Demon Hunter

Chapter 15.4 - At a Loss

Chapter 15.4 - At a Loss

The sound of the footsteps suddenly stopped. This time, he could finally discern that it came from the left side.

Then, a light brown, meticulously crafted canvas backpack was tossed to Su’s side. Then, a pair of attractive legs appeared in Su’s line of sight.

It was a pair of extremely straight legs that left one’s throat dry upon seeing them. Dark stockings fully displayed her figure, yet it made others feel as if they were a bit unnecessary. The style of the heels was rather simple and unadorned, but the graceful arc they drew and the expert craftsmanship proved that they definitely weren't some cheap item.

Su raised his head. His gaze naturally climbed up the pair of long legs, first passing over the knees, then continuing past her luscious thighs to the edge of the skirt. A part of his gaze continued a few centimeters into the depths of the skirt, while most of his gaze continued upwards. What followed was a white shirt tucked into the skirt, barely managing to cover up her full chest. Above that was a long and slender neck, a perfect face, a pair of glasses that added to her appeal, as well as gray hair that was tied into a bun above her head.

“Beautiful?” She placed a hand at her waist, her other hand holding a pencil. The tip of the pencil rested on her lips as she asked.

“Beautiful.” Su honestly replied.

“Want to see more?” She asked again.

Su didn’t reply and instead stood up. Staring into the distance, he raised the Magnum in his hand and continuously fired five shots. The gunshots were rather loud, creating a tremendous echo. As if in response to the gunshots, a wind suddenly picked up as well, sending his light blonde hair flying about.

Su rotated the Magnum, and he placed the scorching muzzle against his chin and closed his eye.

The wilderness, ruins, clouds with radiation, mutated creatures, inhabited lands, all of these elements formed Su’s life cycle. At this time, they brought about a scorching pain, a heat that was just like the Magnum’s muzzle. He liked them, and he didn’t want to let them go, but the love and longing he had for life could not counteract the resoluteness he had in his heart.

Su did not want to become a laboratory specimen. If he truly didn’t have a choice, then it should still happen after his death.

Persephone’s brain that was capable of easily dealing with a sea of data suddenly came blank. She failed to understand how the question ‘want to see more’ that contained dual meanings could cause the other party to suddenly raise his gun to commit suicide.

What did this mean? Could it be that her own appearance was so bad that he had to kill himself?

The short period of blankness in her mind was quickly stifled. Her right hand reached out, lightly and skillfully fetching the Magnum from Su’s hand. Her forefinger that held the black pencil was just like her legs, enough to make one’s heart jump. Su only felt his hand become slightly numb before the pistol already ended up in her hands.

Persephone seemed almost a bit clumsy as she fiddled with the Magnum. This was an exquisitely made gun, but the enormous body, heavy weight, powerful force, and deafening gunshot made it so that pretty was no longer a good adjective to describe it with. She twirled the Magnum around her finger like an olden era cowboy, and then, her two hands joined together. Then, as if she had fired accidentally, an enormous bang sounded. A stream of heat was released, and the bullet Su left for himself disappeared into the endless clouds.

Persephone was so startled her entire body was shaking, and she almost tossed the Magnum onto the ground. Her face was pale, and her eyes were full of panic. Her black glasses seemed to have slid a bit, and some of the tied up hair even scattered down. In short, she looked like she had been frightened by the deafening gunshot and powerful recoil, leaving her in tremendous panic.

She fixed her glasses, and then while holding the Magnum with her thumb and middle finger, she brought it to Su’s face. As if she still felt a lingering fear, she said, “Returning this to you!”

This time, it was the black pencil and the silver gray Magnum that composed a contrast.

Su took the Magnum and brought out six bullets from the leather case at his waist. His two hands moved, and the bullets were already reloaded. Looking at Persephone, he calmly said, “There are still many pistol bullets, and there are many ways to commit suicide without bullets. If you want to bring me back alive, I fear that it won’t be that easy.”

She seemed rather angry. She bit down on the pencil in her hand and interrogated, “I just asked if you wanted to see more, yet you immediately want to commit suicide? Is my appearance that scary?”

Su’s voice continued to remain calm. “Your joke isn’t funny in the slightest, young lady from the Black Dragonriders.”

She immediately revealed a look of shock. “How did you know… Alright, I admit that I’m from the Black Dragonriders. However, how did you find out?”

Su felt a small headache. This woman’s acting was truly brilliant, however, the problem lied in that her lie couldn’t take a single blow. However, he still replied, “Your pencil has an insignia.”

Persephone looked at the pencil in her hands. The black pencil had a golden flower design, and at the end of the pencil was a dragon with a shield in its mouth.

She moved the pencil to her left hand and reached out her right hand towards Su. In a slightly reluctant manner, she said, “Persephone. Pleasure to meet you, Su.”

Su hesitated for a moment, but he reached out his right hand and said, “I would prefer to never have met you.”

“Hey! You’re a man, so you shouldn’t be so petty!” Persephone cried out. Her hand reached back slightly, not allowing Su to touch herself. “Also, haven’t you ever been told that it’s rude to shake the hand of another with your glove on? Especially with a beauty like me.”

Su stared blankly for a moment. The actions and bearing of the mysterious woman in front of him was completely unexpected, to the point where he himself couldn’t really make out her true intention. Su removed the strips of cloth around his right hand and revealed a right hand that could completely compete with Persephone’s before holding her hand.

From the skin and shape, it couldn’t be determined which of these two hands was superior. Of course, there were still differences. Su’s hand gave off the feeling of hidden strength, while Persephone’s hand was full of beauty and elegance.

“Since we shook hands, then we aren’t enemies anymore and instead friends. Return with me to the Black Dragonriders!” Persephone enthusiastically said. She held Su’s hand tightly without moving, and her fingers continuously moved about. She was actually caressing Su’s skin! At this time, her appearance could only be called a pervert with a dignified outer appearance.

Su was truly a bit helpless. “You can bring my corpse back.”

“Stingy man, don’t be so eager to die for no reason. You sound like I’m some kind of demon! I am but an extremely gentle and soft woman, and I would never force anyone to do anything. Since we are friends already, I will slowly change your mind. You have to understand that I am an extremely patient person! Why don’t we live together for now then. Look, I even brought my luggage with me!” Persephone was still tightly grabbing Su’s hand as she spoke.

Su looked at the canvas purse that seemed like it couldn’t even fit a pair of shoes. He was truly speechless.

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