Young Master Qin Keeps Coveting Me After I Beat Him Up

Chapter 35 - Qin Mufeng Was Pressed Against The Wall

Chapter 35: Qin Mufeng Was Pressed Against The Wall

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Therefore, Jiang Xun chose the [ D. Qin Mufeng ] option.

[You have chosen to increase Qin Mufeng’s favorability towards you by 10. Rewards for mission completion: increase lifespan by three years, increase Merit Points by 10, increase Ability Panel.]

There were many people in the banquet hall, and the gazes of those sizing her up had different kinds of contempt. All of them were not friendly.

Jiang Xun walked to the balcony of the banquet hall impatiently. She wanted to get some fresh air and think about how to make Qin Mufeng have a favorable impression of her.

However, when she walked in, she bumped into the scene of a young woman wearing a wine-red V-neck dress. The woman was about to put her hand on Mufeng’s arm, but before she could, he said coldly, “Get lost.”

The woman froze, her hand hovering awkwardly in mid-air, though she didn’t dare touch him. However, she wasn’t willing to give up. She took a deep breath and said playfully, “Young Master Qin, aren’t you going to give me a chance to introduce myself?”

“You’re from the Zheng family.” Mufeng’s gaze was cold. “I’ll ask your father. If you don’t want to stay in the capital anymore, just say it. There’s no need to beat around the bush.”

The woman in the red dress froze and trembled violently. She couldn’t help but think that in this man’s eyes, everyone was insignificant unless they were from one of the eight great families.

“I… I’m sorry.” Under Mufeng’s cold gaze, the woman in the red dress trembled in fear. She did not dare to challenge his tolerance.

She turned around and coincidentally bumped into Jiang Xun.

Jiang Xun cursed inwardly. It was the first time she had encountered such a thing. She was taken aback and was momentarily unable to react.

The woman in the red dress glared at Jiang Xun and threatened, “Don’t you dare speak about this to anyone!”

She hadn’t expected to be so coldly rejected by Mufeng when she’d tried to get close to him, and definitely hadn’t expected to be caught in the middle of such a shameful scene!

After the woman in the red dress left, Jiang Xun laughed awkwardly at Mufeng. “I didn’t expect Mr. Qin to be here. I won’t disturb you anymore.”

Just as she was about to leave, she suddenly remembered something and added, “Also, I didn’t see anything just now.”

After saying that, she pinched her index and middle fingers together and zipped her lips. “My lips are sealed,”Jiang Xun promised.

Mufeng sneered. “Didn’t you say that you didn’t see anything? Since you didn’t see anything, what could you possibly say?”

“…Hehe, that’s indeed the case.” Jiang Xun laughed dryly. “Then Mr. Qin, please carry on. I won’t disturb you anymore.”

Since she still wanted to get some goodwill from Mufeng, she couldn’t offend him.

“Wait.” Mufeng stopped Jiang Xun just as she was about to turn around and leave.

“Hm? Did you need anything else, Mr. Qin?”Jiang Xun asked.

She was standing a little closer to the door. From the corner of her eye, she could see someone in the banquet hall looking in her direction.

Jiang Xun walked a few steps toward Mufeng, staying away from the door so that no one could see her.

“Why did you pretend not to know me earlier?” Mufeng had initially thought that he wouldn’t take such a trivial matter to heart, but this question had been hanging on his mind the entire time he was on the balcony just now. It was like a thorn in his heart. If he didn’t ask her the question, he would keep feeling uneasy.

Jiang Xun blinked and opened her mouth in surprise before explaining, “I thought you didn’t like others to get close to you.”


There was nothing wrong with what she’d said.

“Before today, I didn’t even know your name. It was only after Jiang Chengye introduced me that I found out that you are the Qin Mufeng, who doesn’t like women getting close to you.” Jiang Xun scratched her head, “We’ve only met twice, yet I acted as if I’m very familiar with you. You must be unhappy.”

Mufeng was stunned.

What she said made sense.

If it was someone else who did this, he would definitely be unhappy. After all, they had only met twice, so what was the point in pretending to know each other?

However, because it was Jiang Xun, he felt uncomfortable knowing that she was acting as if they were total strangers even though they clearly knew each other.

Mufeng’s lips lifted slightly with a hint of mockery as he said in a low voice, “I should thank you for knowing your limits.”

“Ahaha…It’s nothing!” Jiang Xun said, waving a hand in embarrassment.

Mufeng blinked at her reaction. What was she so happy about? Was he complimenting her?

“Then I’ll just—” Jiang Xun tried to leave again. She would try her best to avoid getting along with Mufeng before she could think of a way on how to gain his favor. It would be bad if she ended up spoiling his impression of her, after all.

Before she could finish her sentence, she suddenly stopped talking when a familiar voice drifted towards her.

“When I saw Jiang Xun today, it was as you said. She was very unpleasant.” Gu Xiaoze’s voice came from afar. “Did she bully you again?”

“Of course she did!” Yuexi complained. “She came after me and my mother just now! Even before my birthday today, she made everyone in the house unhappy again.”

Jiang Xun raised her eyebrows and suddenly pushed Mufeng to a corner of the balcony.

This corner was a blind spot, so it would be difficult to find her hiding there.

Mufeng was pushed to the wall by Jiang Xun, his back pressing against it.

Seeing that Mufeng had narrowed his eyes and seemed to be unhappy, Jiang Xun hurriedly explained, “They’re talking about me. I’ll go out and catch them in a while!”

SHe could even earn some Merit Points out of this!

Mufeng was slightly surprised, and a smile appeared in his originally cold eyes. It turned out that she wasn’t a helpless little wretch who subconsciously wanted to hide when faced with such a situation. Instead, she was like a fierce cat who would willingly flex its claws and attack.

“She’s going too far.” Xiaoze’s unhappy voice said. He seemed to be nearby.

Mufeng and Jiang Xun knew that both Xiaoze and Yuexi had also entered the balcony.

Mufeng noticed that Jiang Xun’s skirt was exposed. As the night wind blew across the balcony, it would pick her skirt up and make it flutter, which would make the both of them be easily discovered by Xiaoze and Yuexi. In one motion, he grabbed onto Jiang Xun’s waist with both hands and reversed their positions so that Jiang Xun was now the one being pressed against the wall.

Jiang Xun instinctively tried to push him away, but Mufeng’s whisper came into her ear. “If they see your skirt fluttering, they will find us out.”

She immediately became obedient.

However, when Mufeng had spoken, his breath brushed against her ear, burning it. His voice was low, too, perhaps because he didn’t want to be seen by Xiaoze and Yuexi. It seemed to rumble in his throat.

The low and hoarse voice burned her ear, making Jiang Xun feel as if an electric current was spreading from her ear all the way through her body.

The evening breeze was cooling, but Jiang Xun felt hot.

“She even hit me!” Yuexi said pitifully, sounding as if she were sobbing.

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