Young Master Qin Keeps Coveting Me After I Beat Him Up

Chapter 112 - I'm Also Worried That She Won't Be Happy   

Chapter 112: I’m Also Worried That She Won’t Be Happy


Jiang Xun blinked and explained, “I’m not going to pair myself up or anything; I’m just going to participate in a reality show. If I find that none of the male guests are very compatible with me, I can still withdraw from the show and they’ll get someone to replace me.”

“Then do you want to go?” Jiajia asked.

“I’m still thinking about it.” Actually, Jiang Xun felt that there was no point in falling in love.

“I think it’s better to forget about it,” Daxin advised. “You just ruined Yuexi and Xiaoze’s relationship and tanked the ratings of ‘The Other Half’s Law.’ Although I don’t know the exact statistics, the number of views has dropped by at least one-third compared to before. The people I know no longer watch it, and there are even a lot of people on Weibo saying that they won’t watch it anymore.”

“If you join a different dating show right after demolishing ‘The Other Half’s Law,’ there will definitely be an outcry from the netizens.” Just thinking about it sent a shiver down Dazin’s spine. She tried to persuade Jiang Xun even more. “Even if those netizens were not watching ‘The Other Half’s Law,’ it won’t stop them from scolding you.”

“Yeah, they will definitely talk badly about you.” Haina nodded and tried to dissuade Jiang Xun seriously, “Moreover, the netizens will definitely think that you deliberately messed up ‘The Other Half’s Law.’ You deliberately told them about Yuexi and Xiaoze to benefit yourself. They will think that you schemed against them and then went to another dating show yourself.”

“Don’t look at how Yuexi and Xiaoze lost part of their CP fans, but losing their fans doesn’t prevent them from hating you.” Jiajia was more familiar with these things, “I usually pay attention to entertainment gossip, so I know a little about the psychology of fans. If you sink their ship and take up a show in which you get a lot of ship teasing, then they definitely won’t be happy.”

When Jiang Xun heard her roommates’ pleas, however, she suddenly didn’t feel sleepy anymore. “…Will a lot of people be talking badly about me?” Her eyes lit up as she looked at her three roommates, who could only stare at her blankly.

Why was Jiang Xun so excited at the prospect of internet harassment?

The three of them nodded hesitantly. “Yes.”

Afraid that Jiang Xun wouldn’t understand the gravity of the situation, Jiajia said, “And they’ll definitely be extremely harsh on you.”

“Then I have to go!” Jiang Xun excitedly picked up her phone and called Yicheng.

The more people who scolded her, the better. Those were all Merit Points just waiting to be farmed!

Besides, she was seriously lacking in MP right now.


“Jiang Xun.” Not long after Jiang Xun called him, Yicheng picked up the phone.

“Brother Wang, I just got a call from the director of ‘Unfulfilled Love’. He wants to invite me to participate in their program.”

Yicheng was stunned. What was the production team doing?!

He had already rejected it, but the executive director had gone straight to Jiang Xun again.

“He said that he had contacted you before, but you rejected him. Why?”

Yicheng was momentarily unable to answer, but an idea suddenly struck him out of the blue. “I was thinking that because of the matter between Yuexi and Xiaoze, the “The Other Half’s Law” is not in good condition now. If you turn around and go take part in a similar dating reality show, there will definitely be a lot of backlash from the netizens, so after weighing the pros and cons, I thought that it’d be better not to participate.”

What Yicheng said was reasonable. He was just as worried as her roommates were.

Jiang Xun didn’t doubt him. “But Brother Wang, if something like this happens again in the future, you’d better tell me. I know you’re doing this for my own good, but even if you decide not to participate in the show in the end, I still want to know.”

“Okay.” How could Yicheng not agree at this time? He explained, “I didn’t do a good job this time. It’s also my first time being a manager for someone, so I lack experience. No matter what it is in the future, I’ll definitely tell you.”

He didn’t dare to hide it from Jiang Xun anymore.

“I have no intention of blaming you.” Yicheng’s words made Jiang Xun feel a little awkward. “Also, I want to participate in the show ‘Unfulfilled Lovers’.”

Yicheng felt his brain go numb.

How was he going to explain this to Qin Mufeng?

“But if you go, you will definitely be harassed,” Yicheng said anxiously. “Many people rely on the anonymity that the internet provides them to speak brainlessly and say extremely harsh words.”

“I know.” Jiang Xun pursed her lips. She had seen it all before. “I’ve been greeted by people, and I’ve also had people photoshop me into gory scenarios. I’ve experienced all of these.”

Yicheng suddenly didn’t know what to say.

Jiang Xun had experienced all of that, but she didn’t seem to be affected at all. He didn’t sense any negative emotions from her at all.

“I don’t care about any of this.” Jiang Xun even hoped that more people would scold her, actually. “Brother Wang, just tell me. Let’s not talk about this. Will the benefits of my being on that show outweigh the disadvantages?”

Jiang Xun wasn’t stupid. Yicheng knew that he couldn’t fool this girl, so he said honestly, “There are indeed more benefits.”

Jiang Xun made a decisive decision. “Then I’ll participate. I’ll reply to the director right away.”

Yicheng pinched the space between his brows, feeling a migraine forming. Since Jiang Xun had made up her mind, there was no way he could stop hier. Now, he only had to worry about how to explain things to Mufeng.

“Alright, you don’t have to worry about the remaining matters after you reply. I’ll discuss the specifics with the production team,” Yicheng told Jiang Xun, to which she hummed in assent.

Jiang Xun hung up the phone and replied to Shuli, indicating that she would be participating.

When Shuli had told Jiang Xun of the program, he had a premonition in his heart that Jiang Xun would agree. Now that he had received Jiang Xun’s confirmation, he heaved a sigh of relief.

Without any delay, Yicheng quickly told Mufeng that Jiang Xun was going to participate in “Unfulfilled Lovers”.

“Didn’t you reject it?” When Mufeng heard the news, his voice immediately grew deeper. He frowned and felt his chest tighten.

“I did reject the offer, but the executive director of the show went straight to Jiang Xun. After Jiang Xun found out about it, she called me specifically to tell me that she wanted to participate,” Yicheng said helplessly. “It’s not my place to be Jiang Xun’s boss. Previously, I didn’t dare to tell her about this because I rejected her on her behalf, but in the end, she found out anyway. I was afraid that I would upset Jiang Xun again, so I could only agree to it.”

Yicheng paused for a moment and suddenly came up with a bold idea. “President, if you don’t want Jiang Xun to participate, why don’t you tell the production team personally? With your words, the production team will definitely not go for Jiang Xun again.”

Mufeng remained silent for a moment before saying, “You might be afraid that Jiang Xun won’t be happy, but so am I.”

Wang Yicheng had a wicked heart!

He even asked him to go to the production team personally!

If he had the guts, why would he ask Yicheng to act as Jiang Xun’s manager?

Yicheng kept quiet. So Mufeng had only let him take over as Jiang Xun’s manager because he himself was afraid?

President Qin was the first person to show his wicked heart so openly!

After what seemed like a long time, Mufeng sighed. “I got it,” he said, then hung up.

Yicheng was left wondering what he meant. What did he know?

But for now, he put aside thoughts of what Mufeng could be planning. He contacted the production team and signed the contract with Jiang Xun after confirming the details.

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