Young Master Qin Keeps Coveting Me After I Beat Him Up

Chapter 131 - Qin Mufeng, I Suspect That You're Acting Like a Hooligan."   

Chapter 131: “Qin Mufeng, I Suspect That You’re Acting Like a Hooligan.”


She was the only one in his eyes.

Jiang Xun almost blurted out, “How am I different?”, but she forcefully swallowed them down.

[But have you guys realized that Jiang Xun also has double standards? Just now, Jiayi also wanted to eat Jiang Xun’s breakfast, but she said that she wouldn’t have enough to eat. But when President Qin said it, Jiang Xun gave it to him.]

[These two are so similar.]

[She agreed because Great President Qin promised to buy her some good food for lunch. Jiayi didn’t offer to buy her lunch, did he?]

[President Qin is a food snatcher.]

Mufeng wouldn’t let go of this topic so easily, however. “Call Me Mufeng,” he urged.

Jiang Xun remained silent, to which he smiled and said in a low voice, “We’re in a relationship, but you’re addressing me in such an unfamiliar way. It’s not appropriate. Not only that, we’re quite close regardless of whether it’s on a show or in private.”

Chen Ahxiuer: [President Qin personally said it! The two of them are very close!]

Jiang Xun gritted her teeth and forced out, “Qin Mufeng, I feel like you’re acting like some kind of hooligan.”

“Huh? How can you call me a hooligan? Have you ever seen one before? Is this how a hooligan behaves?” Mufeng asked in shock, unable to accept the fact that Jiang Xun had called him ahooligan of all things. He was a decent person, thank you very much!

He couldn’t leave a bad impression on Jiang Xun.

Following that, he paused for a few seconds and said reluctantly, “…Then you can call me Qin Mufeng.”

Besides, it was a closer term of address than “Mr. Qin.”

“…I still feel more comfortable calling you Mr. Qin.” After Jiang Xun said that, she piled the empty plates together and headed to the sink, preparing to wash them.

“Let me do it.” Mufeng took the empty plates from her hand. “You prepared breakfast, so I’ll be responsible for washing the dishes.”

[This reminds me of the last episode in which Yuyan and the other male guests tried to get away from washing the dishes. Compared to them, President Qin is much better.]

[A man who takes the initiative to wash the dishes…he’s so reliable!]

Jiang Xun couldn’t help but question whether this man really knew how to wash the dishes or not; he’d never done such a thing before.

Hence, she followed him to the kitchen.

“You should go and rest,” Mufeng said when he saw Jiang Xun follow him in. “But if you’re willing to stay here with me, that would make me more than happy.”

Jiang Xun couldn’t help but sneak a glance at Mufeng. He was here to participate in a dating reality show. Why was he already in character?

His words were so easy to misunderstand, too, but luckily, she remembered that this was a dating reality show, so she didn’t think too much about it.

She ignored his last sentence. “Do you even know how to wash the dishes?”

“Why wouldn’t I?” Mufeng couldn’t help but laugh. “This kind of thing doesn’t need to be learned. If someone tells you that he doesn’t know how to wash dishes, then he is just pretending.”

As Mufeng spoke, he washed the dishes. Seeing this, Jiang Xun tore off a disposable paper towel and wiped the water off the clean dishes.

This time, Mufeng didn’t tell her to go rest.

It felt pretty good for the two of them to tidy up together in such a clear division of labor.

“Can I call you Jiang Jiang?” Mufeng suddenly asked.

Jiang Xun was so startled that she almost broke the plate she was holding.

“Mr. Qin.” She looked at him as if he’d sprouted two extra heads. She even wanted to test if he was suffering from a head injury.

With a faint smile, Mufeng explained, “I saw that the male guests in this program are all called by their nicknames. I feel like it makes us seem too distant if we call each other by our full names. Moreover, we are already quite familiar with each other, so I think Jiang Jiang is a suitable name,” Mufeng said.

Yicheng would sometimes call her that, and so would her roommates, but she’d never thought much of it. However, when Mufeng called her that, Jiang Xun’s heartbeat suddenly sped up, and the warmth from her ears spread directly to her face and neck.

She was completely dumbfounded, and she felt like her brain wasn’t controlling her limbs at all.

At this moment, Jiayi and the rest had also packed up their utensils and were preparing to wash up in the kitchen.

Jiayi’s eyes lit up when he heard Mufeng call Jiang Xun “Jiang Jiang.” He said to Jiang Xun, “Jiang Jiang is a good name. Shall we call you that in the future?”

Before Jiang Xun could speak, Mufeng answered, “It’s not appropriate.”

Question marks were written all over Jiayi’s face. “Didn’t you call her that too? Why is it not appropriate for us to call her that?”

“I’m familiar with her. Are you?” Mufeng snorted coldly.

They wanted to call her Jiang Jiang just because he could? In their dreams, maybe! Getting her to let him call her Jiang Jiang wasn’t an easy task, and these people wanted to eat the fruits of his labor?

Seeing this, Yuyan helped Jiayi out of the predicament. “Won’t we get more familiar with each other after spending more time on this show?”

“Then we’ll talk about it after we get to know each other better.” Mufeng looked at them from the corner of his eye.

“I think Jiang Xun has the final say in this matter.” Jiayi looked at Jiang Xun. “Jiang Xun, what do you think?”

“You should still call me Jiang Xun,” she said plainly. After all, she was indeed quite familiar with Mufeng. As for the others, she didn’t interact with them after the show, nor was she in the mood to cooperate with them while on set.

When he heard that, the corners of Mufeng’s mouth curled up, and his handsome face displayed an indescribable pride.

“Hehe! Do you think you can be like me? Know your place!”

“Mr. Qin, what are your plans this afternoon?” Kesi asked, having not given up on Mufeng yet.

“I think it’s inappropriate for you to call me Mr. Qin.” Mufeng replied as he carefully arranged the plates that Jiang Xun had dried.

Kesi’s face twitched, but she forced a smile and put on a puzzled look. “Didn’t you say just now that you wanted us to call you Mr. Qin?”

Why was this man so fickle! He was the one who had asked people to call him Mr. Qin just now, and now he was the one who had gone back on his word!

Seeing an opportunity, Tianqing chimed in, “If we shouldn’t call you Mr. Qin, then should we call you Mufeng?”

Mufeng scoffed at her words. This woman must still be in dreamland.

Then, he said with a cold face, “You guys should call me President Qin.”

Everyone: “…”

They weren’t even allowed to call him Mr. Qin anymore?

Spicy JJ: [I can’t breathe lmao. Great President Qin doesn’t even want them to call him Mr. Qin anymore.]

[It must be because Jiang Jiang is calling him Mr. Qin. He wants that to be unique to her alone, so he won’t let anyone else call him that.]

[Wow, this ship just feeds its fans so much!]

[Please, feed me more!]

[He’s really too much, hahaha!]

[President Qin: Don’t blame Me. Other than Jiang Jiang, I don’t want anything to do with anyone else.]

[President Qin: a role model for men!]

[Anyone with a girlfriend should learn from President Qin, okay?]

[I have to get my boyfriend to watch this episode!]

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