term; that left him worrying.

Zhang Che didn’t give up and continued asking the doctor. “Doctor, is there no solution at all?”

After the world started using the materials found on exotic beasts, technology had advanced significantly in all areas. It couldn’t be that they were helpless against this kind of mutated cancer, right?

“It’s not like there is no way…” the doctor mumbled to himself irresolutely, causing Zhang Che to feel happy. He slowly explained, “But I have only heard about this before. There are extremely rare exotic beasts that are of the healing type. They have a chance of treating such illnesses.”

-Healing-type beast?-

Zhang Che’s heart sank. -What type of beast is this? I have never even heard of it before.-

From what he’d learned from school, the beasts currently used by beastmasters were mainly separated into Original Combat Body, Defensive, and Weapon-types.

Of those, the original combat body-types were the most common, followed by defensive-types. As for weapon-types, they were even rarer. Even if you killed a hundred different species of exotic beasts, you might not necessarily find a weapon-type beast card.

Up until now, Zhang Che had only seen a weapons-type beast card in Second Lieutenant Qi’s possession, and that was only by coincidence. Otherwise, only when he ventured deep into the beast world to hunt exotic beasts would he discover a weapon-type beast card.

From this, one could imagine how difficult it was to obtain an unheard-of-type of beast card like the healing-type.


With heavy hearts, they returned home. Zhang Che first consoled his mother Sun Lan, telling her that he would surely find a healing-type exotic beast. Even if he wasn’t able to achieve this in the short term, he could earn the amount required to purchase the genetic repair medicine to extend his mother’s life.

Before they left the hospital, the doctor said that with the genetic repair medicine in effect, his mother’s condition wouldn’t deteriorate in the upcoming 3 years at the very least.

As for whether he could find a healing-type beast within that time… although Zhang Che didn’t feel confident about it, there was at least a direction for him to work towards.

Moreover, even if he couldn’t obtain a healing-type beast card by hunting beasts, he could make inquiries to the outside world and hire those who had such a beast to help cure Sun Lan’s illness.

Of course, this was provided that Zhang Che had enough influence for that!

Sitting on the chair by his bed, Zhang Che creased his brow, staring at the empty table. He blinked his eyes occasionally, making an important decision in his heart.

Originally, he intended to follow the common route of this world, finishing high school and entering a decent university. Then, he’d slowly develop his capabilities as a beastmaster, as well as learning the relevant knowledge of a beast cultivator.

However, everything changed today.

Facing the need of twenty million dollars a year, and even the mission of finding a healing-type beast within three years, which he had no choice but to complete, Zhang Che no longer had the time to waste in school.

“Hmm, since the primary objective entering university was to learn more about exotic beasts to prepare myself for the beast world in the future, now that I am able to visualize all their attributes, it doesn’t matter that much whether I learn about them or not.”

Thinking of this point, Zhang Che firmly made his decision.

Since he had a cheat-like advantage, he didn’t have to enter university to charge himself up with knowledge like the others. Why didn’t he just enter the beast world earlier to strive for his future?

Of course, the other main advantage of enrolling into a university was to broaden his horizons and expand his network.

However, no matter if it was his previous or current life, Zhang Che wasn’t one who liked socializing. This, he could do without.


Waking up the next morning, Zhang Che made his decision known to Sun Lan, and transferred the remaining hundred thousand dollars to her account. Then, under his mother’s concerned gaze, Zhang Che left his house resolutely.

Today was Sunday; there weren’t any classes today. Zhang Che could only contact his homeroom teacher, Han Sheqing, via his personal terminal, explaining his situation at home and making his request to defer his studies.

After listening to Zhang Che’s story, Han Sheqing didn’t try to deter the former’s decision. Instead, he let out a sigh and urged him, “Teacher supports your decision. I believe you will find a way to cure your mother’s illness, too, but when you enter the beast world, you must remember to look out for your own safety.”

After ending the call with Han Sheqing, Zhang Che thought of Huang Tielan.

-Should I tell her about my deferment?-

Although he had no feelings for that chubby chick, she offered him a great deal of help, after all. He couldn’t possibly leave without saying goodbye, right?

Furthermore, Zhang Che didn’t really have a person he could call a close friend in either of his lives. The help Huang Tielan rendered to him over this period had touched him, and he viewed her as a pretty close friend.

After struggling inwardly for some time, Zhang Che contacted Huang Tielan with his personal terminal.

“Woah, Zhang Xiaoche, you actually contacted me on your own. I’m so happy!”

Huang Tielan’s voice was filled with surprise and happiness. This was the first time Zhang Che contacted her on his own through his personal terminal.

“Ugh, Huang Tielan, do you remember what I said yesterday? I’m going to hunt exotic beasts in the beast world again. I’ll surely bring you a good beast card when I return.”

“What, you’re entering the beast world again?” Huang Tielan gasped. “Zhang Xiaoche, don’t think that the beast world is very safe just because you returned safely the last time. Our priority now is to study properly. When we enter university in the future, there will be tons of opportunity for you to go to the beast world-”


Zhang Che could only interrupt her and tell her about his reasons for entering the beast world. Also, he told her about his deferment from studies.

After listening to Zhang Che’s explanation, Huang Tielan fell unusually silent and said gently, “Hmm. Then you have to pay more attention to your safety. Also, don’t worry too much. I’ll ask my father to check if there’s anyone he knows with a healing-type beast. If there are any, I’ll inform you immediately.”

Zhang Che felt inexplicably touched. He chuckled, “Thank you, Tielan.”

On the other hand, Huang Tielan smiled heartily, “No need for thanks. This is something I should do.”

-Something you should do? What do you mean?-

By the time Zhang Che reacted to that, he felt a slight warmth in his heart for no reason.

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