Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing?

Chapter 228 - This Was Mo Jingshen’s Shirt, and This Was…

Chapter 228: This Was Mo Jingshen’s Shirt, and This Was…

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Hearing these words, she would be a fool if she dared to move any further on his lap.

Seeing that she was obedient, Mo Jingshen’s mood lifted as he rubbed her hair. “You’ve vented your anger. You’ve also said that you don’t want to fight anymore in the future. Does your heart feel better now that the thorn is plucked out?”

Ji Nuan kept silent, sensitive to the bulge pressing against her bottom.

She clearly wasn’t moving anymore; why did it seem to be pressing against her more.

“Little one with no conscience. You know that I’m angry at you for not showing any conscience, yet you took advantage of your drunken state to shout at me. Did you think we were comparing volume? Does the louder one make more sense? En?” The man’s long fingers ran through her hair and landed on her shoulder. His palm held the back of her neck, causing her to lift her head unwillingly.

Although his voice was softer and carried hints of indulgence, his mild gaze clearly informed her that if she weren’t drunk and were sober, he would have immediately pressed her on the bed for a good lecture.

But right now, Ji Nuan’s brain could not properly consider what sort of lecture he would give. Her brain was slightly dizzy. Aside from the clear appearance of the man before her eyes, she was unable to even distinguish north from south.

At the very least, she could tell that he was taking her inebriation into consideration and was not going to be petty with her.

Being drunk had actually helped her avoid a crisis of various inciteful words.

It seemed like drinking was not actually a bad thing.


When Ji Nuan awoke once more, the sky had turned bright.

Hangovers were truly one of the worst pain ever. Yet, so many people enjoyed being intoxicated through the night. Whenever she drank, she would wake up with the worst headache.

She sat up, tugging the sheets aside to discover that she had fallen asleep on the condo bed. Only the pillow on her side was touched, and only the blanket on her side had been shifted away.

Last night…

Ji Nuan’s memory was slightly blurry. She could only remember a few scenes. She rubbed her head and then gripped her hair. Even after doing her best to recall, she could not figure out if it had been a hallucination.

She stepped down from the bed and opened the cabinets to change her clothes. When she walked out of the bedroom, she met the same empty living room.

Based on the color of the sky, it had to be past seven in the morning.

If last night had been a hallucination, how did she manage to come to the condo?

Feng Ling knew that she was unwilling to return to the condo; she would never make the decision to send her here.

But if it hadn’t been an illusion, she was the only one in the condo right now. The silence led her to suspect if she had entered an isolated world. There was no noise whatsoever.

Ji Nuan was slightly hungry. She headed to the kitchen and opened the refrigerator to see the groceries the auntie had brought two days ago.

She was uninterested in the fruits and food inside. She brought out a bottle of yogurt and opened it as she closed the refrigerator. She was expressionless as she walked out.

When she returned to the sofa in the living room, her footsteps suddenly faltered at the sight of a cup on the coffee table.

She picked up the cup to see that there was still some liquid inside. She sniffed it and realized that it was the scent of sobering tea.

When she turned back, she noticed a shirt left on the couch. It was the white dress shirt the man had changed out of before he left. Although it appeared clean, when she picked it up for a sniff, she noticed that it had the scent of alcohol clinging onto it. It also had the light fragrance of morning dew that belonged uniquely to Mo Jingshen.

It was Mo Jingshen’s shirt.

And this was the cup of sobering tea he had fed her before she fell asleep.

When she turned to look at the entrance, she found an extra pair of indoor shoes. It was gray colored. Previously, the auntie had kept it away, but Mo Jingshen had comfortably brought it out to wear.

The other pair of pink indoor shoes were currently on her feet.

Some of her drunken memories gradually resurfaced.

Ji Nuan abruptly walked through the entire condo. Although it was quiet and empty as it always was, and was far too big for her to live in alone, the bathroom now had a pair of men’s razors and a bottle of peppermint shaving cream.

After circling through the condo, Ji Nuan sat down on the sofa. She leaned backward, resting her head against the cushion in a daze.

Last night was actually real.

What had she said to Mo Jingshen last night?

She felt that she had even grabbed hold of his collar to shout at him. What exactly did she say to him?

He had left new marks of his own in this condo. Did that mean he wasn’t going to be upset any longer?

It was early morning, yet he was no longer around. Could it be that she had stepped out of line last night and he was driven away by anger once more?

Ji Nuan massaged her forehead, eyeing that cup of sobering tea on the coffee table. After considering, she abruptly raised her phone for a look.

There were no missed calls or unread messages.


When Ji Nuan left the condo, it was already past eight. Professor Lin’s class began at 8:00 a.m. every day. She was already late and could not afford to buy breakfast; she directly sped toward T University.

When she rushed to the classroom, Professor Lin was in the midst of teaching. He only took a glance at her and, without any questions, indicated for her to sit down.

Typically, Professor Lin was extremely strict with these wealthy heirs. No one was allowed to be late. Those who were late more than thrice would be kicked out of class. However, he did not say anything today and allowed Ji Nuan to sit down.

“From the way you were last night, I thought you would sleep for the entire day today,” The moment Ji Nuan sat down, Bai Wei whispered from her side.

If she hadn’t mentioned it, Ji Nuan would have forgotten that she had drunk with Bai Wei last night.

She had almost lost consciousness from the alcohol. Afterward, she vaguely recalled that Feng Ling had supported her up.

What happened then?

It couldn’t be that Mo Jingshen had caught her red-handed at that bar, could he?

“I drank some sobering tea last night, and it cleared my mind slightly. My body clock is very accurate. It’ll wake me up at the right time,” Ji Nuan did not explain much as she carelessly replied.

“Didn’t Feng Ling leave with you last night? Both of you didn’t return to the dormitory last night. Now that you’re back, why is Feng Ling missing?”

Ji Nuan turned toward the seat Feng Ling usually sat in; it was empty.

Could it be that Feng Ling assumed she would be with Mo Jingshen and did not make plans to follow her?

“I’m not sure. I’ll give her a call later.” Ji Nuan shifted her gaze away, but her heart was slightly troubled.

In her impression, Feng Ling always began and ended everything she did properly; she was very reliable. Even if she assumed Ji Nuan was with Mo Jingshen and would temporarily leave class, at the very least, she would give Ji Nuan a call or send her a message to inform her.

However, from the moment she had woken up today, she did not receive any message from Feng Ling.

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