Zhan Long

Chapter 1378: Rebirth

Chapter 1378: Rebirth

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The blade slashed across and million damage numbers flew up above the heads of five Furnace God Cavalries. That was terrifying. Aotian War Emperor hollered and attacked, leading a bunch of high ranked Aotian Race generals.

One Second Hero and Yue Qing Qian were killed from their skills. In just half an hour, just ten thousand of them remained.


Flames surged around Butterfly as I charged at Aotian War Emperor. My sword was covered in a dozen meter light as I slashed!


I hit his blade and sparks flew.

He looked at me and noticed my badge. He laughed coldly, “You are Tian Ling Empire’s general Li Xiao Yao? Your strength is just average, such a scum wants to be enemies with Aotian Race? Wishful thinking!”

I didn’t reply. I used Blade Rush to break his defence. I raised my swords and a golden light shone. Wind Carrying Slash hit his red armor!

“Peng peng peng…”

There was an intense explosion and cracks appeared on the metal of his armor. I could break his defence and his health dropped a little. This Aotian War Emperor wasn’t strong, he might even be weaker than Sif and Pearl. The terrifying thing was his army.


He kicked me. I shook and flew back by a dozen meters. My waist felt a fiery pain.

I didn’t have Overlord Rebirth’s buff so I definitely couldn’t solo him. The players reduced around me and in just a few minutes, we went from 10 thousand to only 5000.

Q-Sword shouted, “Xiao Yao let’s flee, the north entrance is blown open by Frost. Uncle is commanding the NPCs to retreat. Time is precious let’s go or we won’t be able to leave!”


But Aotian War Emperor held his blade ahead and smiled arrogantly, “You want to leave? You ants have to all die here today, haha… Cavalries, strike!”

Dense horse hooves could be heard as at least ten thousand beast cavalries charged They were really quick. Honestly, our ground troops wouldn’t be able to flee.


I shouted and used Underworld Sword Breaking. I smashed the ground and stirred up the mud so that a bunch of the cavalries couldn’t move. On the ground, Mocha, Q-Sword and Jian Feng Han opened the path and led the remaining few toward the north.


I flew in the skies and looked down at the ground. The area was all Aotian Race troops. At least 200 thousand of them surrounded us. That was probably the reason why Yan Zhao could lead the NPCs away. But it was tough for the remaining players to survive. At least those that weren’t God Grade would all die.

I dove down and waved my swords to continue attacking and opening the path for players.

Rainwater and blood soaked the robe. I waved my hands mechanically to slice the veins of the Aotian Race soldiers to cover the players. But I could only look on as payers were chased and then killed. Rainwater blurred my vision. We were paying such a huge price.

The rain slowed down. In the distance, a huge group of the NPC army returned back into Tian Ling City territory. Hundreds of meter long barrier appeared in front of us.


Lin Wan Er smiled.

But less than 1000 players were left behind me. We had come with 500 thousand!


Fang Ge Que held his staff and brought a bunch of Legend players to charge in. He said loudly, “Xiao Yao quickly, the barrier is about to close, we will cover you!”


I looked as cavalry players headed through to a safe location. Those that survived were the faster ones. As for Assassins and Archers, unless they could fly, if not most of them died. At least we were able to bring out 1000 people.

“Hu la”, I crossed the barrier and my eyes lit up. This place was really hot. Not far away, Lochlan led the officials over, “Master Li are you okay?”

I felt ashamed, “Your Majesty, I failed!”

Lochlan was shocked, “I know… This isn’t your fault, don’t blame yourself!”

Han Yuan, Jing Yin etc rode over. Jing Yin’s eyes were red and she teared up, “I thought that I wouldn’t be able to see Your Highness anymore…”

Fleeing from a tough defeat, we were all feeling emotional.


Frost slowly landed and she looked at me, “Good that you are alive…”

I said, “Frost have you heard of the Aotian Race?”

“En.” She nodded, “They are an ancient race. There were thousands of them but they were really strong and the demons feared them. During the God Killing Battle, a heaven world army tried to wipe them out. Who knew that they would escape and tens of thousands of them would end up on such a scale. So terrifying…”

Lochlan was stunned, “Lady Frost, can you defeat them?”

“There are a million of them, I can’t fight them alone…” Frost licked her lips and said, “Your Majesty, build a fortress here. It must have enough firepower. We need to defend this place. I will also keep 100 Dragonriders here to help you.”

