Divine Beast Adventures

Chapter 24

Chapter 24: Chapter 024 – This Is What Beastmasters Should Be Like

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That terrifying Five-Colored Poison Spider was now directly behind Wu Junyu. It suddenly extended its chelicerae forward, mere moments away from penetrating Wu Junyu’s back.

At this moment, Lieutenant Qi finally arrived. The four-star black iron-quality card in his hand turned into a ray of light and flew towards the Five-Colored Poison Spider.

The Five-Colored Poison Spider stopped its action abruptly, seemingly sensing a huge danger. It looked at the ray of light flying in its direction cautiously, scrambling backwards involuntarily.

The ray of light flashed brightly. A mutated rooster several times larger than normal suddenly appeared before everyone’s eyes. Its round eyes shone brightly, staring at the Five-Colored Poison Spider hostilely.

This rooster-like subdued beast was slightly above a meter tall, without a comb on its head. Its beak was long and sharp, with a silvery twinkle. Its tail had a bunch of purple-gold feather about half a meter long, looking quite beautiful.

Of course, this beast didn’t just look valiant and formidable, as its strength wasn’t low, either!


[Eagle-Beak Pheasant]

Level: Four Star (Level 38)

Quality: Black Iron

Type: Original Combat Body

Characteristics: Long and Sharp Beak, Good at Pounce Attacks

Weakness: Poison Attacks

Potential: D Rank: 25% Chance of Breaking Through Current Level, 2.5% Chance of Breaking Through Current Quality. Chances Halved on Next Upgrade. Upgradable 2 Times

Cultivating Directions: …


A four-star beast! This was already in the ranks of a mid-tier beast! Although it was among the lowest of the mid-tier beasts, they shouldn’t be underestimated, either. Generally, they were only slightly weaker than a three-star silver-quality beast!

The Lieutenant being able to employ a four-star beast meant he was undoubtedly a Tier Four beastmaster, too. His strength was truly extraordinary!

However, after seeing the weakness attribute of the Eagle-Beak Pheasant, Zhang Che couldn’t help but feel his heart tighten.

This freaking guy’s weakness was poison attacks, while the Five-Colored Poison Spider just so happened to use poison attacks!

Would this mid-tier beast meet with an unexpected failure and end up getting killed by theFive-Colored Poison Spider?

After the Eagle-Beak Pheasant appeared, it didn’t pounce on the Five-Colored Poison Spider immediately. Instead, it spread out its wings suddenly and fluffed its neck feathers out, ready to attack at anytime.

TheFive-Colored Poison Spider seemed to know that its opponent wasn’t weak, as well. Its legs moved slowly, swaying its body slightly without any recognizable pattern, acting cautiously.

-I don’t know if they will break out in a fight. I hope the Five-Colored Poison Spider would just back off.-

As Zhang Che thought of that, he and the others realized, much to their surprise, that Lieutenant Qi didn’t pause for a moment, and continued running forward. At the same time, he took out another beast card. It flashed, turning into a long and narrow bronze sword.

It was actually a weapons-type beast card!

Everyone was stunned after witnessing this.

It was a weapon-type beast card of the legends! It was said that they were at least twice as rare as defensive-type beast card, and here it was, in the hands of a second lieutenant!

This showed that the military personnel who were committed to the frontlines against the beast world all year long gained a lot of good stuff.

With the blade in his hand, Lieutenant Qi seemed like a different person. The aura he gave off had an oppressive feeling to it.

Zhang Che’s eyes lit up as he watched, thinking, -It’s said that when beastmasters advance in tiers, their physical condition will improve with the increase of absorbed soul force. It seems like that is indeed the case.

-Lieutenant Qi barely stepped through the doors of a mid-tier beastmaster recently, and yet the aura he gives off could cause such an oppressive feeling to others. What about those legendary high-tier beastmasters?-

On the battlefront, the Eagle-Beak Pheasant was originally observing its opponent, hoping to find the Five-Colored Poison Spider’s weakness before launching a fierce attack. When it saw its master rushing forward with such speed, it suddenly let out a clear cry and charged forward.

