Demon Hunter

Chapter 16.1 - Trump Card

Chapter 16.1 - Trump Card

Su noticed that his life had changed completely.

Persephone didn’t seem to have any intention of forcefully bringing him back, and she also had no plans of killing him, so Su naturally didn’t think about suicide or fighting to the death. Like all creatures, Su had an exceptionally strong desire towards survival.

As for escaping and even subduing Persephone, Su was constantly preparing himself for these goals. However, at the same time, he did not lose himself to any delusions.

Persephone’s abilities completely surpassed Su’s range of detection. Su was not sure what her main Ability Domain was, to the point where Su even had a feeling she didn’t possess any different skills. However, his instincts incessantly reminded him that danger was right beside him. His subconscious mind and reality contrasted so greatly that Su was frequently left feeling a bit confused.

However, Su clearly remembered Persephone’s overwhelming way of appearing, as well as how easily she disarmed him. Those weren’t illusions, and definitely weren’t coincidences. The only thing Su could ascertain was that in front of this mysterious woman’s face, he himself didn’t have the slightest ability to retaliate.

Su carried Persephone’s ‘luggage’ and walked towards N958. This meticulously crafted feminine canvas bag made a stark contrast with the ruined clothing he wore and the rough Barrett on his back. Even if he didn’t use his nose, Su could still feel the fragrance spreading from the bag through his right hand’s skin.

Persephone had her arms behind her back as she walked alongside Su. The black pencil jumped around her ten flexible fingers. As she walked, she tirelessly chatted with Su about everything, from his age, experiences, interests, skills, all the way to his height, weight, and how many women he’s had. She would never forget to stick a 'why don't we return to the Black Dragonriders' in the middle.

What he could answer, Su pretty much all answered. As for questions about his own abilities, he ignored them all without exception. As for the question of returning to the Black Dragonriders together, Su would always directly reply with ‘you can bring my corpse back’.

Even Su never believed that Persephone truly was going to live with him from now on, when she asked where they would stay tonight, Su still decided to bring her to N958. Either way, this olden era private base couldn’t be concealed, so it was better to bring Persephone over to see if she could restore the base’s water system. If this system could be repaired, then even if he ended up in the Black Dragonrider’s hands after it was repaired, more water would mean more lives saved.

There were no roads on the mountain. Su’s body was extremely steady as he walked on the mountain rocks as if he was walking on an airplane runway. Persephone, with her heels, couldn’t help but jump from rock to rock, occasionally needing to spread her arms to balance herself. Seeing her silhouette jump about with her hair flying about, she seemed just like a carefree young lady from the olden era who dreamed about fantasies and needed the protection and love of another. As she swayed back and forth, her arms and body would touch Su’s, seemingly accidental.

An hour later, Su carried the ‘luggage’ and brought the leaping about, bright as sunshine Persephone to N958’s gates.

Seeing the gate disappear into the mountain walls, revealing a deep tunnel, Persephone revealed a low sound, and her eyes began to shine.

The base seemed to be pitch-black, with only a few places where the emergency lighting emitted a gloomy red light that couldn’t even light up a meter around it. Towards Su who possessed glimmer sight, this extremely weak light was already enough. For the sake of saving energy, he never turned on any unnecessary lightning.

Su firmly believed that this amount of lighting was already more than enough for Persephone.

However, this mysterious woman from the Black Dragonriders gazed vacantly into the base and continuously leaned closer to Su. Moreover, her left hand sneakily clung to Su’s clothes and grabbed tightly, as if she was a cat frightened of the dark.

With her heels, Persephone seemed to be almost the same height as Su. However, her current movements and expression for some reason made Su think of the little girl that would always silently pull on his clothes.

Su quietly sighed, no longer complaining inwardly about her level of acting. He instead walked next to a large door and pressed down a few times on the control desk. The base gradually began to light up one area after another. The faint rumbling sound of machines could be heard from the ground, and purified air began to blow out. The base’s large doors began to slowly close behind the two individuals.

