Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing?

Chapter 246 - Her Clothes Were Messily Strewn Across the Ground

Chapter 246: Her Clothes Were Messily Strewn Across the Ground

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The man watched her for a moment before bending down to press their lips together. He spoke with a husky, teasing voice: “I’m the only one who can bully you.”

Ji Nuan: “…”

What nonsense was he saying?

The only bullying he did was in bed!

Ji Nuan’s phone rang; Bai Wei was calling to rush her: “Why are you still in the washroom? Professor Lin’s afternoon class begins at 1:00 p.m. It’s already 12:45 p.m.”

“I’ll be there immediately,” Ji Nuan answered and hung up.

She planned to leave immediately, but the man was still holding her in his arms. Ji Nuan stood on her tiptoes and pressed a kiss on his chin.

“Hubby, you were especially handsome today as you were giving your speech.” Ji Nuan smiled radiantly. “It’s a different kind of handsome compared to usual. As you stood in front of a group of hot-blooded youths, you appeared as though you were glowing.”

Mo Jingshen had never heard Ji Nuan describe him so frankly. His gaze paused as he watched her.

“In this world, there might never be a man who looks better in a shirt than you.” Ji Nuan bit down on his chin: “When you stood there to speak, I really felt the urge to tear your shirt apart and push you onto the ground.”

The man’s handsome brows slightly rose. His gaze was deep as he replied unhurriedly: “I’ll give you the opportunity to do just that tonight.”

Ji Nuan did have the intention of teasing him; who asked him to appear so charming as he praised his wife in public earlier!

However, with just one line, the man instantly defeated her. Her face was burning as she escaped from his embrace and headed straight for the door.

The moment she opened the door, she saw Ling Feifei standing there. She stared at Ji Nuan with an unhappy expression and tried to peek behind her.

“Is President Mo here?” Ling Feifei’s instincts were sharp as she glared at her.

Ji Nuan walked out and unhurriedly closed the door behind her: “No.”

“No?” Ling Feifei approached: “Earlier, I saw that he headed in this direction after leaving. This isn’t the cafeteria’s entrance. Where else could he be?”

Ji Nuan calmly replied: “He seemed to have passed by earlier, but he surely left after using the bathroom; otherwise, were you expecting for him to stay here for a meal?”

Mo Jingshen, who was inside the bathroom: “…”


She thought that Feng Ling would be able to return after nursing her wounds for a few days. However, when Ji Nuan called her, Feng Ling hoarsely replied that she needed more time.

Ji Nuan could not put her heart at ease and decided to visit Feng Ling’s place. After knocking for a long while, the door was finally opened.

The moment the door opened, Ji Nuan’s eyelids twitched. This was the first time she saw such a haggard Feng Ling; she did not appear like herself at all. She also noticed that her short hair that had grown past her ears was slightly messy. Ji Nuan paused for a moment before stepping in: “What’s wrong? Are your wounds better? Did you fall ill…”

“I’m fine. Why did you come?” Feng Ling turned, as though intentionally avoiding Ji Nuan’s gaze.

However, the moment she turned, Ji Nuan noticed two large red marks on Feng Ling’s neck.

Ji Nuan immediately approached and tugged her back, gaining a clearer look of her neck.

It wasn’t just her neck. Ji Nuan had accidentally tugged against her clothes, pulling her collar back and revealing the marks scattered across her collarbone.

Ji Nuan naturally recognized these marks. Whenever Mo Jingshen lost control on the bed and applied too much force, she would find these marks on herself when she woke up. However, Mo Jingshen usually paid attention to how she was feeling, and such situations rarely occurred. Even if he left hickeys on her, there would never be too many.

But Feng Ling’s…

This could be described as having suffered serious sexual abuse!

“What happened?” Ji Nuan held onto her hand and did not allow her to turn away. She saw that Feng Ling’s complexion was poor and immediately nudged her toward the sofa. She coldly and sternly looked at her: “Haven’t you been nursing your wounds at home? Who did this?”

The answer had already appeared in her mind. However, Ji Nuan felt that despite Nan Heng’s complex background, he was a calm and rational man down to his bones, just like Mo Jingshen. It was not likely that he would…

From Ji Nuan’s eyes, it was clear that she had arrived at the answer. Feng Ling watched her. She did not speak, nor did she explain.

“It’s really Nan Heng?” Ji Nuan raised her hands to tug at Feng Ling’s clothes in disbelief. However, her hangs were gently pushed away by Feng Ling.

“Don’t look,” she said hoarsely.

“When did this happen? Was it yesterday? Last night or this morning? What exactly is he trying to do? He did this even though he knew you were injured? Is he a beast?” Ji Nuan wanted to curse angrily. She held back for fear of making Feng Ling, who was already in a poor state, uncomfortable.

Feng Ling did not reply. After a moment of silence, she said: “I asked for it. I provoked him with my words. Otherwise, it would never have gone so far. I overestimated the way we interact. I can only blame myself…”

“What on earth is going on? No matter what sort of relationship you have, he can’t treat you like this! What is that?” Ji Nuan pointed at the bite marks on Feng Ling’s neck. They could not be dismissed as simple hickeys. “This is called sadism! Sadism, you hear me? This is too much!”

She saw that Feng Ling’s complexion was really poor, and it appeared as though she recently bullied. The room still contained the man’s scent; a faint, cigarette smell.

Ji Nuan stood up to open the windows when she noticed the bedroom door. She abruptly approached and saw that it was a complete mess inside. Feng Ling’s clothes were messily strewn across the ground, and all of them were torn apart.

Ji Nuan pursed her lips. She turned to see that Feng Ling had stood up and was heading to the kitchen to pour her some water.

Right now, even Feng Ling’s posture was slightly strange. It was clear that she was in a lot of pain.

“You don’t have to pour water for me. I’m not thirsty,” Ji Nuan calmly said. “Feng Ling, right now, Mr. Mo and I are your true employers. No matter what sort of relationship or entanglement you used to have with Nan Heng, those are none of my business. But you’re my person. I can’t stand by and watch you be bullied to such a state.”

Feng Ling poured the water and placed the cup down. She then returned to stand by the sofa, raising her eyes to look at Ji Nuan. She seemed to have something to say, but after moving her lips for a moment, she closed it.

“What do you want to say?” Ji Nuan saw that Feng Ling’s situation was really poor and instinctively knew there was something she needed help with.

Feng Ling’s lips moved once more. After a long while, she barely managed to speak hoarsely: “Mrs. Mo, could I trouble you to buy me an anti-pregnancy pill.”

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