Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing?

Chapter 226 - You’re Really Taking Advantage of My Inability to Scold or Hit You

Chapter 226: You’re Really Taking Advantage of My Inability to Scold or Hit You

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Ji Nuan stretched her hand behind as she muttered, “I can’t stand firmly right now. Feng Ling, quickly come and support me, ah. It’s not good to lean on someone else…”

Ji Nuan was truly drunk beyond measure.

What did she mean by ‘someone else’?

The person she was leaning on right now was her husband, Mo Jingshen…

She was really wholly inebriated. Her alcohol tolerance was poor, yet she drank so much tonight. In her lifetime, this had to be the first time she drank so much.

“Feng Ling?” Ji Nuan did not hear any reply from Feng Ling and could only force herself to stand firm, turning around to tug on her.

However, the moment she turned, her legs weakened like jelly, and she tilted toward the side, knocking into the man next to her. Almost instantly, her waist was held by him.

In that instant, a clean and clear scent she was familiar with entered Ji Nuan’s nose.

She barely managed to grip onto his clothes, lowering her head to see his white, exquisite dress shirt and his suit pants. She muttered, “Sorry… I drank too much and… didn’t manage to stand properly…”

As she spoke, she shifted to leave his arms.

However, the man did not let go. His cold pupils focused on her, watching her rosy little face as he locked her in his embrace.

“Sir… I’m really sorry…” Ji Nuan thought he was refusing to let go of her because she had hurt him; she quickly apologized once more.

She then turned to Feng Ling to say, “Feng Ling, did you drink at all tonight? Let’s head straight back to the dormitory. Why isn’t Bai Wei following us? Did she fall asleep on the couch?”

In her heart, Feng Ling thought, you better worry about yourself first!

“Bai Wei isn’t drunk. She’ll head back in a while,” Feng Ling carelessly replied to prevent Ji Nuan from asking over and over again.

Ji Nuan nodded. She did not notice when the elevator doors had closed, but when it opened once more, she saw Feng Ling suddenly turn to head out decisively. She did not display any intention of accompanying her back.

“Ai, where are you going…”

Ji Nuan tried to follow her but almost fell. She was easily tugged back by the man behind her. When she knocked into his embrace, she turned back with a dumbstruck expression before smiling at him subconsciously, “Thanks, ha…”

As she spoke, she tried to push him away. She needed to catch up with Feng Ling. Recently, Feng Ling had always been by her side. Something must have happened to cause her to rush away suddenly. She felt that she really needed to catch up to her.

However, even after struggling for a long while, she could not escape the man’s arms. She was about to speak up when she heard the man’s composed voice by her ear. “Stand properly!”

Ji Nuan was startled and turned to look at him.

Before she could get a proper look, the man tugged her out of the elevator.

Ji Nuan was dazed. She wanted to struggle but did not do so. All she could think was that this man was unreasonably similar to Mo Jingshen.

The night air outside the pub was slightly chilly. Ji Nuan was brought into a car, her head weakly leaning against the car window. The car doors were already locked as she made futile attempts to paw at the door. She muttered under her breath, “Let me tell you, kidnapping is against the law… you better let me go now… or my Feng Ling definitely won’t forgive you…”

The man did not speak as he started the car.

Ji Nuan’s eyes were half-lidded. Her head hurt, and she wanted to sleep, but because she feared she would be kidnapped again, she did her best to hold onto her consciousness and pay attention to the road outside. However, everything appeared blurry, and she could not get a proper look at all.

Finally, when the car stopped by the condo near T University, she stared outside in astonishment.

Right now, even traffickers were so well-informed about her? He even knew about the condo she barely returned to?

“I want to return to the dormitory, not this place.” Ji Nuan knitted her brows, banging against the car window with force. “I don’t want to return here… I don’t…”

However, the car door was already unlocked. The man undid her seatbelt, lowering his gaze to look at her. His voice was heavy and cold. “If you don’t wish to return here, where else do you want to go?”

“I just don’t want to be here!” Thinking back to the luggage she had returned to see that day, her heart was filled with burning anger.

“You’re asking me to bring you back to the dormitory?”

“I’ll return there on my own!”

“It’s not your decision to make. Get off the car.”

Ji Nuan wanted to refuse, but the man had already alighted and approached her side. He opened the door and carried her out. Ji Nuan raised her hand to push him away, but he appeared to have anticipated her movement and easily avoided her elbows and knees. He pressed her limbs down and kept her locked tightly in his arms.

Ji Nuan raised her head to glare at him. At this moment, a gush of cold wind blew by, and her head became clear for an instant.

She got a clear look of the man’s face, and because she was leaning in his embrace, she also received a whiff of his clear, cold scent. She suddenly stopped moving.

Was this a dream? Or an illusion?

Didn’t he refuse to pick up her call?

Right now, Ji Nuan could not be bothered with those thoughts. The moment she took a clear look of the man, she raised her hands to push him away. “Go away…”

The man lowered his head and cupped the back of her head; preventing her from tilting backward. His other hand ran through her hair, gentle and coaxing yet unhappy as he warned, “Be more obedient.”

Ji Nuan pretended as though she did not hear anything, pushing against him once more.

He was half-supporting and half-carrying her. All of a sudden, he adjusted their positions and brought her in a princess carry. Her entire body was lifted up. The instant her feet left the air, she instinctively released a soft cry. Her arms moved to hold onto his neck tightly when she heard a soft chuckle from the man’s chest. She could not decipher any anger or happiness from his laughter, yet he was always able to see through her. With little effort, he suppressed her drunk, sloppy self and made her cling onto him.

“You would rather let yourself suffer, kneeling by the window like a kitten than give me a call to say that you miss me. Mrs. Mo, you’re really stubborn.” The man’s calm and deep gaze watched her; his cold voice suppressing a laugh. “You even came to peek at me in the conference room this afternoon. I only left to observe the branch company for a while, and you’ve managed to drink to such a state. You’re really taking advantage of my inability to hit or scold you. Even in my anger, I didn’t have the heart to continue giving you the cold shoulder. I’m doomed to die in your hands, aren’t I?”

Ji Nuan had only held onto his neck because of her fear of falling. Hearing these words, she immediately glared at him. Without care for whether it was an illusion or not, she immediately angrily said, “Who says I’m suffering? I’m eating well and sleeping well in T University. I’m not suffering at all.”

The night was cold and chilly. Mo Jingshen did not continue chattering to the drunk and angered little woman. He brought her into the condo.

He tossed her onto the sofa. She rolled around, struggling for a moment but was ultimately unable to sit up. When she turned to see the man towering over her, her heart strangely shrunk.

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