Young Master Qin Keeps Coveting Me After I Beat Him Up

Chapter 537 - 537 Just A Script

537 Just A Script

However, he couldn’t understand how Jiang Xun and the other two knew it was him.

How did they find out about him so quickly?

It was true that he was part of the crew, and the crew members were the most direct suspects.

However, the “Under The Starry Sky” crew was too big and had too many people.

How could they find out in one night?

Moreover, he had made a lot of preparations.

When he went to the prop room, he was wearing a hat and a mask.

He knew the location of the surveillance cameras, so when he passed by, he lowered his head to avoid the cameras, hiding his face as much as possible.

If Mufeng wanted to investigate, even if he had the means to do so, it was impossible to find him out in one night!

He had already thought it through. The most dangerous period would be the next few days.

As long as he could get through these few days safely, he could take the opportunity to run away when the management relaxed.

It was impossible for Mufeng to stay here forever. He had to return to the capital.

As long as he was not here to supervise, Mufeng’s men would not have to work so hard all the time. There would always be times when they would be lazy and slip up.

He would be able to find a chance to escape.

Chuanji kept praying in his heart that Mufeng couldn’t have been able to find him out so quickly.

It was impossible to find out about him so quickly.

It would take a long time just to look at the surveillance cameras, not to mention finding the person.

There were so many people in the crew and the surveillance footage was so long. It was impossible to watch it in one night, let alone find him after watching it.

Chuanji took a deep breath and tried to make his expression look natural. He did not want to expose himself and appear out of place with the people around him.

However, his hopes of getting lucky were dashed the moment Jiang Xun and the other two stood in front of him!

Chuanji’s lips trembled and he said unnaturally, “Director Li, CEO Qin, Teacher Jiang, what’s… what’s the matter?”

“Take him away!” Mufeng didn’t want to waste his breath on him. He said directly, “Call the police and let them interrogate him.”

Mufeng would not leave any excuses in front of so many people.

Interrogating him in private and waiting for someone to expose him online?

Chuanji’s heart was pounding with nervousness.

He was so nervous that he began to sweat. His ears rang, and his mind went blank. He could not hear anything.

Chuanji could not think of anything now. He subconsciously turned around and ran.

Subconsciously, he felt that he must not be caught.

However, just as he turned around, before he could even take a step, his shoulder was grabbed.

At this moment, his mind was blank, but his senses were surprisingly clear.

He could clearly feel that the hand holding his shoulder was very small and soft. It should be Jiang Xun’s.

If it was Jiang Xun who caught him, he would not be afraid.

How could Jiang Xun, a woman, stop him?

But immediately, as he fell backward, he looked up at the blue sky, the soft clouds, and the piercing sun, and he no longer thought that way.


Chuanji fell face up and his back hit the ground hard. Even the back of his head hit the ground uncontrollably.

He felt dizzy and had a terrible headache. There were even snowflakes in his head for a moment.

Chuanji felt that the ringing in his ears was getting louder.

But the sound he heard seemed to have slowed down by two times.

Even the moving speed of the faces that appeared above his head slowed down.

He could see multiple images of people, so he couldn’t tell who was speaking.

He saw many people running over to see him, and the voices of so many people seemed to have echoes.

Then, the doctor from the treatment group came over.

The doctor examined him and even checked his eyes.

“Just let him rest for a while,” a voice said.

After a while, Chuanji felt that he had indeed recovered.

However, he still wanted to buy himself some time.

However, the doctor didn’t give him the chance and said, “He’s fine.”

This was great. Before Chuanji could get up, Jiang Xun had already grabbed him by the back of his collar and lifted him up like a little chick.

After Chuanji’s feet left the ground, he realized that there were more than just a few people from the film crew around.

Mufeng’s men also surrounded him one after another and took over from Jiang Xun. They secured him firmly, making it so that he had no chance to escape.

About ten minutes later, the police car drove straight into the set accompanied by the sound of sirens and arrived at the main road where they were filming.

Mufeng asked someone to bring Chuanji over.

Mufeng told the police about Chuanji’s matter and provided evidence.

“What evidence do you have?” Chuanji shouted.

Chuanji knew that even if the surveillance cameras captured him, they would only capture him wearing a hat and a mask. They would not be able to capture his face.

What evidence could Mufeng have?

However, just as he was thinking about this, someone came out with a set of clothes and a pair of gloves. Another person was holding a hat.

The two of them were quite particular. They even wore gloves and didn’t have their fingerprints on it.

“We found this in the trash can,” one of them said. “it matches the clothes of the person in the surveillance video. We can send it for testing.”

After Chuanji changed the long knife, he went back to a quiet corner and changed his clothes.

However, garbage was not allowed in the set.

This was because the setting had to be painted.

Therefore, Chuanji could only carry these clothes with him and hide them in his bag.

He had wanted to bring it back to the hotel at night, but who knew that something would happen.

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In his panic, Chuanji did not dare to take the clothes back to the hotel for fear of being found out. Therefore, he found a trash can outside the crew and threw them away.

Who knew that they would find this?

Chuanji’s face was ashen. The police were experienced. When they saw this reaction, they knew that Chuanji would most likely not be able to escape.

They brought these physical evidence and the various pieces of evidence that Mufeng had provided back to the police station.

As Jiang Xun had already finish filming all her scenes, she returned to the capital with Mufeng first.

Mufeng had arranged for someone to stay in Fengnan City to follow up on Chuanji’s matter.

If the police needed any cooperation, they could contact him at any time.

The netizens were still puzzled. They felt that there were too few scenes of Jiang Xun and Mufeng in this week’s livestream.

Clearly, Mufeng had been accompanying Jiang Xun on set. Why didn’t they film the interactions between them?

[Could it be that the two of them had a falling out? So you couldn’t film it?]

[I’ve already said that their relationship is unstable.]

[Antis, you must have forgotten that Great CEO Qin was even jealous of Sister Yao.[

[Hehe, it’s just a script. After watching so many variety shows, how could anyone still believe that there’s no script?]

[The antis have already finished talking, what else can we say? Anyway, you always reach the same conclusion of Jiang Jiang breaking up with CEO Qin.]

On Wednesday, Mufeng received a call.


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