The teacher and students watching by the side were even surprised to see the earth being kicked up where the Eagle-Beak Pheasant ran past.

A four-star beast was actually so strong!

Seeing the Eagle-Beak Pheasant made its move, the Five-Colored Poison Spider suddenly let out a ‘ji’ cry and quickly dodged aside, subtly guarding its front with its chelicerae, ready to engage in close combat at any moment.

The Eagle-Beak Pheasant was very fast. Even though the Five-Colored Poison Spider dodged intentionally, the former was able to quickly adjust its direction. Its long and sharp beak suddenly pushing forward, pecking at the spider’s body.

Of course, the Five-Colored Poison Spider wouldn’t be struck so easily. Its body raised up suddenly, and used its tough abdominal carapace to receive the Eagle-Beak Pheasant’s peck, causing a dull ‘dok’ sound to go off.

At the same time, the Five-Colored Poison Spider’s chelicerae shot out at lightning speed, snapping them towards the Eagle-Beak Pheasant’s head.

The pheasant obviously had lots of combat experience under its belt. Seeing its attack missed, its wings quickly beat furiously to fly several steps backwards, avoiding the Five-Colored Poison Spider’s counterattack.

In their short exchange, theFive-Colored Poison Spider and Eagle-Beak Pheasant were actually evenly matched.

The students present expanded their horizons, thinking to themselves that their beasts wouldn’t be able to dodge such attacks…


After the Eagle-Beak Pheasant missed its attack, Lieutenant Qi was already there. He let out a cry and raised his blade up high with both hands, slashing down fiercely at the middle, aiming right at the Five-Colored Poison Spider’s head.

Everyone seemed to see a flash of lightning streak across as Second Lieutenant Qi’s blade struck theFive-Colored Poison Spider’s back, leaving a mark about half an inch deep, nearly penetrating it.


TheFive-Colored Poison Spider let out a pained cry. It snapped out its chelicerae forward in quick succession, avoiding Lieutenant Qi, who was trying to get another hit in, and quickly moved backwards.

“Go Officer Qi!”

“Mighty Officer Qi!”

Seeing as Lieutenant Qi actually took the upper hand, the students were no longer afraid and started cheering for him excitedly.

However, Lieutenant Qi knew that the Five-Colored Poison Spider wasn’t that easy to deal with. Just as he was about to follow up his attack, he saw the retreating Five-Colored Poison Spider shooting out a mass of white colored light from its abdomen.

Lieutenant Qi was shocked. He swung his blade horizontally, and felt as if he had hit a mass of cotton. Upon taking a closer look, it turned out that half of his blade was wrapped in white spider silk.

Seeing its surprise attack had worked, the Five-Colored Poison Spider advanced instead of continuing its retreat, brandishing its chelicerae as it pounced towards Lieutenant Qi.

In just the blink of an eye, the attacking and defending sides switched!

However, Lieutenant Qi didn’t panic in the slightest during this crucial moment. He suddenly sidestepped to the Five-Colored Poison Spider’s side, turning his slash into a thrust, and stabbed his blade into a gap in the spider’s abdomen.

Lieutenant Qi was not greedy after succeeding in his strike, either. He went with the momentum of his attack and opened a long wound on the Five-Colored Poison Spider’s body with a horizontal slice, and retreated immediately.

The Five-Colored Poison Spider let out sharp cries after suffering such a severe wound. Its body suddenly turned about, its legs raising a cloud of earth while simultaneously cutting the bushes by its sides into shreds.

Right at this moment, Lieutenant Qi’s beast, the Eagle-Beak Pheasant, flapped its wings and lifted itself off the ground, pouncing onto the Five-Colored Poison Spider’s back. It pecked down rapidly with its long, sharp beak, reducing the Five-Colored Poison Spider’s head to a mess.

Under the human and beast’s coordination, the three-star bronze-quality beast, the Five-Colored Poison Spider, perished just like that.

Zhang Che’s blood was pumping excitedly watching this. This is how strong a beastmaster is!

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