Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing?

Chapter 31 - Eat What Supper? Eating You Alone Is Enough

Chapter 31: Eat What Supper? Eating You Alone Is Enough

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Even if he did not make any movements to stand up and leave, Ji Nuan still unconsciously held onto his sleeve and pressed onto his elbow, preventing him from leaving.

Mo Jingshen held onto her waist; his handsome face leaned close. His lips were almost pressed against her cheek, his breath hot. “Could it be that the person who sent me the text earlier wasn’t you?”

Ji Nuan did not speak. She was held in his arms, and her entire body melted. She did not want to speak, nor did she want to disturb such a comforting peace.

Just like this, their embrace caused one’s heart to feel at ease. It felt like returning home.

She did not speak. The man’s hoarse voice approached her ear. It was low yet passionate, “If you still don’t speak, I’ll kiss you, en?”

Ji Nuan was just about to open her mouth when, right as she turned her head around, she was abruptly kissed by the man who had leaned his head down.

This sudden kiss caused her entire body to become docile in an instant. She sat obediently in his embrace without moving. Being held in such a position and being so intimate was affecting all of her senses.

The kiss deepened. Ji Nuan slowly closed her eyes. Just as she was about to try returning it, she suddenly felt her hands being lifted by his.

She opened her eyes and felt him press her hands against his necktie. While kissing her, his gaze was provocative.

It seemed to say: If you have the ability then do it.

Such gaze overwhelmed Ji Nuan to the point where even her bones turned weak.

Her hands were pressed against his tie, but after a while, she still did not move it. He tightened his arms around her to the extent where there was barely space between them. His gentle tongue remained intertwined with hers.

She was leaning against his embrace breathlessly, and her hands were unconsciously gripping his necktie tightly. Even with their clothes on, she could feel the heat on his body.

In both her previous and current life, such a passionate interaction where all defenses were stripped off as they immersed in one another was unfamiliar yet exciting to her.

It was a heartfelt desire she had never experienced before.

While Ji Nuan was in a daze, Mo Jingshen moved his hands under her clothes. His warm fingers gently rubbed her skin and, as though carrying a flame, burned her body inch by inch.

Ji Nuan’s body shivered abruptly. Her eyes opened in shock and met his eyes that were as dark as spilled ink on the bottom of the ocean floor.

In the morning, she had been in a rush to prep the documents and evidence for the property market. She had stayed in the living room which had all sorts of scents. She suddenly felt that there was an unpleasant scent clinging onto her own body.

Thinking that she had yet to shower, she rushed to push him again but was easily pressed onto the bed by him.

Ji Nuan panted, her clean white face held a hint of passion and redness could not be hidden. “This is the Ji home… not the Yu Garden… let’s wait for when we return to the Yu Garden…”

Mo Jingshen did not plan on allowing her to retreat. He resumed their deep kiss unceasingly and even removed half of her clothing while she was defenseless.

“Wait-wait! I haven’t showered…” Ji Nuan’s hair was messy; her face bright red. She could no longer control her own breathlessness and quietly struggled. “Let me shower… I’ll be ready very quickly… uu…”

Her shy and embarrassed behavior caused Mo Jingshen to feel a rush of blood towards his lower body. It was as though his dark eyes were lit by a fire. He pushed her down into the soft blanket.

The man’s hoarse voice caused her heart to tremble. “Who is the only one with the right to be on your bed? I’ll give you the opportunity to say it again.”


The grand Mo Corporation’s CEO was actually being petty to this point because of a white stuffed bear!

Ji Nuan’s brain stopped working for a moment. “This bear has been on my bed for many years. I’ve even forgotten when exactly I bought him. Compared to Mr. Bear, Mr. Mo has only held me to sleep for how many nights?”

Mo Jingshen’s beautiful brows rose. His head lowered once more. “Your bed, for the next tens of years, will only have me.”

After speaking, he did not wait for Ji Nuan to react before his kiss landed on her earlobe.

He suddenly kissed her most sensitive area. Ji Nuan felt like her scalp had exploded at that moment, and her head was completely blank.

“Mo Jingshen…”

She did not really plan to run away. It was just that he had come too suddenly, and she did not have the chance to prepare her heart, causing her heart to beat frantically right now.

“What do you call me?” It was as though he did not want to let go of her most sensitive patch of skin as his low voice whispered into her ear threateningly.

Ji Nuan pursed her lips. Her eyes shone and were filled with passionate tears.

He breathed against her ear, causing her to shiver in his arms as she was unable to say anything.

“What do you call me?” his voice was hoarse and low as he asked.

“Jing Shen…” Ji Nuan could no longer think calmly, nor could she speak properly. She could only subconsciously reply as he wished.

This answer did not seem to satisfy him. His hands moved up inside her clothing, touching–

Ji Nuan’s body tightened. She looked up at him as though electricity had shocked her.

Yet, she only saw the man gazing darkly at her. Under his expression, her initially weak defiance softened. She threw even the determination to shower to the back of her mind.


To a man, this soft and sticky voice could be considered a medicine that stirred up all of his emotions.

His burning kiss moved along her ears and trailed down towards her snow-white neck. It then extended towards her collarbone. Spot by spot, it landed randomly and gently on her.

Bit by bit, downwards…

It continued down…

Suddenly, a loud knock rang against the closed bedroom door.

Both of them paused. Ji Nuan was shocked and tried to get up but was held down by Mo Jingshen. He stared intensely at her and as though entirely unaffected, continued his exploration.

“Uu… someone is knocking… uu…”

It was quiet for a moment, and then more knocking sounds could be heard. “Knock, knock, knock—”

After that, Ji Mengran’s gentle voice rang by the door, “Big sister, have you guys gone to sleep? Auntie Qin cooked some supper for me, but she made too much. I can’t finish it all, so I brought some up for the both of you. Brother Jing Shen has been busy all night, he probably hasn’t eaten, right? Open the door, I’ll bring in the supper for you.”

Ji Nuan moved her gaze toward the room door.

She was about to get up, but Mo Jingshen did not let go. After struggling for a little while, her clothes became even messier.

“Are you sure you want to open the door like this?” Mo Jingshen lowered his head, smiling as he looked at her shoulders which were littered with marks.

Ji Nuan glared at him and then lowered her voice to speak, “Ji Mengran sure is around no matter where you go. Normally, I don’t see her eating supper. Yet, she is being so stubborn today. Not only is she eating, but she’s also insisting on bringing you some.”

Mo Jingshen abruptly kissed her deeply. “Eat what supper? Eating you alone is enough.”

Due to Ji Mengran being outside, Ji Nuan could not help but be distracted. On the other hand, Mo Jingshen did not paid any attention to the person outside the door. Just as Ji Nuan was about to stand up again, he pressed a deep kiss she could not escape from. At the same time, he leaned heavily on her, preventing her from moving while throwing her skirt, that was already half tugged off, onto the floor.

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