Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing?

Chapter 211 - Like a Little Girl Who Had Just Learned to Love

Chapter 211: Like a Little Girl Who Had Just Learned to Love

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The saying that ‘every wicked will face their own wicked’ must have been referring to this.

Ling Feifei angrily climbed off her bed to bring her luggage up. She glared hatefully at Feng Ling and upon receiving a cold glance in return, her shoulders immediately shrunk. She bit her lip painfully and unhappily brought her luggage to her bed.

Ji Nuan’s smile was mild. She did not pay them any more attention, holding her book to continue reading on the bed. However, just like in the morning, she was unable to focus.

The storm was still ongoing outside the windows. To not affect Ji Nuan’s student life, Feng Ling did not take the initiative to greet Ji Nuan or treat her familiarly. Now that Ling Feifei’s and Bai Wei’s attention were placed on her, Ji Nuan could have some silence as she sat on the bed.

“A black belt in Taekwondo is already outstanding. You even learned wrestling and shooting?” Bai Wei was astonished as she eyed Feng Ling who was dressed entirely in black, attempting to make conversation.

Feng Ling mildly glanced at her. She recalled what Ji Nuan had previously shared about her two roommates’ circumstances and personality and gave Bai Wei a mild nod. She was not indifferent but not too warm; it could be considered a simple greeting.

Ling Feifei sat by her bed, muttering to herself, “This is a female’s dormitory. Professor Lin actually allowed a tomboy to come and stay. I really have my suspicions about her sexuality. In the future, I should probably avoid showering and changing in the room…”

Feng Ling appeared not to have heard anything. She kicked aside an extra trash bin that had appeared by her bedside. “Whose is this? Take it away.”

Ling Feifei turned for a look, and her expression immediately ashened. Just as she was about to begin cursing, she met Feng Ling’s gaze and bit down harshly on her lip. She tugged the almost upturned bin back to her own bedside, scolding unhappily, “Mentally ill!”


The next day.

Due to the large storm last night, the weather was slightly cold today. After her class, Ji Nuan returned to the condo to retrieve her coat.

Right before opening the door, Ji Nuan still harbored a small hope that perhaps Mo Jingshen did not leave yesterday. Perhaps his afternoon flight was also delayed due to the storm. After all, Mo Jingshen had never once gotten angry at her. Or maybe, he was ignoring her because he did not wish to fight, and wanted to see her explain herself to him more sincerely—

The door was pushed open. Two suitcases were placed neatly in the middle of the living room.

Aside from that, the room was completely empty.

Ji Nuan stood by the door; her heart sank instantly.

Previously, he said that if she wished to stay in the dorm, he would arrange for someone to tidy up her luggage and send it over. She could sell or rent this condo as she pleased.

He clearly did as he spoke. Her luggage must have already been packed up yesterday but could not be sent over due to the sudden storm.

She could not give up and scanned through the whole room once more. Afterward, she found that all of the traces of Mo Jingshen’s birthday surprise had been removed. The firework marks in the balcony, the thick scent of cream in the room, as well as the several unfinished cakes in the kitchen, and the carefully placed chocolate figures were all removed. Nothing was left behind.

Ji Nuan silently sat on the sofa, looking at the slightly unfamiliar room. The memory of Mo Jingshen watching a movie with her and pressing twenty-one kisses onto her by the balcony suddenly felt like a dream. The warm and comfortable condo only held the faint scent of air freshener; everything felt distant and unfamiliar.

Feng Ling was still waiting downstairs. Ji Nuan composed herself and brought the luggage out. As it was heavy and difficult to carry, when Feng Ling saw her exit with the bags in hand, she immediately rushed forward to help.

“Mrs. Mo?”

“I’m not sure if the dormitory cabinets will be able to hold my luggage,” Ji Nuan calmly said.

Feng Ling knitted her brows. “Although Mr. Mo is upset with you, there’s no need to make things difficult for yourself. The condo is still under your name. It’s all right to leave your luggage here. There’s no need to bring them all out of the condo.”

Ji Nuan’s character was somewhat stubborn.

Right now, she fully understood that Mo Jingshen was being serious with her.

Exactly which sentence was it that provoked him?

Divorce? Or when she asked who he would choose to share his life with?

Ji Nuan brought the luggage to the car with some effort. When Feng Ling saw her provoked, stubborn state, she watched helplessly for a moment before turning to help her.

“There’s no need. I can do it.” Ji Nuan avoided her hand and brought the things into the car.

Afterward, Ji Nuan leaned against the car to catch her breath; her brain was filled with various conflicting emotions. She suddenly brought her phone out, looking at Mo Jingshen’s private number on her recent dialed list. After staring at it for a long while, she suddenly dialed the number.

The phone only rang once when the call connected. Ji Nuan felt her heart slamming against her chest. She turned to look at the luggage in the car and abruptly disconnected the call.

Feng Ling, who was by the side watching: “…”

She felt that when Ji Nuan was calm and rational, she always did everything well. Yet, when faced with an actual problem, she suddenly appeared like a little girl who had only just learned to love. The first temper tantrum and the first fight caused her to become flustered, and she seemed completely lost as to how to work things out.

Even she could tell that if Ji Nuan really called right now and spoke nicely to him, Mr. Mo would definitely stop being angry with her.

However, it was clear that only an observer could see things clearly. Ji Nuan stood alone, lost in her feelings, and was unable to find the right direction.

Although the phone had only rang once, but the call Ji Nuan made had definitely connected earlier.

After more than ten minutes, her phone remained silent. There was no returned calls or messages.

Feng Ling had already gotten in the car. When she saw Ji Nuan leaning against the back of the car in a daze, she asked, “Mrs. Mo, are we still leaving?”

“Let’s go…” Ji Nuan lowered her eyes and placed her phone into her pocket. She returned to the car.

Feng Ling’s hand was placed on the steering wheel. When she turned her head, she saw that Ji Nuan’s poor mood was clearly written across her face.

“Are you sure you want to bring the luggage back to the dorm? This condo…”

“Bring it back first. Although this condo is under my name, I wasn’t the one who bought it. Let it be, we’ll talk about what to do with it after.”

“Actually Mrs. Mo, with Mr. Mo, you can…”

“Feng Ling, my head hurts. Let me sleep for a while. Wake me up when you arrive at T University.” Although she knew that T University was close to this place and the car would only take several minutes to arrive, Ji Nuan still closed her eyes. She leaned her head against the window and stopped speaking.

“Headache again? Could it be the accident from that day left a concussion? Shall we go to the hospital for a checkup?”

“There’s no need. Recently, my head has been hurting, and I’ve been feeling drowsy. It might be because I’m not fully acclimatized to T City and because I’ve been busy with schoolwork.” Ji Nuan spoke indifferently with her eyes shut. “Start driving.”

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