Divine Beast Adventures

Chapter 200 - Sword Wielding Insect

Chapter 200: Sword Wielding Insect

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“Thinking of running away after provoking me? No such thing!”

Earlier when Zhang Che wanted to run, the Poison Fire Twin-Headed Dragon didn’t let up at all. Now that it was heavily injured and wanted to make its exit, naturally Zhang Che wouldn’t let it go so easily, either!

With a wave of his hand, Zhang Che recalled all his subdued beasts into his spiritual sea and summoned the Purple Jade Condor. He hopped onto the beast, and they immediately took to the skies in pursuit of the exotic beast.

Previously, Zhang Che was worried that the Purple Jade Condor was no match for the Poison Fire Twin-Headed Dragon, and didn’t dare summon it to aid him in battle. Now that the base of the Poison Fire Twin-Headed Dragon’s wings was wounded, its agility and flight speed was much worse than before. Zhang Che naturally wasn’t as worried.

Seeing Zhang Che actually summoning a flying beast, the Poison Fire Twin-Headed Dragon grew even more alarmed. – What kind of a freak is this guy? Why does he have so many powerful companions?-

If it were any other time, the Poison Fire Twin-Headed Dragon would naturally not put a shrimp like the Purple Jade Condor to mind. Well, of course, it still wouldn’t care about the Purple Jade Condor now.

However, the injuries caused by the Purple Crystal Tortoise earlier were truly too deep. The Poison Fire Twin-Headed Dragon was afraid that the round little purple tortoise head would pop out of nowhere again and shoot another wave of spears at it. It could only let out a roar furiously and continue flying into the distance.

Regrettably, its current flying speed was a little slow in the Purple Jade Condor’s eyes.

Zhang Che’s hands were holding tightly onto the purple plume on the Purple Jade Condor’s back, his eyes staring dead ahead at the Poison Fire Twin-Headed Dragon. He said, grinding his teeth, “Just keep following it like this. Let’s see how much longer it can fly!”

As the Poison Fire Twin-Headed Dragon flew, the countless wounds on its body were still bleeding constantly. If this continued on, it wouldn’t be able to hold on for much longer.

That was also why it didn’t even dare to look back and return fire at Zhang Che. It could only continue flying in its nest’s direction, in hopes of quickly returning home and letting its partner deal with him.

Zhang Che naturally realized this possibility as well, but he wasn’t afraid.

An exotic beast at the Poison Fire Twin-Headed Dragon’s level and quality wouldn’t have many companions, if they had any in the first place. It would only be their other half or something; there wouldn’t be any substantial threat to him.

Once they were on the ground, it would be Zhang Che’s home ground. What was there to be afraid of?

As they pursued, they flew past tall mountain after tall mountain. A huge mountain peak suddenly appeared on the skyline ahead.

However, the Poison Fire Twin-Headed Dragon didn’t fly in that direction. Instead, it made a swerve and flew towards another peak at the side, which resembled a sharp sword piercing through the clouds.

Zhang Che was slightly taken aback. The majestic mountain was obviously more suitable to be used as a nest. Could it be that a stronger exotic beast occupied it, and thus the Poison Fire Twin-Headed Dragon didn’t choose that place?

No, that wasn’t something he should be concerned about now. Watching the Poison Fire Twin-Headed Dragon flying towards the other peak, Zhang Che started smiling in his heart.

Once he found that fellow’s nest, did he have to worry about not being able to deal with it in the future?

Zhang Che wasn’t afraid even if there were another Poison Fire Twin-Headed Dragon there.

-Should I use guerilla warfare to understand the situation first?

-I’ll retreat when they advance, and I’ll advance when they retreat, feel out the situation?-

Unless these guys decided to abandon their nest here and migrate deeper into the beast world, Zhang Che had tons of ways of dealing with them.

Seeing the steep mountain peak getting closer and closer, the Poison Fire Twin-Headed Dragon, whose speed had obviously fell by a lot, suddenly let out a high-pitched cry.

In the next moment, another cry rang out in response from the mountain peak. Afterwards, a black dot quickly rose to the sky and flew in their direction at lightning speed.

“Heh, it has a companion as I expected!”

Zhang Che wasn’t surprised. This was something expected. All he needed to do was locate their nest, anyway. He’d slowly think of ways to torment them later.

The Purple Jade Condor quickly drew an arc in the air and directly swooped down towards the deep valley at the base of the mountain.

The valley was shrouded in fog; the Poison Fire Twin-Headed Dragon probably wouldn’t chase them here.

As expected, following the Purple Jade Condor’s descent into the valley below, the rapidly approaching Poison Fire Twin-Headed Dragon only roared out furiously before shooting a fireball and poison mist at him separately, then circling in the sky above unwillingly.

The fog was thick below; this fellow obviously didn’t dare to enter casually.

Similarly, Zhang Che didn’t dare to be careless, either. What if there was some exotic beast in the valley that even the Poison Fire Twin-Headed Dragon didn’t dare to provoke?

Zhang Che jumped off the Purple Jade Condor’s back and recalled it into his spiritual sea with a wave of his hand. Afterwards, he summoned the Scarlet Flame Drake, Purple Crystal Tortoise, and Steel-Armored Tyrannosaurus.

With these three capable babies, he was confident of keeping a foothold in this valley.

After the Purple Crystal Tortoise appeared, the first thing it did was to dive into the cliff at the side, devouring the rocks. Although the cooldown time of its skill had already passed, without any rocks in storage, it wouldn’t be able to exhibit its might.

The Scarlet Flame Drake had replenished its vital energy while it was in Zhang Che’s spiritual sea; it could breathe out a column of fire at any moment. Meanwhile, the Steel-Armored Tyrannosaurus had been kept in his spiritual sea for days. It couldn’t stay still any longer. If it decided to go on a rampage, anyone who stood in his way would be decimated.

“Hehehehe…” Suddenly, a wave of sinister laughter entered Zhang Che’s ears, causing the hairs on his back to stand on end.

-What the hell? Is there some kind of demon spirit in this valley?-

Zhang Che never heard of there being supernatural creatures in the beast world. Was his luck so bad that he had encountered those unheard of malicious spirits?

However, thinking about it carefully, the Scarlet Flame Drake’s flames was so powerful; was there a need to be afraid of those creeping creatures?

No matter how powerful those ghosts and spirits were, they wouldn’t be able to withstand the flames from the Scarlet Flame Drake!

“Hehehehe… Shashashasha…” The sinister laughter came closer and closer, accompanied by a wave of soft rustling sounds.

Zhang Che immediately let out a sigh of relief. They had actual bodies; they weren’t some kind of ghosts or spirits…

Zhang Che turned his head and focused his gaze, looking in the direction where the sounds came from. He saw the silhouettes of a few dark greyish huge swords within the fog.

-Could it be other beastmasters?- Just as such a thought came to mind, Zhang Che’s jaws nearly dropped from shock.

As the huge dark grey swords revealed their full appearances, it wasn’t beastmasters behind them, but strange insects about two meters long each, with black carapaces covering their bodies.

Those huge dark grey huge swords were growing from one of their mutated, thick front limbs, looking rather imposing!

“This is, a sword wielding insect?” Zhang Che nearly burst out in laughter. He didn’t expect there to be such strange exotic beasts. A two-meter or so body, swinging a huge sword over a meter long and about as wide as a palm. It looked really out of place.


After they discovered Zhang Che and his babies, these strange insects’ mouthparts kept moving. That strange, sinister laughter-like sound was produced there…

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