Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing?

Chapter 203 - Since You Couldn’t Return for Your Birthday, I Should at Least Come Visit

Chapter 203: Since You Couldn’t Return for Your Birthday, I Should at Least Come Visit

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Ji Nuan startled awake from a dream.

When she opened her eyes to a room full of darkness, she frantically reached out.

Although it was not an environment she was accustomed to, she was not entirely unfamiliar with it. The instant her hand came into contact with the bedside lamp, it lit up. At the same time, the curtains slowly shifted open, allowing the sunlight from outside to enter. The dark room was instantly filled with warm light. After taking in a clear look of the room, she finally released her breath.

She was in that condo outside T University.

She was not in the underground room of that bar, nor was she in that isolated mountain village from her previous lifetime.

She raised a hand to press against her head, recalling everything that had happened yesterday. She was initially unsure if it had been a dream, but the instant her hand came into contact with the wound, the scenes in the underground bar flashed through her mind. Her gaze had turned flustered when the bedroom door was suddenly opened. She subconsciously raised her head.

Mo Jingshen’s tall silhouette stepped into the warm light of the bedroom. Ji Nuan’s tightened emotions instantly loosened. She released the sheets she was originally gripping tightly. “I thought you were still in Hai City…”

“Since you couldn’t return for your birthday, I should at least come to visit.” The man’s gaze was clear. As though everything she had seen in the underground bar was already in the past, he did not continue upsetting her emotions.

When the man sat down on the bed by her side, Ji Nuan instinctively reached up to embrace his neck. She burrowed her head against his shoulder and breathed in the clean scent on his body. She closed her eyes and softly whispered, “Thank you.”

For Mo Jingshen, those two words were perhaps meaningless or even unnecessary.

However, for Ji Nuan, these two words were extremely important.

She was thanking him for bringing her back from the hands of those fierce people who preyed on the weak and thanking him for not allowing the frightening and helpless past replay once more.

Mo Jingshen gently patted her head. “What silly words are you saying? Does your head hurt?”

Ji Nuan raised her hand to touch her head. However, her hand was immediately gripped by his. “Although it’s only a surface wound, the area is not small. Don’t touch it.”

Ji Nuan raised her eyes and saw that Mo Jingshen’s arm was still wrapped around her. She could see that he had barely slept last night and had been taking care of her the whole time.

Thankfully, she had escaped from a calamity last night and was not dirtied by other people; otherwise, she would not know how to face this man.

However, when she recalled the bespectacled man’s touch on her body, she could not help but feel thoroughly discomforted.

“When I came back from the hospital last night, did I not shower?” All she could remember was falling asleep after returning and the chain of nightmares she had. Although she did not have much impression, she knew that she must have been a mess. Otherwise, Mo Jingshen would not have stayed awake for the entire night to care for her.

“After you fell asleep, I wiped your body clean of the bloodstains.” As he spoke, Mo Jingshen helped her to bundle her hair up.

The man was not too familiar with tying a woman’s hair. No matter how capable he was, there were still times when he was unsure.

After a lot of effort, he finally tied her long hair up. After gathering the loose ends, he patiently said, “It’s all over. Don’t think too much. Go take a shower, but don’t let this place touch water.”

He used his gaze to indicate the wounded area.

Ji Nuan nodded. Seeing that her emotions were well-balanced, Mo Jingshen headed to the bathroom to adjust the water for her.

When Ji Nuan entered, the bathroom was already filled with warm steam. She removed the simple and thin clothes on her body and walked into the bathtub to soak in hot water. As though she had finally regained warm stability, all of her emotions, along with the pain from her wound, slowly tugged on her senses.

She could finally calm her heart and consider everything that had occurred. She did not wish to recall the experiences in the underground bar; remembering it still caused her fear. Any woman would struggle to deal with the experience well. Thankfully, things did not progress to the worst possible consequences.

The cause of it all was Su Xueyi.

Although she had already known of her background, she still attempted to approach her. Her goal was clearly not simple; she did not only wish for Ji Nuan to put her guard down and kidnap her away, but to gain a deeper understanding of her.

How exactly was this Su Xueyi related to Mo Jingshen?

Su Xueyi was likely around nineteen years old. She was not even twenty years old yet. In the years that Mo Jingshen was in Los Angeles, she had to be only fourteen or fifteen. They could not have had much of a relationship. However, Ji Nuan could not fully confirm this. After all, Su Xueyi had come from Los Angeles and was clearly unhappy with Ji Nuan’s position as Mrs. Mo.

Who exactly was this person? What were her feelings and intentions to ruin her in such a way?

She was a little girl, yet her methods were so cruel. Even if she was the princess of the Los Angeles’ Suan Group, that did not explain her vicious and merciless ways. A nineteen-year-old girl was so familiar with the methods and people of the underworld, and her actions were so accurate and quick. This had to be related to her background and living environment.

America, Los Angeles, the people hidden behind Su Xueyi…

Perhaps those are the ones truly related to Mo Jingshen.

Ji Nuan took a long bath. When she suddenly heard noises from outside, she stood up and changed her clothes. Walking out of the bathroom, she saw Feng Ling standing right by the condo door; it seemed like she had only just arrived.

“It’s all settled. Everyone who touched Mrs. Mo in that bar last night and all of their accomplices have all been brought down. None of them escaped,” Feng Ling reported to Mo Jingshen. When she saw Ji Nuan appear from the bathroom, she suddenly brought out a check from her pocket. “Mrs. Mo, was this cheque signed by you?”

Ji Nuan was startled to see it. After staring at it for a moment, she nodded. “To protect my life from the two men who initially abducted me, I had no choice but to sign it.”

However, the small knife she had exchanged for that five million yuan was not completely useless. At least, through that unsuccessful escape, she had delayed things by around thirty minutes.

“Then we’re not wrong.” Feng Ling placed the check on the coffee table, saying, “Those two men wanted to escape T City after cashing in the check but were discovered by us. They were captured directly at the bank, and this check fell into my hands.”

Ji Nuan picked up the check and, after seeing the words written on it, she immediately tore it apart. She tossed the pieces of paper into the wastebasket by the side.

“It’s good that there aren’t any losses,” Ji Nuan said. “Have they all been taken away by the police? T City is one of the most important cities in the country. Who would have thought that the underground world is actually so messy. The police force clearly has not been assigned to those areas.”

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