Young Master Qin Keeps Coveting Me After I Beat Him Up

Chapter 434 - 434 I Am Qin Mufeng

434 I Am Qin Mufeng

Jiang Xun was too lazy to pick up the phone while she was eating, so she clicked on the speaker. “Director Li.”

“Jiang Xun, what is the meaning of this? Are you planning to declare war on me?” Guangshu said angrily.

“I just want an apology,” Jiang Xun said. “You just need to admit that you deleted my scenes on purpose. I know that Mu Shihe came to you and asked you to delete my scenes. In order to get the Mu Corporation’s investment in the future, you cut my scenes into pieces, causing the entire drama to look like a joke.”

“I don’t know what you were thinking. If you did a good job with this drama, it does well and you make money for the investors and Feng Videos, do you think you’ll be short of capital for your next drama?” Jiang Xun pouted. “Mu Shihe only gave you a verbal agreement. How could you believe such an illusory agreement? You’ve been in the entertainment industry for so long, how could you do such a thing? Moreover, if Mu Shihe agreed to invest in your next drama, would she agree to invest in all your future dramas? If your drama’s results are not good and you can’t earn money, is she, Mu Shihe, a fool? You’re making a loss, but she still has to continue investing in you because of this little promise?”


“You believe in the credibility of a merchant?”

Mufeng raised his eyebrows. He felt that Jiang Xun’s had included him in her scolding.

Jiang Xun didn’t care about him. She sneered and said, “Besides, does Mu Shihe have that much say in the Mu Corporation? Can she decide on her own which drama the Mu Corporation will invest in?”

Guangshu wasn’t that stupid, but he really needed a guarantee of capital.

This was because he couldn’t guarantee that he would have satisfactory results for every one of his shows.

Especially now that the competition in the market was so strong, he even had a sense of crisis that he could be eliminated at any time.

He could only try to please Shihe and take a gamble.

Moreover, he really felt that deleting some of Jiang Xun’s scenes would not affect the entire drama.

The audience was watching the love between the male and female leads. Who would want to watch a supporting female villainess?

In addition to the popularity of Shuixin and Xuyi after their official announcement, as the male and female leads, how could the performance of the drama be bad?

Before the livestream, Guangshu could already imagine the scene where the audience would be dizzy from watching the coupling of the male and female leads. Who would pay attention to a villain like Jiang Xun?

He really didn’t expect Jiang Xun to blow up the matter!

Jiang Xun’s words seemed to be implying that he was an idiot when she said it so bluntly.

Guangshu was flustered and exasperated. “What do you know! Do you know Mu Shihe’s right to speak in the Mu Corporation?”


“She does know.” Mufeng spoke coldly. Although he was sitting opposite Jiang Xun, he was loud enough for Guangshu to hear him clearly. “Mu Shihe does not have much say in the Mu Corporation. Who is she in the Mu Corporation?”

Guangshu didn’t recognize Mufeng’s voice and sneered. “And who are you?”

“I am Qin Mufeng,” Mufeng said indifferentl. “Or do you not believe me even when I say it?”

Immediately after that, two bangs came from the other end of the phone. Who knew if Guangshu had hit something or if something had fallen to the ground.

Anyway, he was quite flustered when he stood up.

“Qin… CEO Qin?” Guangshu couldn’t believe it.

Didn’t people say that they were in a contract relationship?

But they were actually together?

If she really had his backing, why didn’t Mufeng give Jiang Xun some good resources and insisted on not letting Jiang Xun play the second female lead?

If Mufeng had supported Jiang Xun from the beginning, Jiang Xun might have directly come to play the female lead in his drama. The current situation would have been avoided!

Even if what Jiang Xun said was true, and she simply liked the role of radiant moon and didn’t mind playing the villain, since she had a good relationship with Mufeng, why didn’t she say so earlier?

Wouldn’t this have not happened if he had said so earlier?

But Guangshu didn’t even consider that Jiang Xun and Mufeng had already made their official announcement when she was still filming “Yu Jun, The Legend of Qing Yan.”

Later on, it was said that the two of them had agreed to a divorce, but it was only the speculation of those antis.

Could it be that Jiang Xun had to shout all over the world that her relationship with Mufeng was very good?

The antis would definitely say that Jiang Xun said that she had a good relationship with Mufeng because she felt guilty.

If they really had a good relationship, why would she need to say it out loud?

Everyone could see it.

It was Guangshu himself who was stupid enough to believe the speculations of the antis.

“You don’t believe me? Do you want switch to a video call?” Mufeng’s words were filled with ridicule.

“No need, no need,” Since the other party had already said so, how could Guangshu dare to doubt him?

He immediately changed his attitude and said to Jiang Xun in a good tone, “Jiang Xun, I actually deleted some of your scenes to protect you. You’re playing the villain! If you had too many scenes, the audience would say that you were overdoing it. Besides, it’s easy to be scolded as a villain. I’ve reduced your screen time as much as possible, so that the presence of the radiant moon character will be less prominent. That way, the audience won’t notice you, and there will be fewer people scolding you.”

Guangshu knew that Jiang Xun had a habit of recording, so he had already prepared a draft before he called to ensure that no one would find anything against him.

Guangshu’s attitude immediately changed when he found out that Mufeng was here too. Even the way he spoke became gentler.

“Li Guangshu. Do I look like a fool to you?” Jiang Xun said coldly.

“What?” Guangshu was stunned for a moment.

“Stop your nonsense!” Jiang Xun immediately scolded him.

Guangshu: “…”

“Before midnight tonight, post on Weibo, what did Mu Shihe tell you? She asked you to delete my scenes. What made you decide to delete them? Tell me the truth on Weibo and apologize to me,” Jiang Xun said. “Otherwise, do you believe that I can blow this up again?”

Guangshu: “!!!”

He believed it, he fucking believed it!

He had originally thought that Jiang Xun was playing the villain and would definitely be scolded by the audience.

Who knew that Jiang Xun would clear radiant moon’s name on the first day of her livestream, beating the male and female leads’ image into a scumbag and mistress? The key point was that the netizens really believed her and thought that what she said made sense.

When they were watching the drama, they were criticizing the male and female leads for being a scumbag and a green tea bitch, and so on.

Shuixin and Xuyi did not get any benefits from acting as the male and female leads. Now, the radiant moon seemed to have become the only decent character in the whole show.

Shuixin and Xuyi hated Jiang Xun to the core now.

Jiang Xun’s mouth could turn black into white!

Not to mention that she still had Mufeng to back her up!

However, he had to put down his pride and publicly apologize to Jiang Xun on Weibo.

He really could not do it!

“Remember, midnight tonight.” Jiang Xun did not say anything more to him and hung up the phone.

Guangshu stared at his phone and gritted his teeth.

However, he suddenly received a message from his assistant while he was still thinking.

Assistant: [Director, Feng Videos suddenly posted a proposal on Weibo. It says that Feng Videos objects the occurrence of messy editing that leads to poor quality of the film and television series on its platform. This is the specific blog post.

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