“Thank you Lady Frost!” Lochlan was really sincere.

At this point, there was a furious roar from behind. It was the beast cavalries. The barrier was shrinking to only 100 meters but the dozens of them looked like they wanted to hold it open.

“Asking for death!”

Frost flashed a hundred meters out and her sword was out of its sheath. She slashed with star power and the dozens of them fell backward. Blood splattered and they were sliced into two from the middle.

Far away, Aotian War Emperor’s chariot was here. He looked at Frost and laughed coldly, “I didn’t expect there to be a high grade god. Wait for me, we will battle!”

Frost’s voice was cold, “Aotian Race can survive by cowering in the gaps of the universe. If you dare to step into the human world, then wait and see. I will bring you back to the times when you only have a few thousand!”


Aotian War Emperor hollered in rage.

But the barrier disappeared. There was no one in front of us now and it was just empty space.


Yan Zhao sighed and said, “It is finally over…”

Drunken Spear smiled, “It has probably just begun right?”

Fang Ge Que said, “En, it has.”

I asked, “Uncle, how many of us got back?”

“Royal Army has 70 thousand, Heaven Barrier Army has 30 thousand, the rest don’t have many. Only 180 thousand of the 500 thousand NPC troops are left.”

“Damn, more than half…”


I sighed and turned towards Lochlan, “Your Majesty, this is my fault, please punish me.”

He held my arm and said, “Master Li why are you saying this? If it was someone else, all 500 thousand of them would die… Aotian Race is a surprise, it is not your fault. It is none of our faults, you don’t have to blame yourself.”

“En, thank you Your Majesty.”

Everyone took out their city return scrolls and headed back to Tian Ling City to rest.


Three days later.

Tian Ling City gathered all the nation’s strength to build a fortress called Heaven Protecting Pass outside of the barrier. 400 thousand elite troops would be there along with 2000 cannons to defend day and night.

Everyone knew that the moment there was a patch, Aotian Race would charge out. It wasn’t a wrong thing to be prepared.

I also received a mission. I headed out from Nanjing to the southwest for a mission. At night, Lin Tiannan invited Dong Cheng Yue, Song Han, the old man and a bunch of us and set up three tables. Before I headed out for the mission, we were going to have a good meal.

At 4pm, Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue went offline and then I also sped up to head out.

When I was out, I saw the two girls in the courtyard. They were casually dressed today and they both wore hats.

“Let’s go if not we would be late.” Wan Er pulled my hand and smiled, “Tomorrow you are heading to Nanjng so today you have to accompany us…”

“En, of course.” I held her hand and said, “Once I am gone, the game would be down to all of you. Aotian Race would attack sooner or later, I might not have time to go online.”

Lin Wan Er placed her head into my chest and pouted, “Then you have to try to go online or call me. If not I will miss you right?”

“Don’t worry, I will.”

Dong Cheng Yue wore a blue suit, her hair was a little curly and she smiled, “Stop looking, let’s go!”



The A4 drove towards Lin Wan Er’s house. She was in a suburbs but it was a villa style area. After all, this was Tianjin Corporation’s CEO, they had money.

When we arrived, Mocha, Wolf, Fox and the Old man were all there. But Meng Yao was still at school so she probably couldn’t make it.

“Brother Xiao Yao!” Wolf waved.

I hugged his shoulder and smiled, “I am heading to the border for a mission tomorrow, who knows when we will be able to meet!”

He touched his nose, “Then let’s drink to our fill tonight!”

“En, okay!”

In the hall of the middle villa, there were three tables. All the delicious dishes were starting to be served. Not only were Dong Cheng Feng, Lin Tiannan and the old man talking there, but there was also a guy in military uniform too. It was Wang Xin. He was a major general too, not any lower than me but I was in charge of missions while he was in charge of commanding.

We sat down. Lin Tiannan opened two bottles and after getting the maid to serve it, he asked me, “Xiao Yao you are heading out tomorrow, is the game matter settled?”


“I heard a few days ago you all suffered a huge defeat…”

My face flushed red, “That… I am a little ashamed. We suffered in the hands of a bunch of NPCs. Father how did you know, your news is quite fresh?”

Lin Tiannan laughed, “My daughter is from Zhan Long, how would I not know…”

“Oh, so Wan Er is a spy…” I laughed.

She stared and smiled, “Fail then, nothing much. Moreover, you can’t manage things in the near future. Scoff, you even handed the guild to me, I am under so much pressure!”

