Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing?

Chapter 543 - How Could the Great Mo Jingshen be so Shameless?

Chapter 543: How Could the Great Mo Jingshen be so Shameless?

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Ji Nuan only slipped slightly. Thankfully, she did not twist her ankle. She raised her head to see Mo Jingshen, who wouldn’t leave her alone.

 She rushed to step back, but the man’s arm was firmly locked around her waist. He easily pressed her back into his embrace.

He saw that he complexion was slightly pale. Mo Jingshen knitted his brows: “Twisted your ankle?”

 Ji Nuan pursed her lips. Seeing that it was impossible to escape his arms, she answered: “No…”

 Before she could finish her words, the man decisively lifted her up into a princess carry. The instant her feet left the ground, Ji Nuan almost cried out in surprise. She stared dumbstruck at the man who abruptly lifted her.

She was only slightly uncomfortable because it was nearing her period, causing her complexion to appear pale. She did not twist her ankle at all, what did he lift her up for?

 Mo Jingshen turned back and glanced at the tightly shut private room door. From his gaze alone, Ji Nuan understood that there was no need for her to explain anything. He already knew who was inside. He carried her and brought her to leave.

“Mo Jingshen, put me down!” Ji Nuan’s abdomen was hurting, but this floor was surrounded by private rooms. Furthermore, the moment they went downstairs, they would see the customers who were having their meal. It was very crowded. She did not wish to be carried out by him: “My leg is really fine! Put me down!”

 “What did you discuss? Your complexion seems so poor?” The man did not approach the staircase but turned toward the elevator on the other side. After entering the elevator, he did not put her down. Instead, he checked to see that her feet indeed were fine, before turning to scan her face.

“We didn’t discuss much. He is just my Dad’s old friend.” Ji Nuan struggled a little in his arms. They were on the second floor. It only took several seconds before the elevator’s doors opened again. Seeing that there were people outside, she subconsciously buried her face against his shoulder to avoid being recognized.

The man appeared unperturbed as he brought her out. However, the woman’s actions caused his lips to curve into a smile. He leaned close to her ear to speak: “What are you embarrassed about? It’s just two waiters.”

From here, they could head directly to the entrance without passing by the crowd having their meal. Although there were two waiters here, they clearly did not dare to look at them for too long and had already left.

Ji Nuan slowly raised her head from his shoulder and scanned the surroundings. After confirming that there was no one around, she slapped his shoulder with force and demanded with a fierce expression: “Put me down!”

Mo Jingshen saw that her feet was really uninjured and that she was struggling. To prevent her from hurting herself, he placed her down.

The moment her feet touched the ground, Ji Nuan quickly took two steps backward as though she had been struck by electricity. She then quickly headed towards the entrance, stepping out of the door before asking, “Why did you come here?”

Mo Jingshen did not explain, calmly saying, “Passed by.”

 This was the west city district. How could a busy man like him pass by this place for no good reason?

 Ji Nuan did not plan on chatting further with him. She headed to the parking lot but found a black Porsche, of the same model as hers, parked right next to her car.

 She paused in her footsteps, staring at her own white Porsche before turning toward the black, but otherwise identical, Porsche by the side.

Just as she considered that the two vehicles parked next to each other appeared like a couple set, the headlights of the black Porsche abruptly turned on.

Her eyelids twitched. She spun around and saw that the car key was held in Mo Jingshen’s hand.

Ji Nuan: “…”

 The man’s expression did not change as he approached. Seeing her stiff posture, he glanced at her indifferently: “Why are you in a daze? Come here, I’ll show you something.”

 Ji Nuan remained standing in her position, watching as the man opened the car door.

 “This car… it’s yours?” Ji Nuan asked.

 Mo Jingshen did not answer, he only gave her a look. The answer could not be any more obvious.

 Ji Nuan pursed her lips. She glanced at her own white Porsche, before taking another look at his black Porsche.

Since she did not answer when he previously asked for the car model she preferred, he bought an identical one?

 The limited-edition Ghost worth up to several tens of million yuan had been thrown into the ocean. In a blink of an eye, he bought a Porsche worth around two million just to match with her?

For a moment, Ji Nuan felt that she suddenly didn’t know Mo Jingshen anymore.

How could the great Mo Jingshen be so shameless…?

 Who wanted to match with him? Did he ask for her opinion?

 He even parked it so ostentatiously next to hers.

 The man opened the backseat door and brought out a document. He was mindless of Ji Nuan’s burning gaze and delivered the document into her hands.

 “What’s this?” Ji Nuan found it strange as she received it, lowering her head for a look.

 It was actually a business summit meeting organized by the government and Jing City. They had invited Shine Group and MN Group, and planned to hold a conference for the stadium the two companies were developing. However, this would be held in Jing City.

Ji Nuan scanned the document from start to finish and glanced up, horrified at the calm and collected man. “You want me to take a business trip to Jing City with you?”

 The man closed the car door and glanced at her. “Is there a problem?”

 Ji Nuan stared at him. “The problem sure is big. Your Shine Group has partnerships with both the government and Jing City, but MN Group has always been based in London. It hasn’t been long since we moved back to the country and I don’t have any connections with Jing City; not even a single partnership. For the project to build the largest stadium, you should suffice to represent both our companies. I clearly don’t qualify to go to Jing City. Who was the one that added my name into the list of invitees?”

 There was no need for him to answer. She already knew who the instigator was!

 A place like Jing City was where there would be the rare opportunity to meet various leaders and large corporate figures. There were few people in the country who had the ability to squeeze her into the invite list.

Upon receiving her glare, Mo Jingshen chuckled mildly. “I’m bringing you to Jing City to meet people. This would improve your position in the local business circle. What’s wrong? You’re not appreciative of other people’s good will?”

 This business trip would take up at least half a month. In the short time period, aside from Vinse, a bodyguard like Yan Ge had shown up. A while longer, an blind date partner also appeared. In the future, Ji Nuan may even bring her newlywed husband and bow before him as a parent. So, Mo Jingshen felt that there was definitely the need to bring Ji Nuan along on his two-week long business trip.

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