Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing?

Chapter 325 - He Chuckled in Her Ear. “Why Are You so Angry?”

Chapter 325: He Chuckled in Her Ear. “Why Are You so Angry?”

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Ji Nuan was not surprised at all. “I can tell that. If you say a person who dismembered a lovely and beautiful wedding-dressed doll, put razor blades all over it, and sent it to Hai City from the United States doesn’t have a dark side, I don’t believe it.”

“Then why were you sitting together with her? You know she harbors evil intentions.”

Ji Nuan took a look at her and smiled. “She was sounding me out, but couldn’t I sound her out as well? Since she came with ill intentions, how could I be defenseless?”

“Then what did you find out?”

“Well, nothing. I just think that the diamond ring is really big.”


When Ji Nuan came back, a doctor was going to change Mo Jingshen’s dressing.

Mo Jingshen sat on the bed, undressed, and Ji Nuan stood at the door, hesitating of whether to go in now or wait until the doctor left.

The doctor was standing near the bed and said, “Mr. Mo, please turn around.”

Mo Jingshen didn’t move and did not respond as if not hearing him.

The doctor repeated, “Mr. Mo, your wounds’ dressing needs to be changed every day. Please turn around.”

He still didn’t move.

After a pause, the doctor suddenly looked at Ji Nuan at the door. Knowing that she was Mr. Mo’s wife, the doctor was just about to ask her for help when Ji Nuan approached.

She went to the bed and pulled Mo Jingshen’s clothes inside out, covering only his shoulders and front, exposing his scarred back. Then she gently pushed him around and smoothed the clothes over his shoulders so as not to touch the wounds on his back.

Mo Jingshen let her gently move his body, looking sideways at the woman’s calm face.

The doctor took a look at them, nodded in satisfaction, and came closer to change the dressing of Mo Jingshen’s wounds, but the latter quickly turned back.

Seeing this, Ji Nuan frowned. “What are you doing?”

Mo Jingshen looked sideways at her, then reached out to pull her over, ignoring the injuries in his back. As he lifted his arm, Ji Nuan saw a bead of blood oozing from the biggest seam in his back.

“Mo Jingshen!” Ji Nuan frowned and was about to stop him when he grabbed her waist and pulled her onto his lap.

He pulled his wounds when he raised his arm. His arm was around her waist, so she didn’t dare to struggle too hard, and his other hand was holding her close in his arms, so she dared not move at all.

His lips pressed against her temples, his voice deep and faint. “I’ll change the dressing of my wounds later. Please go out,” he said to the doctor.

“Change the dressing of your wounds first. What’s so important that you have to say it right away?” She still wanted to get off his lap in case his wounds had any problems, but she really dared not struggle too hard. She moved but soon was firmly gathered in his arms.

She stared at him. “Mo Jingshen, you really don’t take your health seriously, do you? What if your wound is torn and inflamed again? Trauma may seem not important, but a mishandled injury can lead to systemic infection. If something bad happens to you, do you want to stay in the hospital for the rest of your life, or do you want me to stay with you in the hospital for the rest of your life?”

His arm around her loosened.

Ji Nuan was about to rise, when he lifted his hand again as though he had changed his mind, pulling her back.

Then he kissed her on the face and chuckled in her ear. “Why are you so angry?”

Ji Nuan really wanted to roll her eyes.

Seeing blood oozing from his wound made her angrier than seeing the engagement ring that Su Zhilan had shown her.

“Have your wounds dressed first. I will sit next to you. I won’t leave or disturb the doctor.” Ji Nuan looked at his pale face. She knew that he just wanted her to stay here, so she didn’t have the heart to go back to her ward. She didn’t want to disappoint him.

They were in a deadlock for less than a minute.

He didn’t let her go until now. She withdrew her gaze, got up, sat down with a straight face, and said to the doctor, “Please change the dressing of his wounds.”

The doctor nodded and secretly gave Ji Nuan a thumbs-up. Mr. Mo was not easy to handle, and he and the other doctors dared not even speak aloud to him. If Mr. Mo didn’t cooperate, they didn’t dare to force him, but Mrs. Mo made him cooperate obediently with them after a few words.

Only when the doctor changed the dressing did she get a chance to see the wounds on his back. These wounds were sewn up very well, but they were too deep and those on his spine were particularly deep and large. Although today’s surgical sutures would be assimilated by the human body, and if he was willing to spend the money, he probably wouldn’t have any scars, it would probably take at least a few years for the scars to disappear.

The scene of him being smacked hard in the back of the hand and the back of the head with the sharp butt of the rifle by those two men popped up in her mind. His wounds were hidden under his shirt, and she hadn’t dared to look at the wounds on his back when the doctors were treating his wounds. Seeing his wound now, she felt as if a bloody lump had been cut out of her heart.

Her heart really hurt for him.

Sitting facing Ji Nuan, Mo Jingshen could see a flash of sadness in her eyes and her slightly reddened eyes.

The tenderness in her eyes moved him. He suddenly reached out and held her into his arms. His thin lips were on her cheek. He kissed her gently, his breath covering more of her skin. Because the doctor was still around, she dodged his kisses in embarrassment. As a result, his kiss fell directly on her ear, which was a sensitive point for her. She got shocked and quietly raised her hand in his arms to push him.

However, despite the presence of a third person, he kissed her harder and, in the end, he even took her chin and kissed her deeply on the lips.

The doctor secretly watched them as he treated Mo Jingshen’s wounds: “…”

He didn’t dare to look at them, trying to keep his eyes on Mo Jingshen’s back. After hurriedly treating his wounds, he picked up the gauze and bandaged his wounds up. Then he hurried out of the ward without saying a word, not daring to disturb them.

Mo Jingshen kissed Ji Nuan until she gave up the struggle. The door of the ward opened and closed again, and she knew that the doctor had left. Although she was a little embarrassed, the doctor had already left, and she couldn’t do anything to it.

Letting him kiss her, she asked with a frown, “Why didn’t you want the doctor to treat your wounds?”

“Because I saw you coming back and wanted you to stay.” His voice was husky while his lips pressed against hers.

Ji Nuan paused, then suddenly raised her hand and pushed away his arm around her waist. She got and saw that the dressing was properly changed. She grabbed his clothes, helping him put them back on and fastening the buttons of his pale blue hospital gown. She fastened the buttons as she asked, pursing her lips, “Didn’t I stay with you yesterday? I just went out for a walk and did some shopping. I didn’t say I wasn’t coming over tonight. Why were you so nervous?”

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