I held the wine glass and said, “I trust your ability…”

Dong Cheng Yue blinked, “New path in 24 hours-- Aotian appears. I heard that a few islands would appear on Sea of No Return and their troops will be teleported there. They will then attack the surrounding human cities!”

I nodded, “This time not only does China have to face the Aotian Race, even Seven Shine City’s Indians, Beihai City’s Americans and the Germans will face them. Unfortunately, I won’t have time to go online. Good luck, I hope that a few months later, all of you can surpass me!”

She burst out laughing, “If Wan Er and Mocha surpass you, we believe. But Wolf and Old K, I will break my own leg!”

Old K’s face flushed red, “Damn, you are looking down on us?”

Wolf touched his nose, “She is being honest. Brother Xiao Yao is so strong, not to mention three months, if you had three years you might not be able to. If not why is Brother Xiao Yao engaged and you don’t even have a girlfriend…”

Dong Chengfeng and Lin Tiannan laughed.

After drinking a little, everyone got a little high.

Lin Tiannan sat beside me and looked at me deeply, “You will definitely face A and S Grade Artificials, do you have confidence?”

I sucked in a deep breath, “In the past, I only had a dozen brothers and wasn’t afraid. Now I have close to ten thousand, all the more I am not.”

He laughed, “En, that is what I want. You need to come back whole, you can’t get injured at all. My daughter is waiting for you in Hangzhou!”

“En, definitely!”


At night, I stumbled back home. Tomorrow I would leave Hangzhou and honestly I was a little reluctant. After all, I hadn’t headed out for a long time. Three months in the military would make me miss my current life.

“Du du…”

My phone rang and it was Ouyang Nuoyan.

“Hello, is Xiao Yao there?”

“En, what is it?”

“Yes, three days later the rebirth plan will begin. Dong Chenglei and Shen Bing’s memory rebirth system are going well. They would both revive and have their own consciousness. Are you free to go online?”

“That would be tough, I am going on a mission.”

“En, I am just telling you. When you are free you can go online to find them.”

“Okay, thank you Sister Ouyang.”

“No worries, okay good night.”


After hanging up, I was filled with emotions. I thought that I would never see Shen Bing and hear her voice but now there was a chance.


Next day, Nanjing Military Zone.

The wind blew the hair of the two girls. They wanted to send me off so I had no choice but to let them.

The few jet engines blared. Xing Lie and Axe were in their uniforms. 40+ people were waiting here.

“Boss, time to go!” Xing Lie smiled, “Don’t worry sister in law, we will take care of boss, don’t worry at all haha----”

Wan Er’s face flushed red, “Come back soon!”

I nodded, “I will try, I will complete my quest soon and fly back to your side.”


She hugged me and tiptoed to kiss me. The guys started to whistle and cheer, they really wanted to cause trouble.

Wan Er looked at me and pouted, “Promise me to come back soon, Dong Cheng and I are waiting for you.”


At the side, Dong Chengyue was embarrassed She looked at me and wanted to hug but she was afraid. After all, this was an army camp and things were solemn.

I didn’t care and smiled, “Dong Cheng I am about to leave, are you not going to hug me?”

Her body shook and water appeared in her eyes. She pounced into my arms. When she left, my shoulder was soaked.

She didn’t say a word and retreated and just looked at me.

Xing Lie and Axe cheered.

I smiled, “Wan Er, Dong Cheng, I am going?”

“En, come back soon!”



I turned around and entered the line.

Right away an officer lowered his voice, “Brother Li, you have gone against army discipline do you know that?”

I stared at him, “I am in charge of this, don’t say such nonsense to me.”

He was shocked.

He was definitely going to tell on me.

In a force, there were too many rules. I also knew that I had many flaws.

But I wouldn’t change, hehehe!


Three days later, the autumn breeze blew.

“Si si…”

A giant battle spread open and in it was a beautiful teen. She didn’t wear anything and just opened her eyes to look around.

She peeled off a few petals to cover her private areas and looked around warily.

She muttered, “Where is this place, who took off my damn clothes? Eh… Why did I appear online, where is that kid? Eh… Who deleted my friend list!? So annoying, I want to complain! Eh… Why am I in ZHan Long, eh… I am in Zhan Long Hall?”


On a silent morning, a message was sent in Zhan Long’s guild channel---

Player Bai Moyan (Zhan Long Hall member): “Hello, is there anyone?”

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