Young Master Qin Keeps Coveting Me After I Beat Him Up

Chapter 42 - There's Something Wrong With His Brain  

Chapter 42: There’s Something Wrong With His Brain

Chengnan remained silent.

‘You’re the boss, everything you say is right.’

In the end, he entered the address of the small hotel into the GPS.

Mufeng frowned when he saw it.

The hotel was located in a very remote area. He’d been wondering how Jiang Xun had managed to find a hotel that cost 100 yuan per night in the capital, but now he’d gotten his answer.

A little more than an hour later, the two of them arrived at the small hotel where Jiang Xun was staying.

The moment they entered, Mufeng frowned and held his breath.

The musty smell in the hotel was unbearable.

After the accident that happened in the middle of the night, the receptionist was especially conscientious today.

When she saw the way Mufeng and Chengnan were dressed, she could tell that they didn’t seem like they would be staying here.

“Are the two of you going to check in?” the receptionist asked.

“We’re looking for someone,” Chengnan said. “Jiang Xun, who lives in Room 305.”

The receptionist looked at them and asked cautiously, “Do you know each other?”

“Yes.” Chengnan nodded.

“Okay, then please write your name down in this register.” The receptionist took out the registration form that had just been printed today. If anything happened, the staff could find out who had entered and at what time.

After Chengnan registered his name, he went up to the third floor with Mufeng.

Mufeng’s face was dark.

Jiang Xun, a little girl, living in a place like this?

He inexplicably recalled that night on the balcony. Jiang Xun was in his arms. Her eyes were misty, and her cheeks were rosy.

Then he thought of the person who’d broken into Jiang Xun’s room with the intention of doing something to her, and he grew even more irritated. He even wanted to catch that person and beat him up.

When they reached Room 305, Chengnan knocked on the door.

Jiang Xun was researching how she could apply for a student loan when she heard a knock on the door. She locked her phone screen and took her phone to the door.

When she opened the door, she saw Mufeng and Chengnan standing outside. Without a word, she closed the door with a cold face.

“Miss Jiang.” Chengnan quickly reached out to block the door.

He didn’t expect Jiang Xun to be so strong, however, and had to use both hands and his shoulder to hold the door open until she was forced to concede.

She simply let go of the door and didn’t bother closing it again. With an unpleasant expression, she asked, “What do you want?”

“I heard that you were chased out of the house because you refused to agree to your father’s request to find me?” Mufeng asked with a complicated expression.

Jiang Xun crossed her arms and said arrogantly, “I left on my own accord. If I didn’t want to leave, he wouldn’t be able to chase me out.”

Mufeng felt a stab in his heart when he saw how stubborn she was. There was an indescribably strange feeling in his heart.

“Did you come here just to ask me this?”Jiang Xun was impatient. “Then I’m closing the door now.”


“Jiang Xun!”

Mufeng called out to her at the same time as someone else.

He turned his head to the source of the other voice and saw Jiang Jixuan rushing over. It was clear from the look on the other man’s face that he hadn’t expected to meet Mufeng here.

Jixuan looked at Mufeng, then to Jiang Xun.

She said they weren’t familiar with each other?

But Mufeng was here!

“How did you find this place?”Jiang Xun wasn’t surprised that Mufeng could find this place, but she was surprised that Jixuan had managed to do the same.

Jixuan raised his chin proudly. “I have some friends around the place.”

He would never admit, not even on pain of death, that he’d spent a lot of effort and money to find out where Jiang Xun was staying.

“Who are you talking to?”Jiang Xun glared at him. The way he was talking made her think of that silly ‘Master Shao”.

Jixuan immediately cowered and shrunk back. “I’ve been sending you messages every day asking where you were, but you’ve never replied to me. The only thing I could do was investigate on my own.”

Chengnan was surprised when he heard that. Wasn’t Jiang Xun’s relationship with the Jiang family not good?

He had personally investigated this news and told Mufeng.

But judging from Jixuan’s attitude now, it seemed like he had a good relationship with her!

Could it be that his information was wrong?

Chengnan didn’t believe it. He was quite confident in his investigation methods.


Now that Mufeng realized that the facts were different from what he had investigated, would he deduct his salary?

“Mr. Qin, are you here to look for Jiang Xun?” Jixuan turned around and asked Mufeng.

Just as Mufeng was about to speak, Jiang Xun interrupted him. “No.”

Jixuan blinked at her, incredulous.

‘He was standing right in front of your door. Do you really think I’m stupid?’

It was probably because Jixuan’s expression was too clear that Jiang Xun paused for a moment. “Then why are you here?” she asked him.

“Let me in first,”Jixuan said to Jiang Xun carefully.

Jiang Xun pulled Jixuan in with a cold expression and closed the door in front of Mufeng.

Jixuan thought to himself, even though Jiang Xun’s attitude toward him was average, he couldn’t resist comparing himself to Mufeng.

Jiang Xun had at least ‘invited’ him in, while Mufeng was still locked outside the door.

With this thought, Jixuan couldn’t help but snort a little.

“What are you laughing at?” Jiang Xun was very puzzled when she saw Jixuan laughing inexplicably.

Outside the door, Chengnan called out in a low voice. “President.”

Mufeng raised his hand to stop him from speaking.

The soundproofing of the small hotel was not good.

As long as the people inside were speaking at a normal volume, they could clearly hear them even while they were standing outside the door. Similarly, the people inside the room would also be able to hear what was happening outside.

At this moment, Jixuan’s voice could be heard from inside. “It’s nothing. I sent you a message and asked where you were staying. Why didn’t you reply to me?”

“I already told you. Do you want Jiang Chengye to know?”Jiang Xun said lazily.

“As long as you don’t let me, I won’t Tell Dad,” Jixuan said seriously.

Jiang Xun paused, then asked, “Why did you look for me?”

“I was worried about you. You didn’t bring anything with you that day.”

“I brought my luggage.”

“It’s nothing compared to what you brought back from the countryside!” To Jixuan, that little thing was nothing. “You don’t have much money on you, either.”

A brief pause followed, then Jixuan said, “Are you really not going back to Father?”

“No,”Jiang Xun said coldly. “I don’t know Mufeng very well. , so I can’t do what Jiang Chengye wants. Moreover, even if I really was close to himl, I still wouldn’t agree to his request.”

“Jiang Chengye has nothing to do with me making friends with him.”Jiang Xun sneered. “When he didn’t need me, he left me in the countryside for 11 years. Now that he needs me, he wants me to help him? What kind of good deed does he expect?”

“Mufeng has already come looking for you, and you still say that you’re not close to him? Do you know how busy he is? When others meet him, they have to make an appointment at least a week in advance, and they might not even be able to make one at all. Yet, at this moment, he abandoned his work and came looking for you,” jixuan protested.

Without waiting for Jiang Xun to speak, Jixuan beat her to it. “Don’t try to fool me!”

Jiang Xun rolled her eyes. “How would I know what he’s thinking? There’s probably something wrong with his brain.”

Outside the door, Chengnan could not help but turn his head to look at Mufeng, who was described as ‘having something wrong with his brain’. He really wanted to ask him if he still felt that Jiang Xun was protecting him or not.

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