Zombie Sister Strategy

Chapter 1375 - Catch the Mole

Chapter 1375: Catch the Mole

When Lin Qiao was on her way home, Yun Meng, Qiu Lili, and some other zombies all sensed her return. However, they didn’t go out to welcome her home, because those moles were preparing to carry out their plan of attacking Tongtong.

Tongtong had just had dinner. It was the time for him to go home, so Cheng Wangxue sent some people to escort him. From the window, Lin Xiaolu watched Tongtong leave. After that, she turned to ask Cheng Wangxue, “Mom, can you guys catch the bad guys?”

Lin Xiaolu’s superpower hadn’t reached level-two yet, so she wasn’t able to read her parents’ minds unless they let her. However, she heard Cheng Wangxue and Lin Feng talk about that in the living room earlier. Knowing that some people were planning on hurting her friend Tongtong, she got worried, so she asked Cheng Wangxue about it.”

Cheng Wangxue found a way to let the girl know that Tongtong would be well protected and the bad guys who were attempting to hurt him would soon be caught, telling the girl not to worry.

On hearing Lin Xiaolu’s question, Cheng Wangxue, who was sitting on the couch, raised her head and said, “Yes, we will. Tongtong will be fine.”

After leaving Lin Xiaolu’s place, Tongtong was given a ride home. When the vehicle was driving through a quiet alley, a large metal board suddenly fell from the roof nearby. There were buildings on both sides of the alley. No one lived in those buildings yet, so the area was all empty.

The driver broke hard. The tires caused shrill noises against the ground, and then there was a loud bang. The metal board landed right before the car. The deafening sound gave Tongtong a start. The boy immediately shrank his body, buried his head in his arms, and curled on his seat.

A man showed up on the roof where the metal board fell from. Next, a few steel pipes fell toward the vehicle. Those steel pipes which were over ten meters long didn’t land on the car roof, because a mysterious force sent them flying to the side from the midair.

“Go!” Lin Feng, who had been watching all that, immediately gave his order through the interphone.

Following his order, a few squads immediately headed toward the building where Lu Meiqing and her people had gathered. On the roof, the man who threw out the steel pipes saw the pipes being sent away and realized that something was wrong. He quickly turned to run but found a group of people standing right before him and pointing guns at him.

Boom! He, of course, wouldn’t allow himself to be seized without putting up a fight. He raised both arms and released his level-four fire power.

Lu Meiqing, who was waiting for the message, was still sitting in the duty room in the hospital. She didn’t notice that the people surrounding her had all left suddenly. She sat there quietly until a few people showed up at the door and gave her a start. Those were a few soldiers in green combat suits, standing by the door silently and pointing guns at her head.

“Hands up! Stand up slowly.”

Seeing those soldiers, Lu Meiqing froze. She gawked at them and didn’t even react to their order.

“Hands up! Stand up slowly.” The soldier near the door repeated the order.

Finally, Lu Meiqing realized what was happening. She soon calmed down as she slowly raised her hand and asked the soldiers with confusion, “Wha-what’s going on?”

The soldiers didn’t answer her question. As she raised both hands and stood up slowly, one of the soldiers gave her a shout, “Don’t move!”

The soldiers pointed their guns at her and carefully walked toward her. As they got close enough, they swiftly put both her hands behind her body and brought her out of the room.

Seeing the soldiers’ cold faces, Lu Meiqing realized that something was going wrong. She panicked and didn’t know what to do.

Anyhow, she stayed silent and let herself be brought out of the room. Around the corner in the hallway, she saw Lin Hao leaning on the wall with his arms folded, looking at her peacefully.

Lu Meiqing looked at him, wearing no expressions. While walking him, she suddenly said to him, “I guess you found out long ago, right?”

Lin Hao gave her a glance without answering her question, and then he turned and left. He didn’t know what she had been up to. He just never trusted anyone, except for his family. How could he possibly trust the woman who had worked for him for merely a few months?

Lin Wenwen walked over from the other side together with Jiang Anan and saw Lin Hao, “Lu Meiqing is good at being a mole actually. At least, she’s worked for you for months and you never found out that she’s a mole. She wouldn’t have gotten exposed if it weren’t for Xiaolu’s superpower, right?”

Lin Hao gave her a glare and said, “Why? Are you speaking for her now?”

Lin Wenwen shrugged and said, “I just feel that she’s rather capable. Maybe we should convince her to join us and then train her well. She’ll be helpful.”

Lu Meiqing was a commoner. In a world that was ruled by superpower possessors, a commoner certainly should learn to maximize the courage and capability she had.

Lin Hao looked at her and said, “You can give that suggestion to Big Brother.”

By Big Brother, he was talking about Lin Feng.

“Sure. I’m going to do that right now. At least, it wasn’t her who came up with the idea of hurting Tongtong. I think she’s not hopeless,” Lin Wenwen put a lunch box into Lin Hao’s hands and then turned and left with Jiang Anan.

Lin Hao held the lunch box, watching the two girls leave. Then, he tilted his head to look at the lunch box and murmured to himself, “I don’t need to go home because you guys bring me food every day. It’s you guys who turned me into a workaholic. It’s not my fault.”

Lin Wenwen said to Jiang Anan curiously, “Who among the people that we’re gonna catch this time do you think is the one who secretly sent the message to Lin Feng?”

Jiang Anan, who had half of her face covered by hair and was quiet all the time, responded, “I think he’ll let us know it was him if he got caught along with the others.”

“You’re right,” Lin Wenwen nodded and said, “He’ll do that if he’s smart enough.”

In Lin Qiao’s place, Teng, who was lazily lying on the couch, suddenly stood up and yelled at the kitchen, “Daddy, mama is back!”

Before Wu Chengyue could respond to him from the kitchen , Wu Yueling, who was sitting on the other side, raised her head and looked at the little boy with glowing eyes while saying, “Really?”

Teng nodded at her and then reached out his arms toward the girl, saying, “Take me to the balcony. I’ll let you know where she is now.”

Wu Yueling came to him and lifted him from the couch, caring him to the balcony. At that moment, Wu Chengyue stuck his head out of the kitchen and said to the kids, “Be careful. Don’t get too close to the guardrail.”

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