Zhan Yue

Chapter 633: Transformation gives me courage

Chapter 633: Transformation gives me courage

Outside of the north wall, a cold wind blew and snowflakes smashed onto my face which was slightly painful. It was noon so there was a huge group of players who headed out to the Dimension Legion Territory. Beside the path, a row of cavalries galloped by. The leader at the front held a sword and his low voice reverberated through the forest, “The cold is here, bring food, fire and blankets. If not, if you end up too far, you won’t be able to see the spring of next year.”

Lin Xi rode White Deer and said, “Although I know that the NPCs are trying to remind us, but it makes us think that we won’t be able to return.”

“No worries, even if we die, our soul will revive in Winter Sun City.” I consoled.

Shen Mingxuan laughed, “You really know how to console people!”

At that moment, Light Lotus looked at my collar and was stunned, “Three silver stars? Oh my god, Lu Li, how did you… Become a Dragonhorse General?”


I smiled awkwardly, “Maybe because I was hard at work at quests. Dragon Region quest rewards are really high and the monsters gave a lot of points too so I am leading everyone.”

“Just leading?”

Lin Xi held the Fallen Frost Sword and was speechless, “I am Grade Five Valiant General and you are actually a Dragonhorse General…”


Mingxuan held Ruyi’s shoulder and smiled, “Ruyi and I are grade three, how does that make sense?”

“Stop talking.”

Light Lotus looked at the one silver star at her collar, “I am only grade four quasi general, I don’t want to talk to you all…”

I was shocked, “Why so low? Light Lantern didn’t bring you to go get points?”

“Have but how could he be as fast as you guys.”

She pouted, “Moreover, brother said that since I joined With You, my Heaven Tune and Earthfire skills have not been added to them, they even suspected if I was their true sister…”

Lin Xi and I laughed. Honestly, since joining With You, Light Lotus basically followed us or followed Cal and Moonlight Firefly. That was normal. When one was in a team, which sister will play with their brother? They will obviously head to where it was fun.


We continued forwards for another 20 minutes and a three way path appeared in the snow.


Lin Xi looked at the map, “Go from the left through Pioneer Forest. There are more monsters along the way so it would be dangerous but the path is a third shorter. If we go from the right, there won’t be many monsters at all and it is further from Valen’s nest. Which should we choose?”


I didn’t hide my thoughts, “Normally speaking, when we said that left is nearer but more dangerous, we will definitely get attacked by Valen so I think we need to head right. At most, it would take 20 minutes more but overall it would save more time.”

Lin Xi smiled, “What does the rest think?”

Ruyi said softly, “I support Lu Li, safety is first.”

“Then we don’t have to think anymore.”

Mingxuan held her White Deer Bow, “Lin Xi definitely supports Lu Li, three against two so our words are no use, let’s take the right path.”

Lin Xi smiled, “You are right, I indeed support Lu Li.”



Just like that, I chose the right path. Lin Xi rode the White Deer at the front. The three other girls were in the center and I held up the rear. I activate Shifang Flame Spiral Eye to prevent situations. After all, this map still belonged to the Dimension Legion and who knew what dangers were here?

In the sky, the snow got even bigger. In a blink of an eye, Lin Xi’s armor was covered in snow. Shen Mingxuan, Gu Ruyi and Light Lotus placed their hoodies up and we looked like tourists in the mountain.

An hour later, we walked out of Pioneer Forest. Further ahead was a snow ocean but the map had changed to Northern Frost Forest. This was a region ruled by the Frost King. Under him was the strong Frost Army, the legendary Death Frost Army. It was the enemy that we might face later.

“It is near.”

Lin Xi pointed at the north east, “Frost Cavern is there around 20 minutes away, let’s go quickly if not we end up wasting all out time on the road.”

“Don’t worry.”

I looked at the snow and smiled, “Since the quest map is so far then the rewards would be huge. The system will fix itself and make up for our losses.”

“That makes sense.”

Lin Xi smiled, “I think it makes sense too. Most of the time they will patch player rewards and don’t let players lose too much.”


Shen Mingxuan nodded, “Head out!”


Further ahead, we entered the Northern Frost Forest map. Monsters started to appear, level 140 Frost Wolves and also level 145 Death Frost Cavalries that were looking at us from afar. But we only killed monsters that blocked our way and didn’t waste too much time. This wasn’t the time to kill monsters, time to complete this quest first!

20 minutes later, the forest ahead became much colder. Under trees that were covered in snow, a small hole appeared. It was the entrance to Frost Cavern, white energy seeped out and it looked terrifying.


Lin Xi frowned, “Such a small hole… Can we really head in? I had claustrophobia, this was a grave digger’s job, we are Winter Sun City’s teens…”

“Shut up.”

I was speechless, “The holes made by grave diggers are much smaller. Don’t be afraid, let me scout and then bring you all down.”


The four girls nodded and came to an agreement.

I stretched and placed my legs into the cavern first. I activated Shifang Flame Spiral Eye and entered Darkness Transformation. Darkness Lightning surged around and I looked like a demon that was about to dig a grave.


Lin Xi stared and smiled, “Do you need to make such a commotion?”

I rolled my eyes, “Damn, do you think I am not afraid? After transforming I gain courage, even if it is hell below, I will dare to head down.”

Ruyi burst out laughing, “Then… Good luck to you!”

“Don’t worry!”

I let go and my body slid down the dark cavern. After three meters, I bumped into an ice wall. With Shifang Flame Spiral Eye, it was still dark but I could feel the depth. The tunnel continued down for ten meters and then I was done. I landed on a solid ice and on it was a layer of frost that helped to prevent slipping.


System Notification: Please note, you have entered the dangerous map Frost Cavern Basement 1!



I pulled out White Deer Dagger and the glow of a Chaotic Grade weapon shone out which lit up the area around. It was really wide and it looked like a normal map. I said on the party channel, “Okay come down one by one, it is safe.”


Lin Xi said, “You girls go first, I will hold up the rear.”

A few seconds later, along with a rustling sound, Ruyi was first to come down. She sat on the ground and lost 7% of her health. She cried out and then looked at me in annoyance, “Lu Li, why didn’t you hold me…”

“I didn’t expect you to be so fast…”

I helped her up and glanced, “Luckily Ruyi’s butt is big so it stops your momentum…”


Her face flushed red and she punched me, “I don’t want to talk to you!”

The third person was down and I was prepared. The moment she charged out, I grabbed her. One look and it was the beautiful Shen Mingxuan.


She hugged my shoulder and her face flushed red, “This… Feeling of love…”

“Scum, shut up!”

“You actually didn’t follow up, you are indeed a scum!”


I helped her to the side. I turned around and helped catch Light Lotus. I then used Shifang Flame Spiral Eye and when I saw Lin Xi sliding down, her speed started to increase.


The moment she charged out, I grabbed her waist and my left hand grabbed her legs. I slid for three meters before managing to catch Lin Xi.

“Why… Why does only Lin Xi gets hugged?”

Ruyi was shocked.

“It is normal…”

Shen Mingxuan folded her arms, “Maybe this is the rare victory of a lackey!”

Lin Xi’s face flushed red and she stared at me, “Okay, put me down!”

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