Chapter 584.1 - Bitting The Bullet

Chapter 584.1: Bitting The Bullet

Wang Yong’s words made Yang Chen speechless for a while. When he turned his eyes to the other elders, those elders seemed to be laughing and watching the play. He really doesn’t know what everyone thought, how could they let those women come to him in his place of seclusion?

Once they have any malicious intentions, although Yang Chen’s self-protection was not a problem, he would inevitably reveal many secrets. Such as the Dragon Palace, such as others, this was something Yang Chen was not happy with.

“What about my master and apprentice sister?” In the face of his master ancestor, Yang Chen couldn’t talk back too much, but he still wanted to and immediately asked.

“They are the main wives, these are concubines, what would they do?” Wang Yong really thought of a countermeasure long ago, and he was very decisive. “When you are sitting, they are standing, when they are eating, they are waiting, and you are not happy with such a good thing?”

Yang Chen was speechless for a while. It seemed that he couldn’t communicate much with the master ancestor, so he turned to the palace master, and asked carefully. “Palace Master, didn’t you already refuse at that time? Why will there be trouble later? “

“The three major sects of theirs depend on you.” The sect master also gave a helpless smile “Shortly after you retreated, they came to the sect, saying that there were so many rumors outside that they could not raise their heads. For the sake of their own reputation, I can’t let outsiders make it worse, I can only take them.”

“Boy, you’re so lucky in love!” Elder Xu next to him joked with a smile “The beautiful female disciples of the five major sects have been wiped out, there is no man more lucky in love than you in this mortal world.”

Elder Xu did not lie. In terms of status, Yang Chen might not be able to keep up with the sect masters of the major sects for the time being, but from this point of view, there was really no man who was more lucky in love and enviable than Yang Chen.

There were so many beautiful and unparalleled women, especially all of them were from famous families, and their cultivation bases were extremely high. No matter which one, they had countless fans. Even if he has no name as an alchemist, it was enough to make him famous all over the world.

Speaking of which, the core elders of the Pure Yang Palace were also estimated to be helpless. The three major sects actually used such a rude method, insisting on the stuffing of their own female disciples, and it would not work if they did not accept them. No matter how tactfully the Palace Master and the others refused, these women had to identify with Yang Chen.

In addition, the three major sects fueled the flames behind. Moreover, these women threatened with their own reputation, and even the master of the palace couldn’t bear the pressure in the end.

When there was no way to turn them around immediately. For the time being, they can only be allowed to contact Yang Chen for a while. If they can get along, then everything is fine. If not, then it will be something else.

But everyone understood that since the girls came prepared, they would definitely not give up until their goals were achieved, so how could they be at odds with Yang Chen. In front of Yang Chen, they will definitely be obedient, and maybe there will be other tricks to achieve good things. All success or failure, it seems that they are all placed on Yang Chen.

Wang Yong was also angered by this incident, so he would say such words to vent his anger. Otherwise, as an elder of the Dacheng stage, with a high moral character, how could he say the words “sleep her”.

Rely on himself? There was a helpless wry smile on Yang Chen’s face, this was really a person sitting at home, and disaster comes from the sky. Since he helped Mu Mingyuan last time, he has been secluded in the sect and practiced alchemy. If there are no two doors, this can also lead to the disaster of a lot of beautiful women?

If it were someone else, he might not know how happy he would be to be stunned by this golden pie that fell from the sky, but how could Yang Chen not know the key, it was clearly a bunch of trouble!

Now he has only just left seclusion to see the palace master and the elders, and he hasn’t seen his wives yet. Who knows how to explain it to them at that time? It’s so bizarre that he can’t tell.

“Why is this disciple so unlucky?” Yang Chen said with a bitter face, “What should I do?”

“A few beauties are in the limelight, and others envy you for your boundless beauty. How embarrassed are you?” Wang Yong also knew that there was a lot of trouble, but for the time being, the Pure Yang Palace didn’t have the capital to turn against the three major sects, so he could only do this first. “If it’s a big deal, just get along with it first. If it really doesn’t work, then say it’s inappropriate. If you think you are an alchemy master, it’s better than the sect’s direct rejection.”

They can’t help but say that although Yang Chen hasn’t gone out much recently, the limelight has gotten a little bigger. Not to mention the hundred year pills, even the postnatal spiritual root has been tinkered with. Such a posture was definitely the most outstanding one among the group of people with unlimited prospects, and the three major sects cannot be moved.

Such talents must be involved in a little relationship no matter what, creating a situation of traveling to their own sect. Now the development of the Green Jade Immortal Island and Blue Cloud Sect in the past few hundred years has vaguely exceeded the expectations of the three major sects, and all of them were related to Yang Chen.

Since they can’t kill him, they must have a relationship with him, otherwise their sect will be left farther and farther away, which is not what any sect wants to see.

The Greatest Heaven Sect was not worried about such worries. Anyway, in a few decades, the formation will start to operate. At that time, let alone a major sect, even the four major sects together will not be able to catch up with the development of the Greatest Heaven Sect, but isn’t this a question of avoiding suspicion?

Everyone was worried, only you are not worried, what does this mean? Could it be some secret? When the formation is exposed, the trouble will be even greater. It was better to advance and retreat together with everyone temporarily, at most it was just to aggrieve a female elder.

Besides, if she can really get on well with Yang Chen, Tao Junqi will not feel wronged at all. If she wanted medicinal pills, she would have medicinal pills, if she wanted spirit stones, she would have spirit stones, Yang Chen would never humiliate his own people. Maybe it was Elder Tao who will take a lot of advantage in the end.

The three major sects jointly exerted pressure, and even the Green Jade Immortal Island and Blue Cloud Sect had to reluctantly agree. When it comes to the Pure Yang Palace, it was even less likely that there will be too many obstacles. No matter what the Palace Master and the others say, they will hold on to the fact that their reputation was damaged, and no one can say anything else.

In other words, didn’t Shi Shanshan of the Green Jade Immortal Island slowly marry Yang Chen for the same reason at the beginning? Why can she use it, and others can’t use it?

The Green Jade Immortal Island and Blue Cloud Sect had nothing to say in the end, and the Pure Yang Palace had nothing to do about it.

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