Divine Beast Adventures

Chapter 201 - Huge Sword

Chapter 201: Huge Sword

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“What a cheap, lowly laugh!” Zhang Che frowned. He truly wasn’t use to someone… Ah, no, some insect laughing like this in front of him.

Especially since they were swinging swords around!

However, this wasn’t considered cheap; what’s cheaper was their name!


[Huge Sword]

Level: Five Star (Level 46)

Quality: Silver

Characteristics: Likes Devouring Metallic Minerals. Its Front Right Limb is Mutated Into a Metallic Huge Sword, Possesses Shocking Attacking Strength

Weakness: Metallized Carapace, Vulnerable to High Temperatures

Potential: E Rank


“There truly isn’t the cheapest, only cheaper. Its name is actually Huge Sword! I’m speechless!” Zhang Che might be cursing outwardly, but he was actually rejoicing inwardly.

This was a five-star exotic beast, not to mention it seemed pretty weak. He could kill them and accumulate soul force points, allowing him to advance to Tier Five as soon as possible.

“Right, these guys’ characteristics are so clear-cut. Will the beast cards they drop be weapon-type?” Zhang Che immediately looked forward to finding out.

At present, the Mutated Puffersword could no longer keep up with Zhang Che’s growth. Its ordinary attacks could hardly penetrate the scales of mid-tier exotic beasts who excelled in defense, not to mention its Sonic Wave skill being totally ineffective against mid-tier or higher exotic beasts.

Meanwhile, Zhang Che now possessed herculean strength, and had also learned a powerful sword art from his future father-in-law. Once he got his hands on a good beast card weapon, he’d be able to exhibit explosive combat strength!

“Let’s hope my guess is right!”

Zhang Che waved his hand. The Scarlet Flame Drake rushed forward like a gust of wind, coming up in front of the group of Huge Swords. It opened its jaws and breathed out a column of flames, enshrouding all of them inside.

Those hot flames, capable of melting steel instantly, swept over these Huge Swords’ bodies briefly and their metallic black carapaces immediately turned red. Their organs were instantly roasted and they collapsed, dead.

Masses of glowing lights erupted in this dimly-lit valley. It was like Zhang Che was watching a miniature fireworks show.

One second! In only one second, this group of over twenty Huge Swords was massacred by the Scarlet Flame Drake with its skill. In the end, the ground of the valley had cracks all over it from the high temperature, and over half a dozen silvery white beast cards lay on the ground.

“Tsk, tsk. I like these exotic beasts that are vulnerable to fire elemental attacks the most! Really, the more the better!” Zhang Che’s eyes narrowed into slits from his smile. He strode forward and picked up the silvery-white beast cards. He swept his data eyes across them, his brows raised up high.

Without a doubt, these Huge Swords were weapon-type beast cards, as he expected!

“Then, I have to hurry up and hunt more four-star or higher exotic beasts, and rise to Tier Five as soon as possible!”

Zhang Che had no choice. He was still a pathetic Tier Four beastmaster. Even if these Huge Swords were nice to use, he couldn’t use them now.

“Work hard, young man!” Zhang Che encouraged himself, then set his gaze deeper into the valley.

Since these Huge Swords were the rare kind of mid-tier exotic beasts that gathered in groups, then there was certainly a leader-class boss among them, right?

That’s right; who was Zhang Che? How could he lower his status and use a silver-quality weapon?

At the very least, he should use a gold-quality one!

With a wave of his hand, the Scarlet Flame Drake led the way, the Purple Crystal Tortoise guarded him, and the Steel-Armored Tyrannosaurus watched their backs, the group exploring deeper into the valley.

The environment in this valley was very peculiar. Craggy rocks were everywhere. Even if there was a shallow layer of earth, large amounts of metallic substances could be found in them. It wasn’t suitable for plants to grow at all.

Zhang Che looked into the distance. Other than some extremely tenacious lichen, there wasn’t any grass at all, not to mention bushes.

Only such a peculiar environment would give birth to a unique exotic beast like the Huge Sword.


The Huge Sword insect’s cheap laughter rang out from in front. Zhang Che’s eyebrows lifted in happiness.