A thousand miles outside, within the top floor of the Black Dragonriders headquarters, the old man’s left hand held a cup of coffee, while his right hand pressed a few times on the screen, bringing up Base N958’s image. His time of entertainment and leisure had arrived.

When the first image popped up, the old man saw a Persephone clinging to Su’s arm like a little girl.

Pu! The old man suddenly spat out his coffee. It splattered everywhere on the table and screen.

The old man coughed violently a few times. He quickly brought out a white towel and wiped his mouth and the coffee that had splashed onto his clothes.

The door soundlessly opened, and the female assistant leaned her body through the doors. She asked in a deeply concerned matter, “Is your esteemed self okay?”

The old man had already wiped his face and clothes clean. At this time, he was currently using the towel to wipe the coffee cup. Hearing the female assistant’s question, he smiled and replied, “It’s nothing. It seems like I’ve gotten older, choking even from drinking a sip of coffee.”

The cold as ice female assistant withdrew and lightly closed the door behind her. As soon as it was closed, she took a deep breath, and only then did she calm down her violently beating heart before walking away steadily. It was already her third year of entering this place and working here. This was the first time she saw him smile, as well as the first time she saw this hawk-like old man lose his bearing and spill his coffee.

Su led Persephone on a tour around N958’s various places. Only when they entered the second floor did Persephone’s arms that were tightly wrapped around Su’s arms let go. Like a joyous little bird, she ran around the luxurious suites that were equipped with full facilities. In the end, she was just like how Su was at first, staring blankly at the side of the swimming pool

Su stood at her side and looked at the empty swimming pool. “Even now, I cannot imagine what it would be like if this place was completely full of water.”

“I don’t know either.” Persephone spoke softly.

“...” Su remained silent.

“Hey! You are a man, so can you not be so petty?” She shouted.

“Alright, it seems like we are similar people.” Su somewhat surrendered.

Persephone dragged Su into the suite that was clearly designed for the base master. Seeing it swept extremely cleanly, and the spacious bathroom that was large to a ridiculous level, her eyes began to light up.

“Can’t I take a shower at least?!” Her question didn’t seem to be the tone one used to ask a question with at all.

Su immediately stared blankly. Since the time he discovered N958, he only manufactured nutrient-filled food once which used less than a kilogram of water and drank a total of a kilogram of water. All of the remaining water was stored in the central water reservoir system, so there was already several dozen kilograms. If it was used to take a shower, it should be barely enough. After all, this base had the most advanced water purifying system back then, and the water used for a shower could be once again turned into purified water in less than a minute. Wear and tear, of course, couldn’t be avoided. However, the main problem in Su’s mind was that this was pure water that had been purified to the highest grade five, which should only be used for drinking. The water used for showering should be grade two water that carried trivial amounts of radiation, or even grade one water. Of course, the level of grading in the age of turmoil and the olden era was different, and the so-called grade two water might be a fatal substance in the olden era.

Using pure water to shower was the same as swimming in it, intolerable.

Persephone jumped in front of Su’s face, and her arms were moved behind her back. She leaned her upper body forward, and her eyes widened as she looked at Su. She expectantly asked, “Can I?”


This N958 was actually already hers. Persephone’s acting skills were excellent, but even if she truly had this type of innate nature, Su would never forget that she was a powerful figure from the Black Dragonriders. Su used the bathroom’s control panel to join the central water system with the master bedroom’s bathroom. In addition, he restored all of the energy supply to the master suite.

Inside the bedroom that was greater than 100 square meters, warm lighting slowly lit up one after another. The air circulation system continuously brought in fresh air, even adding a bit of natural fragrance. This was a truly natural smell, one in which Persephone’s fussiness and Su’s sharp senses could not find a single flaw with. Relaxing music began to play, and the completely transparent shower room emitted faint steam. Upon determining that there wasn’t enough water, the bathroom’s intelligent system started up the pre-heating procedures.

Persephone’s body leaned forward slightly, her left hand reached out towards the doorway. Then, she revealed a sweet smile.

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