Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing?

Chapter 1556 - You Are My Little Love Song (123)

Chapter 1556: You Are My Little Love Song (123)

Shi Niange raised her phone to show him.

Qin Siting glanced at the words on the screen. He placed the drink by her hand and sat down in the pool water. “The entire laboratory has sharp eyes. Only your grandfather doesn’t know. If you continue to hide it from him, won’t your conscience hurt?”

Shi Niange: “I didn’t mean to hide it. But since I was young, it was always Grandfather who watched over me. If he knew that I was with you, he wouldn’t be angry, but he would definitely be very strict with you. Originally, he was already strict. If he knew that you might be his future grandson-in-law, he would probably be even stricter. I don’t want him to watch over you every day. This way, we won’t have any freedom.”

Qin Siting sighed lightly and smiled. “Even if he knows, he’ll at most scold you.”

“Scold me about what?”

“You little traitor.”

“Who are you calling a traitor? Are you an outsider?” Shi Niange put down her phone in defiance and reached out to pinch his waist in the water.

Qin Siting did not dodge. The moment her hand reached over, he pressed her hand down and looked at her deeply. “Be obedient. Don’t touch me.”

“I’m not touching…”

Although she said so, her hand was still pressed against his waist. Her face was still red as she quickly pulled her hand out. She felt that her palm still had the warmth of his waist and abdomen, as well as the sensation of his muscles under the water. Previously, she was calm and did not feel anything. It was normal for a man to be naked in the hot spring.

But he had just kissed her, and now the two of them were in the water. She felt that the air had become even more intimate.

There was really no one around the pool to disturb them, especially when Little He discovered them earlier. He must have said something to the others. Even the other people who wanted to buy water did not come from the road ahead. They basically took a detour.

They were really… sensible.

She would be sleepy if she soaked in the hot spring for too long. In the afternoon, Shi Niange slept on the white recliner next to the hot spring for a while. She laid there with a towel wrapped around her body. No one came to disturb her. Her grandfather did look for Qin Siting midway. Qin Siting covered with a towel before leaving.

She slept for more than an hour when she heard her phone vibrate. When she opened her eyes, she saw that Qin Siting’s phone was placed aside. He did not take it away.

Shi Niange curiously poked her head over and saw that the phone screen displayed a number from overseas. However, there was a name recorded in the contact list—Li Nanheng.


This surname seemed to be a very difficult person to approach. After watching for a while, Shi Niange did not dare to casually answer Qin Siting’s question. She continued to lean back on the recliner.

Just as she was about to fall asleep again, his phone began vibrating again.

She frowned and reached out to pick it up. Seeing that it was this person again, she guessed that there was something urgent.

Qin Siting had been called by her grandfather. She didn’t know how long he would be back. She picked him up and thought that it shouldn’t be a problem.

She glanced at the name on the screen and answered the call.


On the other end of the phone, Li Nanheng heard that it was a woman who answered the call. His hand trembled as he held the cigarette butt and almost burned his fingers. He was startled for a few seconds before saying, “A woman?”

Shi Niange: “…Ah, I’m sorry. Qin Siting didn’t bring his phone with him. I didn’t want to answer the call rashly, but I saw that you called twice. It might be something urgent. You’ll probably have to wait a while before coming. Are you in a hurry?”

Li Nanheng: “I’m not in a hurry, but since Qin Siting placed his phone by your side, your relationship with him isn’t ordinary, is it?”

Shi Niange was immediately embarrassed by this question. It was rare for girls to get too close to Qin Siting. She believed this, but hearing his friend say this, she still felt happy.

So no girl had ever received his call?

She said evasively, “I was afraid that you had something urgent to attend to, so I picked up the call. If I was too rash, I’ll apologize first. If you’re not in a hurry, wait for him to come back before asking him to call you back?”

“I’m not in a rush, nor can I delay. It doesn’t matter if I wait for a while. But you, how old are you? Where are you from? When did you hook up with this brat? Even if he has a girlfriend, why didn’t he tell us? Sure, this Qin Siting, is he secretly making a fortune?”

Shi Niange :”…”

With just a phone call, she could feel the shocked expression of this big brother with the surname Li. Why, her Qin Siting was so good, yet he could not have a girlfriend?

She did not speak carelessly and only turned to look into the distance. Before she saw Qin Siting return, she said, “I’ll get him to call you back later.”

“Hey, don’t hang up yet. I’m asking you a question. When did you two hook up?”

Shi Niange pretended not to hear and hung up the phone.

She placed the phone in her hand for a minute. After confirming that the other party did not call again, she placed the phone down and continued to lean on the recliner to sleep.

However, when she closed her eyes, she still heard Li Nanheng’s words: Qin Siting placed his phone by your side. Your relationship with him isn’t ordinary, is it?

Was she very special?

He trusted her so much.

He didn’t even take her phone away.

Although it was a small matter, she was very happy.

In the end, she could not sleep anymore. She ran to the pool by the side and soaked for a while.

After a while, she turned her head and saw that Qin Siting had returned. Shi Niange quickly waved at him. “I’m awake. I’m here.”

Initially, Qin Siting’s gaze had indeed first landed on her recliner. As she spoke, he had already looked into the hot spring pool by the side.

“There was a call for you earlier. A person named Li Nanheng. He’s your friend, isn’t he? I saw that he called twice, so I answered. But he said that he wasn’t in a hurry. You should give him a call back.” Shi Niange turned around and sat in the pool. She placed her chin by the pool and blinked at him. “I answered your phone. Is it all right?”

“Is fine.” Qin Siting sat on the recliner she had slept in before and picked up his phone to call.

After the call went through, the person on the other end of the line said something. He gave a few faint replies before hanging up. He then lowered his head as though he was reading a message.

She was curious and went out of the pool to look at him.

Shi Niange came over with a body full of water. Qin Siting held his phone in one hand and covered her head with a towel with the other. Before she could see the contents of the message, she quickly pulled the towel down and continued to lean in front of him, wanting to see what Li Nanheng sent him.

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