Young Master Qin Keeps Coveting Me After I Beat Him Up

Chapter 26 - Host, Can You Act Human For Once?

Chapter 26: Host, Can You Act Human For Once?

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No one, absolutely no one would make her lose the chance to gain Merit Points!

“She has to apologize to me!”Jiang Xun insisted.

“Yuexi has already realized her mistake. Isn’t it enough for her to admit it?” Nianzhen did not understand why Jiang Xun was so insistent on getting people to apologize to her.

Ever since Jiang Xun came back, in a short period of time, everyone at home, except for Chengye, had apologized to her.

“She wronged me, so doesn’t she owe me an apology?” Jiang Xun urged impatiently. “Yuexi, hurry up. It’s not like you haven’t apologized to me before.”

Yuexi hid behind her father in an attempt to shield herself from Jiang Xun’s gaze.

Jiang Xun clenched her fists so hard that her knuckles turned white. “I’ll ask you again. Will you apologize?”

“I won’t apologize. Hit me if you dare!” Yuexi didn’t believe that Jiang Xun would dare hit her in front of Chengye.

However, as soon as she finished speaking, a loud slap suddenly rang out throughout the room, and she found her head turned to the side, a burning pain in her left cheek.

Yuexi was stunned and covered her cheek in disbelief.

Did…Did Jiang Xun hit her?

Chengye and Nianzhen were also stunned at this turn of events. In the silence, they heard an unusually arrogant voice say, “I’ve hit a lot of people, but this is the first time I’ve met someone who straight up asked me to hit them.”

Why would she bother holding herself back? Of course she would slap them first if given the chance!

“Yuexi!” Nianzhen screamed and hugged her daughter, crying to Chengye. “Chengye, we’ve never hurt Yuexi at all ever since she was young, but Jiang Xun hit her!!”

“How can you hit me!” Nianzhen said angrily. “I know you must hate me, but come at me, then! Why go after Yuexi?! She wholeheartedly treats you as her sister and wants to treat you well. It’s fine if you don’t miss her, but how can you hit her!”

“Jiang Xun, you’re too much!” Chengye raised his hand, about to hit Jiang Xun, but froze when she shot him a cold glare.

“You cheated on my mother when she was pregnant, then after she passed away, you openly married Ah Feng and gave her an illegitimate daughter. You sent me to the countryside for 11 years and let this illegitimate daughter take my rightful place. When I couldn’t even eat a full meal in the countryside, she was living a luxurious life here. When I was beaten up by Luo Zhongren’s family, Nianzhen said that you couldn’t even bear to touch Yuexi.”

“Yuexi is slandering me and ruining my reputation. And you’re going to hit me even though I haven’t gotten my apology?” she questioned with a cold gaze.

All of what she’d said was probably what the original Host had gone through. She’d been abused since young when she was sent to her uncle’s house, so her mind was a little twisted.

She had low self-esteem, was narrow-minded, and was very sensitive, so much so that even an offhand comment would be easily misinterpreted by her. That wasn’t even mentioning the fact that Nianzhen and Yuexi were deliberately scheming against her.

At this moment, Jiang Xun mentally asked the system, “Did Yuexi once bring the original owner to meet her friends?”

The system replied, “Yes.”

Jiang Xun could already guess what had probably happened even without the system explaining it to her. .

Yuexi’s friends were probably extremely critical of the original Host and looked down on her, so there was no way she would quietly take it. After she returned, she would still be slandered by Yuexi, and Chengye would blindly take Yuexi’s side and even hit the original Host. Nianzhen would also add fuel to the fire, thus rendering the original Host completely helpless to the point where she could only cry and try to vent her anger.

She would then get more and more extreme after being provoked by the Jiang family’s actions. The more Chengye loved Yuexi and ignored her, the more she would do something out of the ordinary to attract his attention.

If this continued, it would form a dead cycle. The original Host would definitely be at a disadvantage.

However, now that it was Jiang Xun’s turn, Nianzhen and Yuexi’s tricks were useless against her.

And Chengye couldn’t hurt Jiang Xun’s feelings.

Jiang Xun’s gaze was cold, and her voice was even more frigid. “Ever since I came back, I have never complained or blamed anyone, but that doesn’t mean I’ll sit down and let you walk all over me!” she said through gritted teeth. “Yuexi deserves this slap, and I deserve an apology!”

Chengye looked at Jiang Xun’s stubborn face, in a daze. Her face, especially her eyes, looked so much like his late wife.

It wasn’t that he didn’t love his late wife. It was just that he couldn’t help it when his late wife was pregnant.

He also had his own needs that needed to be solved.

He thought that there wouldn’t be any problems with a small family outside his home, but who would have thought that his late wife would find out about it in the middle of her pregnancy? She’d fallen ill and eventually passed away.

At that time, he’d promised Nianzhen that he would send Jiang Xun to the countryside.

One reason was because his business was not going well, and the fortune-teller he’d gone to had said that Jiang Xun’s luck was not good. He’d been advised to send her away until she was 18 before bringing her back.

During this period, she could help him ward off the bad fortune of his business. .

At that time, his business was at a low point, and he was willing to use all the methods available to him, including sending Jiang Xun away.

Sure enough, not long after she left, his business processes became smooth again. And during those years, it became smoother and smoother, and his business grew bigger and bigger.

There was another reason for sending Jiang Xun away, however.

It was something only he knew.

Jiang Xun was far too similar to his deceased wife.

Every time he saw Jiang Xun, he would think of his deceased wife and think of how she died because of his betrayal. The guilt kept eating away at his heart.

And now, whenever Jiang Xun looked at him with eyes that were so similar to his deceased wife’s, it was as if she was accusing him.

He was too ashamed to see Jiang Xun, and he didn’t want to see her either. His conscience couldn’t bear it.

If he sent Jiang Xun away, it would be better if he didn’t see her at all. As long as she wasn’t around, he would be able to put the past behind him, and no one would remind him of it again.

Chengye’s hand slowly dropped weakly, and he staggered back half a step.

Nianzhen had never seen Chengye like this before.

She opened her mouth and said, “Chengye…”

Chengye was dejected for a few seconds. He sighed and said, “Yuexi, apologize to Jiang Xun.”

Yuexi looked at Chengye in disbelief.

Did she hear him wrongly?!

“Dad?” Yuexi covered her face.

“You’re the one who made a mistake in this matter.” Chengye frowned. “Remember to never speak without any proof in the future.”

“Chengye!” Nianzhen hugged her daughter tightly. “Even if Yuexi is wrong, Jiang Xun can’t just hit someone out of nowhere!”

“Didn’t she ask me to hit her?” Jiang Xun looked at Nianzhen innocently. “She said something like, ‘Hit me if you dare!’ or something like that. I think my actions are quite justified.”

“Jiang Xun!” Nianzhen screamed.

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