Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing?

Chapter 216 - These People Never Showed Up Even When Invited

Chapter 216: These People Never Showed Up Even When Invited

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The employee really could not get used to the way Ji Nuan appeared unbothered even though she was clearly poor. She directly mocked and ridiculed her.

Ji Nuan paused in her movement, sweeping her gaze past that arrogant employee.

Feng Ling had already stood up. She was preparing to leave with Ji Nuan, but right now, her eyes were fixed on Ji Nuan in amusement. She glanced at that reckless employee and felt that a good show was about to begin.

Finally, Ji Nuan coldly glanced at the employee behind her. “Where’s your store manager?”

“Why are you looking for our manager?” That employee appeared completely fearless, maintaining her mocking smile to say, “Our manager isn’t here to serve idle people like you. What can you do even if you call her over?”

The manager was originally watching in amusement by the side. However, because Ji Nuan asked to see her, she had to step away from the cash register to approach.

“Miss, I’m sorry. What do you need?” The manager smiled insincerely. There was no respect for a customer in her gaze. Instead, because she had seen the whole situation, she understood that Ji Nuan did not have much ability and would not be able to cause much trouble.

“I’m complaining. Your employee spoke rudely to customers. She first pushed me with her hands and is now challenging me with her words.” Ji Nuan was expressionless, appearing coldly elegant and refined. She added, “She even compared the customers who entered at the same time, treating one with respect and looking down on another. Such a method of sizing people up makes her doubly guilty.”

The manager immediately chuckled. “Miss, I’m not trying to reprimand you, but I’ve seen everything that happened earlier. My employees didn’t do much. That gown indeed cannot be touched by anyone. If you can afford it like Miss Ling, we naturally won’t say anything. But you obviously cannot afford it, yet you insist on touching it. My employee pushed you away only because she was worried that you would damage it. She didn’t use a lot of force, why are you fussing over it?”

“Besides, our employees here have good eyes. Miss, from head to toe, nothing on you is eye-catching. With one look, we know that you’re only a normal student. Even if you want to hold onto Miss Ling’s big thigh and accompany her to shop, you have to recognize your own status. You don’t have the right to touch the things she can try on. This is life, ah. You don’t have a wealthy and influential family, so you’re fated to be treated according to your status. What’s the point in refusing to accept it?”

While speaking, the manager scanned Ji Nuan from head to toe once more, estimating the price of her clothes and bag. She could not see any obvious brand logo but could somewhat see that they were similar to the style of certain international brands. She could not confirm if they were authentic or imitation goods, but even if they were authentic, she suspected that they were only several thousand yuan and did not come from any big brands.

“Are all your employees such snobs?” Bai Wei could not stand watching any longer and coldly reprimanded, knitting her brows by Ji Nuan’s side.

Ji Nuan only chuckled coldly, stretching out a hand to stop Bai Wei who was about to stand up for her. At the same time, she brought out her phone and turned to make a call.

The employees and manager, including those who were preparing to help Ling Feifei change into another dress, all had their eyes fixed on Ji Nuan in amusement.

Was she making a call? Who would she call? Could it be that because she was too poor and was mocked by an employee for not being able to afford a gown, she was going to call the police in anger like a middle schooler?

Even the industry and commerce bureau would not interfere, much less the police. She was really immature and ignorant!

The employees exchanged cold smiles and fought to have the opportunity to rush in to help Ling Feifei.

When Ling Feifei changed into a different gown and stepped out, the employees carefully smoothed out the earlier silver gown and placed it back on the mannequin.

Ten minutes later, several employees began surrounding Ling Feifei once more, chattering that she had to buy this gown today.

At this moment, the manager suddenly saw several important personnel in charge of the department store appear. The various big shots were dressed in suits with stern expressions. When they pushed open the door to enter, the manager was flabbergasted and rushed forward to welcome them. “CEO Chen? CEO Zhang? Why do you suddenly have the time to come to inspect the mall? Is the mall about to begin fire control screening again? Or are there any big figures coming to shop in our mall? If there’s any situation, the two of you can just give me a call. How can I trouble both of you to come down here personally…”

The manager approached with a big smile, but her heart had already begun beating loudly like a drum.

This store was the core of Hai City’s Ji Group’s local chain department stores. It was the largest local departmental store managed by the Ji Group, aside from the one located in Hai City. Typically, these chief managers would never come down personally for an inspection. They were all big shots who usually sat in their office to enjoy the breeze of the air-conditioning. With both of them appearing at the same time, the manager subconsciously felt that something must have gone wrong.

These people never showed up even when invited.

Seeing that the manager had gone up to welcome the people coming in and that the people who showed up were really CEO Chen and CEO Zhang, the employees all subconsciously rushed to follow her. They greeted the two with polite smiles, and the large crowd surrounding Ling Feifei suddenly disappeared.

Ling Feifei was trying on her second gown. There was a zipper on the back that she only managed to tug halfway down. She was angered and was about to call them over to help her. However, even after shouting twice, no one paid her any mind.

CEO Chen and CEO Zhang were the direct people in charge of this department store, and they had been sent here from Hai City’s Ji Group. Aside from the general manager and director of this mall, no one usually had the opportunity to meet them.

It would not be an exaggeration to call the two of them their bosses.

The person who then followed in was the brand manager of the shop. He was also the person who could decide the life and death of every single employee here.

“CEO Chen, CEO Zhang, this is…” The manager saw that they had dark expressions and completely did not pay her any mind upon entering. The unease in her heart worsened.

Thinking of the phone call Ji Nuan had made earlier, she subconsciously turned to Ji Nuan.

All these important and heavy figures, they couldn’t have been brought over by that phone call, right?

Based on Miss Ling’s attitude, it was unlikely that she had such an ability.

But their higher-ups had suddenly shown up; this could not be a coincidence…

Under the dumbstruck gaze of the employees, those higher-ups moved to stand before Ji Nuan—

The moment they came near her, their stern expressions instantly transformed into pleasant and respectful ones. “Miss Ji, it’s actually you? Please rest assured. We will immediately resolve any problems you have with the service, and such, here!”

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