-I’m not worried that there aren’t any, but there aren’t enough of you!-

What happened afterwards was truly nothing to write home about.

Facing these insects vulnerable to high temperature, the Scarlet Flame Drake was simply their natural enemy. It directly swept through them without breaking a sweat.

The only thing that halted Zhang Che’s progress was that after the Scarlet Flame Drake exhausted its vital energy, it needed to return to his spiritual sea to recover for a minute or so, replenishing its vital energy by absorbing the rainbow fog.

Although a minute wasn’t long, as the minutes slowly accumulated, it made Zhang Che feel that his progress wasn’t as fast as he wished.

Even so, as Zhang Che continued forward and walked about a few hundred meters deeper into the valley, a small pile of silvery beast cards had gathered in the Purple Crystal Tortoise’s spatial pocket, amounting to close to forty of them!


The top part of the valley was covered in a thick layer of fog.

Zhang Che couldn’t help but find it strange. He had already explored so far in, and the number of Huge Swords he killed had exceeded two hundred; why hadn’t he seen the boss yet?


At this moment, a dark cave suddenly appeared on the side of the cliff.

“Tsk, I like caves the most!” Zhang Che smiled.

He seemed to recall good things happening every time he happened upon a cave. The Huge Sword boss he was searching for was probably in this cave.

After all, these guys’ food was mainly all kinds of metallic minerals. What place would contain more of it than the inside of a mountain?

Zhang Che walked to the front of the cave and looked in. This cave was actually close to ten meters high. Even the Steel-Armored Tyrannosaurus could walk in there with his head up. Could it be that the Huge Sword boss was this enormous?

If that was truly the case, Zhang Che could forget about slaying it; it’d be better if he quickly turned away and left.

If there was really such a gigantic Huge Sword, what level and quality would it be?

Perhaps, with a single swing of its sword, only the unkillable cockroach, the Purple Crystal Tortoise, could defend against it. Even the Steel-Armored Tyrannosaurus might be cleaved in half.

“Mmm, I’ll have you trouble you, little tortoise.” Zhang Che turned to the Purple Crystal Tortoise at his side. He wouldn’t enter the cave so casually to check things out, no matter what. If the boss inside was too strong, it’d really turn out to be a one-way trip.

The Purple Crystal Tortoise, after receiving its orders, quickly scuttled forward, disappearing from Zhang Che’s sight in a flash.

Speaking of which… after it rose to legend-quality, its slow movement attribute disappeared. Now, when its four purple claws started moving, it could match the running speed of ordinary exotic beasts.

After waiting for a while, a concentrated wave of clanking noises suddenly rang out from deep in the cave, like a magazine of a machine gun was being emptied, shooting at a metallic wall.

“Did they break into a fight!?” A glint shone in Zhang Che’s eyes. He hurriedly retreated about a hundred meters away into the valley.

From the looks of it, the Purple Crystal Tortoise’s Rock Spear Gatling was unable to penetrate the Huge Sword boss’s metallic carapace. He had to be more careful from here on…

The concentrated sounds of metal clashing stopped. Afterwards, a deafening sound resembling the ringings of a huge bronze bell reverberated in the cave. The terrifying sound wave burst out from the cave, leaving Zhang Che feeling his ears were going numb from the shockwave.

The Huge Sword boss in there actually had such great strength!

Fortunately, Zhang Che didn’t sense the Purple Crystal Tortoise suffering any injuries via their spiritual link. It seemed the Huge Sword boss wasn’t so strong that it was undefeatable.

Alas, it was a pity that the Purple Crystal Tortoise wasn’t a scouting-type subdued beast. It couldn’t describe the Huge Sword boss’s appearance to Zhang Che in detail. If he wanted to see the boss’s appearance for himself, he had no choice but to have the Purple Crystal Tortoise lure it out.

“Let me guess… what quality of an exotic beast is that guy? It’s impossible for it to be gold-quality. It’s at dark gold-quality, at least! Perhaps, it might even be at legend-quality?” Zhang Che felt his heart rate accelerating uncontrollably.

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