Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing?

Chapter 224 - President Mo is Also from Hai City, Could You Guys…

Chapter 224: President Mo is Also from Hai City, Could You Guys…

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Ji Nuan had already stepped toward the conference room door. Her expression was startled as she faltered by the door.

That day, the issue she should not have been concerned about, the suspicion and mistrust that should not have existed, when she really wanted to ask if she had left any marks on his life…

Right now, was this considered a form of response?

Was she important?

At the same time, Ji Nuan felt a familiar gaze land on her back. She stood in her position, aware that this was the principal’s meeting room and that there were many important figures present. She composed herself and took quick steps out of the room.

Feng Ling stood outside, waiting for her. When she saw Ji Nuan appear, she immediately approached, using her gaze to ask if the person inside was Mr. Mo. Ji Nuan nodded and headed downstairs.

The sky had already turned dark. T City’s street lights were flickering on, and the lights in T University were a distance away.

Ji Nuan said that she wanted to be alone for a while, so Feng Ling stood a distance away from her to not disturb her. Watching as Ji Nuan paced back and forth on the campus grounds, Feng Ling could not understand what she was thinking about.

After around an hour, the sky gradually darkened. In the school building, only the highest floor was still lit.

Ji Nuan saw the lights in the conference room on the highest floor turning off. She abruptly took quick steps to enter through the back door and saw several school heads arriving downstairs. When she saw Professor Lin at the back, she approached to ask, “Professor, has the meeting ended?”

“It’s already past eight, you haven’t returned to the dormitory?” Professor Lin looked at her in astonishment. “The wind is strong today. You should head back soon to rest, don’t catch a cold.”

“Has everyone left?” Ji Nuan did not see Mo Jingshen’s silhouette.

“The investor has already left. I stayed back with several other school heads to extend the meeting by several minutes. Right now, there’s no one left in the meeting room. Why? Who are you looking for?” Professor Lin considered her for a moment. “I’m considered old friends with your father, but because I’ve been busy in recent years, I don’t understand much about your Ji family. President Mo is also from Hai City, could the both of you…”

“He has already left?” Ji Nuan knitted her brows. She did not refute Professor Lin’s guess, silently agreeing.

Professor Lin took another look at her. He thought back to when Mo Jingshen specially requested to take a look at the information on corporate management classes at T University and understood that it wasn’t a coincidence.

So, it had been for Ji Nuan, this brat.

Professor Lin smiled. “He hasn’t left for too long. If you wish to chase now, he should probably be by the school gates. Right now, there is a large traffic jam outside the gates. His car shouldn’t have left yet.”

After finishing his words, Professor Lin felt that he had said enough and left.

He had no right to ask too much about the young people’s affairs. But because it was Ji Nuan’s presence that allowed T University to receive such a significant investment, this could be considered a great service on Ji Nuan’s part to T University and its one-hundred-year-old library.

Ji Nuan’s lagged for two to three seconds before she abruptly turned around.

She ran all the way to the school gates to see the cars parked by the side of the road; however, she did not know which car was Mo Jingshen’s.

He did not bring the Ghost to T City. Mo Corporation had its own branch company in T City, but she did not know which was the company’s car, or if he had prepared a car to use here. She had previously seen him driving an off-road vehicle but, right now, that car was not present.

Ji Nuan looked out toward the parking lot outside the school and finally could not hold in the urge. She picked up her phone and dialed Mo Jingshen’s number.

The call went through but was not picked up after a long time; finally, it dropped on its own.

Ji Nuan also did not catch the sound of a nearby ringtone.

Which meant that Mo Jingshen must have already left.

Did he leave just like that?

Ji Nuan could not give up and dialed again; the call was still not answered.

She abruptly gripped her phone tightly in her palm, glaring toward every car parked in the parking lot.

Very good, Mo Jingshen, your temper sure is big!

Ji Nuan spun around and walked away. Feng Ling saw that Ji Nuan did not manage to find Mr. Mo and approached from afar. Ji Nuan’s expression was unhappy.

“Ji…” Feng Ling saw that there were no other students around them and lowered her voice, “Mrs. Mo, was the person who came today really Mr. Mo? Where is he now?”

“I don’t know!”

Hearing Ji Nuan’s enraged tone, Feng Ling: “…”


Bai Wei went out alone tonight and caught up with several old friends she had met through work. Her mood was bright when she returned, and she carried several bottles of beer with her.

She knew that Ji Nuan did not drink and was originally planning to look for Feng Ling to drink with her.

However, for the first time ever, Ji Nuan reached for the can of beer by her bedside and began drinking the moment she sat down, chugging with the attitude of a competitive drinker.

“This… what happened to her?” Bai Wei was astonished, turning her suspicious gaze onto Feng Ling.

Feng Ling calmly replied, “The anger must be stifling her.”

“Who can anger her so? Didn’t she say that she couldn’t drink? Should we stop her?”

“Forget it, let her drink and have a good sleep in the dormitory. It’s meaningless to stop her now.” Feng Ling glanced at Ji Nuan. She could understand where Ji Nuan was coming from. If she really wanted to drink, so long as she did not step out of the dorm tonight, she would let her drink as she pleased.

Bai Wei saw that Ji Nuan had already downed two cans of beer and was searching through the bag for the other two cans.

“Aren’t you guys going to drink?” Ji Nuan’s tolerance was indeed poor. She had only consumed two cans of beer that were low in alcohol concentration, but her eyes had already begun to turn red.

“I bought these on the way back earlier; I only bought four cans. If you really want to have a satisfying drink, why don’t we head to that pub across the university?” Bai Wei saw that Ling Feifei wasn’t around and felt that it was a rare chance for the three of them to have a good conversation with drinks. “That pub is really not bad. There aren’t any shady people around, and there are two hired singers performing all sorts of love songs. I’ve been there twice. Their singing is good, the environment is pleasant, and there are also all sorts of drinks.”

“All right, let’s go,” Ji Nuan picked up the third can of beer, opening it as she replied.

Seeing that Ji Nuan’s emotions were clearly intensifying from the effects of the alcohol, Feng Ling immediately spoke up, “No, it’s already past nine. Let’s just finish these here. Go straight to bed after you’re done drinking.”

Ji Nuan appeared as though she did not hear Feng Ling’s reply. She had already put on her coat and was putting on her shoes by the bedside. While tying her shoelaces, she said, “Let’s go, let’s go. My treat.”

She looked toward Feng Ling who clearly did not plan on letting her go. “Let’s go together, ah. You’ll be accompanying me. What are you afraid of?”

Why would Feng Ling be afraid?

If Ji Nuan really wanted to go, with her company, there was no way she would encounter much trouble. In the past month, Mr. Mo must have also done something to America’s Su Family. Their movements have quietened a lot; it was unlikely that they would attempt anything again.

What Feng Ling was concerned about was not Ji Nuan’s safety. She had already drunk some alcohol. If Mr. Mo was nearby and did not actually leave and found out that Ji Nuan had drunk…

She feared that she would have to face her first dismissal ever.

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