Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing?

Chapter 213 - Finish it All if You Have the Ability

Chapter 213: Finish it All if You Have the Ability

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The phone had initially some battery left. However, with Ji Nuan checking it frequently, the battery was almost used up.

Although Feng Ling had her earbuds on, her gaze was focused in her direction. She wanted to say something, for Ji Nuan to give a call to Mo Jingshen and for her to stop locking herself in this situation. However, when she saw Ji Nuan’s state, she considered for a moment and finally chose to keep silent.


During the weekend, Ling Feifei insisted on treating everyone to a meal. No matter how they tried to refuse, she remained adamant about it. She said that they needed to build their relations; even if it were only for three months, in the future, they would be considered ex-roommates who used to stay together.

“What do you want to eat?” Ling Feifei saw that Bai Wei and Feng Ling were both ignoring her and decided to hold Ji Nuan’s arm to ask.

Ji Nuan originally wanted to avoid her. However, this Ling Feifei held on tightly when she stuck onto someone. Since they needed to live together for two more months, she did not wish to ruin their surface relationship and make things awkward. She did not move much and casually replied, “Anything. Whatever works.”

“There’s a new Italian restaurant near T University. I heard that the boss is a world-famous chef with three Michelin stars. How about I treat you guys to eat in that restaurant today?”

“Sure. Anyway, you’re the one treating. You choose what to eat. I’m fine with anything.” Bai Wei did not care much.

Feng Ling saw that Ji Nuan’s attitude was tolerating and suspected that she only saw Ling Feifei as an immature, spoiled, and wealthy young lady. She was too lazy to fuss about it and could not care much about these things. Since Ji Nuan did not refuse, Feng Ling naturally replied casually, “Anything.”

Receiving everyone’s agreement, Ling Feifei then said, “All right, then it’s agreed. I’ll treat this time. There’s no need to fight for the bill. We’ll do as I said and take turns. Next time, you’ll all have to treat me to a better meal.”

This was the first meal they were having together as roommates after arriving at T University. Although they weren’t enthusiastic about it, they still gave each other some face.

When Ling Feifei treated them, each person spent around a thousand yuan in that Italian restaurant; the four of them ate up to five thousand yuan. This was the consequence of them allowing Ling Feifei to order. They barely ate a lot but spent a lot of money.

The next day was Sunday. Bai Wei returned the favor and treated them all to a famous sushi restaurant. In recent years, sushi was quite popular in the country. The price and quality were unevenly matched, but this place was truly not bad. In the luxurious restaurant, the few of them spent up to six thousand yuan.

Every time they ate, Ling Feifei would be very energetic and would look for topics to chat about. However, no one paid her any attention. She would then shift her sharp words onto Ji Nuan. After all, in her eyes, Ji Nuan was only a small fry. When she was happy, she would hug her elbow and treat her like a roommate. When she was unhappy, she would stab her with words.

However, Bai Wei and Feng Ling would always speak up to protect her. If it had only been Feng Ling protecting Ji Nuan, she would have suspected something about them. However, even Bai Wei would always stand on Ji Nuan’s side. Ling Feifei could not understand; she could only tease occasionally and play it off as a joke.

Right now, Ji Nuan completely did not pay Ling Feifei any mind. She was in no mood to consider her. If it had been based on her original temper, she would definitely have driven Ling Feifei home crying for her parents.

Since she was unimportant, she was too lazy to pay her any mind. In any case, she was only a spoiled, wealthy young lady.

A week later, on Saturday, it was Ji Nuan’s turn to treat.

Ling Feifei, who was sitting in the room, suddenly asked, “What are we eating this week?”

The other three had almost forgotten about the promise. After all, it was only a meal. Who would really remember the rules.

Ling Feifei turned to Ji Nuan: “Ji Nuan, it’s your turn to treat!”

Ji Nuan did not care about these things, treating was unimportant to her. However, after spending a week without contacting Mo Jingshen, without even sharing a single phone call, although she appeared fine, her mood was actually quite heavy. She really could not be interested.

“What do you want to eat?” She carelessly asked.

“We’ve already tasted the food of an Italian Michelin star chef. We’ve also tasted the food from T City’s most famous sushi restaurant. Shall we have seafood this weekend? A while ago, I read online that the quality of raw oysters imported into the country recently is superb. They’re big and delicious. Let’s go have a seafood feast!”

“You’re really opening your mouth wide,” Bai Wei mocked by the side. “Could it be that when you heard about that seafood restaurant from the others several days ago, you were already moved? Did you already plan on having Ji Nuan treat us there?”

Ling Feifei paid her no mind, casually saying, “It’s the one we heard about previously. We’ll go there to eat, how about it?”

Ji Nuan calmly glanced at her. “As you please.”

The prices in that seafood restaurant were not cheap. With the four of them eating and Ling Feifei picking the seafood feast, they would at least spend up to ten thousand yuan.

Although no one was lacking in money in this dormitory, Ling Feifei truly did not know how to live as a commoner. She never ate anything cheaper than a thousand yuan and would always order the most luxurious options or pick the most expensive and beautiful looking food that could not fill anyone’s stomach.

Back when Ji Nuan used to be beyond arrogant, she was only spoiled in the way she interacted with people and did not indulge herself in such a manner.

Seeing that Ji Nuan had no opinions, Bai Wei waved her hands. “You guys decide. I’m fine with anything.”

Feng Ling did not speak but did not refuse.

Finally, they all went to the seafood restaurant that Ling Feifei insisted on.

Although they had agreed to only order the seafood feast, after completing their order, Ling Feifei suddenly expressed that they needed some main dishes as well, that seafood would not fill them up. She tugged the waiter over and ordered a lot more things.

“You sure are capable. This is already a lot of food for us. How much can a few women eat? You’re going to continue ordering?” Bai Wei said.

“I said I wanted to eat oysters, ah. Although their oysters are expensive, they were all air-flown from abroad today. They’re especially fresh. We’ll rarely come here. We have to eat more!” Ling Feifei did not pay her any mind and continued ordering.

The whole time, Feng Ling’s eyes were focused on her phone. Ji Nuan’s phone was placed on the table but she only casually chatted with Bai Wei. Her gaze occasionally shifted onto her phone that had been silent for the whole week. She would then shift it away, glancing toward Ling Feifei who was still speaking to the waiter.

Finally, they finished ordering and all the food was placed on the table. Looking at all the food aside from the seafood feast, Bai Wei could not help ridiculing, “You ordered so much. Finish it if you have the ability.”

“Aren’t there four of us here? Feng Ling trains in martial arts; she must eat a lot, right?” Ling Feifei turned to Feng Ling.

Feng Ling did not even raise her eyes as she said coldly, “I’m allergic to seafood. You guys eat. I’ll just order a bowl of noodles.”

Ling Feifei: “…”

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