Divine Beast Adventures

Chapter 23

Chapter 23: Chapter 023 – Sudden Change

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The trees were lush and green, the scorching hot sun hanging high up in the sky.

The beastmasters in Year 3 Class 2 had just received Lieutenant Qi’s teachings, and they were more serious and acted more prudently. Each of them directed their own beasts to move cautiously forward.

Every time there was any disturbance, they would immediately stop in place and observe carefully around them to confirm there was no danger. Not only that, they would also command their beasts to continue scouting ahead.

On the other hand, due to his experience of hunting in the beast world, and knowing that the stronger exotic beasts have been cleared out, Zhang Che was advancing leisurely, as if he was taking a stroll.

Of course, it would be even better if Huang Tielan wasn’t following closely by his side.

Perhaps due to her owning a silver-tier beast, Huang Tielan was acting very relaxed as well. She followed Zhang Che’s pace closely, whispering to him, “Zhang Xiaoche, why didn’t you bring out the Fiery Scorpion?”

Actually, Zhang Che didn’t have any ill feelings towards Huang Tielan. On the contrary, it was all thanks to the Fiery Scorpion she gave him that his trip to the beast world went so smoothly, allowing him to earn a pretty sum.

However, all youngsters are very superficial!

Zhang Che really couldn’t bring himself to like a meaty chick who was 180cm tall and weighed 80 kg.

“Please, I’m only a Tier One beastmaster and can only use two beasts at a time, alright?” Zhang Che replied helplessly.

As for the matter of her always addressing him as Zhang Xiaoche, Zhang Che was already immune to it. -Just call me whatever you want.-

“Aiya, you’re acting dumb again!” Huang Tielan said coyly, stamping her feet. “Can’t you replace one of your wolves with the Fiery Scorpion?”

Before Zhang Che could reply, Huang Tielan giggled, “Of course, I know Zhang Xiaoche wants to hide his strength, right? But don’t you know how disgusting Wu Junyu and Liu Weihao are? They kept talking bad about you behind your back previously. If I were you, I would surely bring out the Fiery Scorpion to give them a nice slap in the face.”

Oh, this chick’s hobby is so unique; she actually likes acting dumb and slapping others in the face!

Zhang Che turned to look at Huang Tielan and said evenly, “Am I such a crude person? Moreover, you gave me the Fiery Scorpion. It’s inappropriate to show off with it.”

Huang Tielan’s eyes immediately turned into stars as she nodded profusely, saying, “Right, right, right. That’s my gift to you. Of course it can’t be used to do such shallow things.”

A streak of black lines appeared on Zhang Che’s forehead, lamenting inwardly, -Tienan, you’ve truly misunderstood me. I only meant to say that I don’t want to rely on others to put on a facade. If it was a beast card I hunted for myself, I’ll definitely take it out without any hesitation to enjoy the look on their faces.-

“Xiaohei!” Suddenly, Wu Junyu’s half-frightened, half-aching cry rang out from the group.

Everyone turned their heads to look in his direction. When they saw what happened, everyone sucked in a breath of cold air.

On Wu Junyu’s side, a colorful spider about the size of a millstone was half concealed in the bushes, its chelicerae that were as sharp as blades were stabbed deep into the Black Wind Beast’s body.

The Black Wind Beast was a one-star bronze-quality beast, yet it couldn’t retaliate and was captured by that horrifying spider just like that. It went to show how powerful this spider is.

Seeing his beast captured, Wu Junyu was obviously panicking.

He saw the spider peeking out of the bushes earlier, and thought that it was an easy target to bully. Thus, he ordered his Black Wind Beast to go test the waters. Who would’ve thought that it would be defeated in just a single exchange?

Due to his panic, Wu Junyu even forgot to recall his beast immediately, and now he could only watch as his beast rapidly entered a near-death state.

Although a beastmaster could recall their beast at anytime within a certain distance, the same did not apply if the beast’s origin was damaged in combat. They could only watch as their beast slowly headed towards death.

Lieutenant Qi’s pupils constricted slightly when he suddenly saw the Five-Colored Poison Spider. His expression changed greatly and yelled out to the group, “Everyone be careful, this spider is very powerful!”

The students’ expressions grew uglier immediately, and every one of them took several steps back involuntarily.

Only Wu Junyi was still looking at his beast regretfully, shouting incoherently, “My Xiaohei… What should I do? I can’t recall it! Help me, Officer Qi! Save my Xiaohei!”

At this moment, Lieutenant Qi was dashing over from the front of the group, yelling as he ran, “Quickly back off if you don’t wish to die! This spider is very dangerous!”

At this time, the Black Wind Beast suddenly turned into a streak of light and dissipated.

The Five-Colored Poison Spider was stunned for a moment, not understanding why its prey suddenly disappeared. After which, it saw Wu Junyu spacing out a short distance away and sped over towards him at lightning speed.

Zhang Che’s pupils narrowed slightly, aghast at the fact that the spider was actually so powerful!


[Five-Colored Poison Spider]

Level: Three Star (Level 28)

Quality: Bronze

Characteristics: Expert at Ambushing Its Prey, Fierce Toxin

Weakness: Fire Elemental Attacks

Potential: E Rank: 25% Chance of Breaking Through Current Level, 2.5% Chance of Breaking Through Current Quality. Upgradable 1 Time

Cultivating Directions: …


It was actually a three-star bronze-quality beast! It was no wonder it managed to kill off Wu Junyu’s beast in a single move. There was too much of a difference in strength between the two!

Furthermore, this kind of beast that utilized poison attacks were usually harder to deal with.

-However, it seems like many exotic beasts were weak to fire attacks. I should really get myself a beast that uses fire attacks in the future if the opportunity arises.-

On the other front, Wu Junyu was feeling the pain from his beast’s death. He was nearly scared silly when he saw the horrifying Five Colored Poison Spider pouncing in his direction.


Fortunately, Wu Junyu didn’t really turn dumb. He cried out loud in a fit of fear, turning to run in the group’s direction.

It wasn’t that he was purposely trying to implicate the others, but it was human nature to run towards their own species to seek safety when in danger.

“What the heck are you doing, Wu Junyu?! Don’t drag us down with you if you wish to die!”

Coincidentally, the one closest to Wu Junyu was the little fatty, Liu Haowei. After witnessing Wu Junyu’s beast being killed by that Five-Colored Poison Spider effortlessly, he was already retreating. Now that he saw Wu Junyu running straight in his direction, he couldn’t help but feel both shocked and angry.

With his mix of emotions, he didn’t have the time to care about his beast that was by his side as well, and he turned tail to run, too, hoping that Wu Junyu wouldn’t run past him.

The students behind were similarly shocked too, and the group soon plunged into chaos. Some of the timid girls even screamed out loud.

Just as Wu Junyu was running for his life, feeling the sound of wind behind him getting increasingly closer,Lieutenant Qi, who was originally at the front of the group, rushed back to him in the nick of time.

He spread his palm firmly. A four-star black iron card turned into a streak of light and shot out from his hand.

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