Young Master Qin Keeps Coveting Me After I Beat Him Up

Chapter 110 - Qin Mufeng Eviscerated Him with Words Alone   

Chapter 110: Qin Mufeng Eviscerated Him with Words Alone


“Heh.” Jiang Xun sneered and walked out.

“Okay!” Chengye interrupted Nianzhen and said to Jiang Xun, “I’ll get the driver to send you back.”

“No need. I’ll go back myself.” Having said that, Jiang Xun walked out of the door.

Chengye pointed at the door in annoyance. “Why did she come back? She came back for a meal and then left. What does she take this place for?”

Jixuan had no choice but to try and calm him down. “If she can come back, it means that she still treats this place as her home. She will come back often in the future.”

Chengye’s face was cold and stubborn. “Who cares about her coming back! If she has the ability, she can stay outside for the rest of her life and not come back!”

Even Nianzhen could see that Chengye was speaking insincerely.

Why? Did he feel sorry for his ex-wife now? Did he suddenly grow a conscience and want to make up for it via Jiang Xun?


“The Other Half’s Law” had lost a lot of fans due to Yuexi and Xiaoze’s actions. Its popularity and broadcast rate had decreased. However, Feng Videos had taken a liking to the current popularity of dating reality shows, so it had also written up a concept for a show called “Unfulfilled Lovers.”

They were currently looking for guests to take part in their show. The production team had sought out Wang Yicheng, wanting Jiang Xun to be a part of it.

Right now, Jiang Xun was even more popular, especially after she almost ruined Star Guest TV’s “The Other Half’s Law.”

Although the program was still there, it was not as popular as before the incident. This was because the scandal involving Jiang Yuexi and Gu Xiaoze weighed heavily in the minds of many netizens. They found that watching dramas involving idols was a better use of time rather than watching a group of randos performing. At the very least, the idols would look much prettier.

However, Feng Videos was old rivals with Star Guest TV.

Since they were going to do a dating show, the first guest that their production team thought of inviting was Jiang Xun, mainly because she wasn’t just popular, but they could also rub the loss in Star Guest TV’s face.

Although the production team of “The Other Half’s Law” had apologized in a straightforward and elegant manner on Weibo, they actually hated Jiang Xun. If it wasn’t for her, their show wouldn’t have gone up in flames like that.

Jiang Yuexi and Gu Xiaoze were originally the most popular couple on their program, but now they had nothing.


While Yicheng had received the production team’s invitation, he didn’t dare to directly agree on behalf of Jiang Xun.

From a managerial perspective, this was undoubtedly a very good opportunity; few internet celebrities could have the opportunity to build connections with popular variety shows like Jiang Xun could.

This would be a great help for her to enter the entertainment industry…

But Qin Mufeng was watching.

Since Yicheng couldn’t decide on Jiang Xun’s behalf, he said, “This is indeed a great opportunity, but Jiang Xun is still studying. She’s a student at Beijing University. The pressure of studying there is intense, and the competition is fierce. She might not be able to fit in with the filming schedule.”

“We’ve thought about this,” said the production team’s assistant director, Zhang Zhisheng. “Our guests are all ordinary people who have their own careers in life. Everyone, not just Jiang Xun, is available seven days a week, so we only film on weekends. It won’t affect the daily work and studies of the guests.”

Yicheng didn’t expect the production team to even consider this. They were really thoughtful.

“Then please give us time to consider this. We will give you a reply as soon as possible,” he finally said. Yicheng actually wanted to ask Mufeng’s opinion first.

“Okay,” Zhisheng agreed.

After hanging up, Yicheng quickly called Mufeng to report this to him.

When Mufeng heard that a dating show wanted Jiang Xun to join their ranks, his face immediately darkened.

“What’s the point in participating in a dating show? Even if Jiang Xun went, those men would still hold hands and take advantage of her! None of the men who take part in dating shows are reliable! Do you still need to ask me about such things? You should have rejected it immediately!”

Yicheng remained silent.

Mufeng had practically eviscerated him with words alone.

He hurriedly agreed. “Yes, of course. I’ll reject it now.”

Yicheng hung up the phone, then called up Zhang Zhisheng to reject the offer.

Zhisheng was disappointed when he heard of this. The more his team thought about it, the more they felt that Jiang Xun was the most suitable candidate to participate in this show.

“It’s mainly because Jiang Xun is still young that I’m worried that she won’t be able to handle it.” Yicheng laughed. “But if there are other suitable shows, do consider calling us again.”

“Of course, of course.” Zhisheng exchanged a few pleasantries with Yicheng before ending the call.

Yicheng did not tell Jiang Xun about this.

On the other hand, Zhisheng told the results to the executive director, Shi Shuli.

The more Shuli thought about it, the more he felt it was a pity.

Zhisheng also said, “Jiang Xun is popular, and she’s currently making the rounds on social media. At the very least, when she appears, the audience will be familiar with who she is, so she doesn’t need to introduce herself to them. The main thing here is that since she stirred up controversy about “The Other half’s Law,”, she can definitely give our own show a boost and maybe even make us trend. As a bonus, we can even rub this in Star Guest TV’s face.”

Shuli frowned and took off his glasses, pinching the space between his eyebrows. “Who’s saying that this isn’t the case?”

He casually threw his glasses on the table, then asked, “What did Jiang Xun say?”

“I haven’t asked her.” Zhisheng scratched his head. “I contacted Wang Yicheng first. He said that he would discuss it with Jiang Xun, but then he called me and said that they wouldn’t be participating.”

Zhisheng thought that this must be the result of a discussion he’d had with Jiang Xun. it was likely that at least one of them didn’t want to participate in this program.

“Go and ask Jiang Xun again. Contact her directly, and don’t go through Wang Yicheng.” Upon giving it a moment of thought, Shuli shook his head. “Forget it. I’ll contact her personally.”

It was not difficult to find Jiang Xun’s contact information; previously, she had participated in “Accelerated Flight,” and the director, Hou Guanglin, had Jiang Xun’s wechat id.

Shuli immediately told Guanglin to come and see him.

When Guanglin found out that he wanted to invite Jiang Xun to participate in “Unfulfilled Lovers,” he went straight to Shuli’s office and asked, “Where are the male guests? Have you found enough participants?”

“I have.” Shuli took out the information of the guests—two male and two female— for Guanglin to see, “Now we’re just missing Jiang Xun. Let’s see how the show will turn out. When we’re about to reach the third or fourth episode, we’ll add a couple of male and female guests to form four couples. The fourth couple is still in the selection process and hasn’t been confirmed yet.”

Guanglin was sitting opposite Shuli’s desk. When he heard that, he leaned over and said to Shuli, “If it’s a male guest, why don’t you consider Qin Mufeng?”

Shuli leaned back fiercely and sucked in a breath. “Why in the world would you think of that!”

Guanglin pursed his lips, “In the past, I wouldn’t dare to think about it either. “But didn’t he participate in one episode of my show? My show is heavy in exercise and is tiring, and yet he was willing to participate. In your show, the only thing the guests need to do is eat, drink and be filmed while doing so. In other words, he might be on board with the idea.”

“Previously, Qin Mufeng had only participated in one episode of “Accelerated Flight,” and Qin Yang’s stock price soared. If he can attract another wave of fans with your show, Qin Yang’s stock price will continue to rise! If it’s for Qin Yang’s benefit, it’s very likely that he’ll agree.”

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