Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing?

Chapter 1539 - You Are My Little Love Song (106)

Chapter 1539: You Are My Little Love Song (106)

When Shi Niange took the shirt, Qin Siting also seemed to feel uneasy. He glanced at her and then looked at the time. “It’s already past seven.”

“En…” Shi Niange held the shirt in her hand and took a deep breath. In order to conceal her embarrassment, she turned to look outside and changed the topic. “Will he really send someone to guard this area tonight? ”

Qin Siting glanced at her. “You grew up together as childhood sweethearts. Shouldn’t you know him better than me?”

Why did the words ‘childhood sweetheart’ sound so wrong?

Could she understand that he was jealous? Hehehe.

“I know he usually doesn’t give up easily, but he’s actually quite good. He shouldn’t be too…”

“You can leave my place now. The journey home is less than a hundred meters. Even if you want to leave at midnight, I won’t stop you. It’s up to you.” After speaking, Qin Siting directly went upstairs.

Shi Niange stood on the spot and watched him go upstairs. She thought to herself, What’s going on? Why do I seem to be angry? She didn’t say anything. She just felt that Xiao Luye’s character was not bad, so she asked casually.

She definitely wouldn’t return home. Qin Siting had already asked her to stay. How could she return?

She quickly followed him upstairs. She watched him enter the master bedroom from behind and followed him. “Then I’ll go to the guest room. Rest early. We still have to go to the laboratory tomorrow morning.”

Qin Siting responded, “En.”

Shi Niange did not waste any more time. She ran to the next door happily.

Although the small bedroom on the side was a guest room, it really had everything. More importantly, this room was next to the master bedroom and was only one wall away from Qin Siting.

He had probably never stayed in his own master bedroom before. If she wanted to stay, she could say so. He would definitely give it up, but this was too embarrassing. After all, he still had to stay in the future…

Shi Niange’s heart was in a mess. She didn’t know what she was thinking, but she quickly entered the room and closed the door.

At the thought that Qin Siting was right next door, she felt that she could not do anything right now. She was too lazy to even look at her phone. She sat by the bed and looked at the decorations around her.

The renovation style of Qin Siting’s villa was clean and neat. There was no exaggeration, but every inch of the renovation materials were top-notch, high-quality, and low-key.

In her room, there was a small corner of the balcony at the back. This balcony was probably shared with the master bedroom on the balcony next door. Perhaps if she stood on the balcony, she could turn around and see everything in the master bedroom.

She got up and walked to the window. She did not open the window nor did she go to the balcony. She just stood there and looked outside. The villa’s yard was covered in snow. As it was beginning to snow outside, a thick layer of snow had begun to pile up.

If it weren’t for Xiao Luye, she might have put on her coat and gone out to build a snowman.

Now, of course, she couldn’t go out. She had to obediently stay in the room.

Time passed minute by minute. She thought about all sorts of things in the room until eight o’clock. Shi Niange sat by the bed and picked up her phone to send a message to Qin Siting: [You only made me onion oil noodles tonight. You haven’t eaten yet, right? It’s already eight o’clock. Aren’t you hungry?]

Qin Siting replied rather quickly: [Not hungry. Are you hungry again?]

Shi Niange: [En.]

It wasn’t that she was hungry, but she just felt that if she stayed at his place like this, but stayed in their own rooms without speaking or meeting him, she felt that something was missing.

Anyway, even if she found a reason to eat, she could still eat a little. Anyway, she often ate until she was full, but no matter how much she ate, she wouldn’t gain weight, so even if she wanted to eat something now, she had nothing to worry about.

A few minutes later, she seemed to hear the sound of the door next door opening, but Qin Siting did not reply to her message.

She thought for a moment and got up to open the door. She looked out and saw that Qin Siting had already gone downstairs.

Shi Niange closed the door and paced back and forth in the room. After a while, her phone rang. She quickly picked it up and saw a message from Qin Siting: [Come down to eat.]

Shi Niange instantly smiled and turned to open the door again. She quickly walked out and ran down the stairs like the wind.

Because she liked to eat onion oil and noodles, Qin Siting made another portion for her. However, he clearly didn’t want her to be sick of eating this at night, so there was also a cooked dumpling by the side.

Shi Niange originally only wanted to find an excuse to stay with him for a while. She wasn’t too hungry. Now that she saw the noodles he made and the dumplings, she was tempted. “Wow, you made so much. Do you want to eat together?”

Qin Siting handed the cutlery and chopsticks to her. “Eat.”

Shi Niange took it, picked up a dumpling, and took a bite. Then she raised her eyes. “It’s beef and carrot stuffing! It’s so delicious. It doesn’t seem to be frozen!”

“Auntie wrapped it herself and placed it in the fridge. How could it be frozen?” Qin Siting picked up his chopsticks and placed a dumpling on the plate in front of him. At the same time, he looked at her. “You ate so much tonight. Aren’t you afraid of indigestion?”

“I’m fine. I have to eat good food. I don’t need to lose weight.” As Shi Niange spoke, she happily picked up some noodles and placed them in her bowl.

Right now, the way she ate with Qin Siting was like this. The noodles and dumplings were placed in the middle, and she could pick whichever she wanted to eat. There were also two small plates of side dishes. It was likely that the auntie had marinated them and stored them in the fridge. The taste was very good, comparable to her Auntie Xiang’s cooking.

Shi Niange already had a premonition that in the future, she would often find opportunities to freeload on food…

“She’s already very thin. She really doesn’t need to lose weight.” Qin Siting looked at her small hand holding the chopsticks. It was white and thin. He knew that she usually didn’t eat as much as other girls would in front of boys. She ate and drank as she pleased. Furthermore, she didn’t eat much, but it wasn’t little either. In conclusion, she was also a little foodie, but she had never gained weight.

The two of them had finally had dinner together. It was almost nine o’clock. They had already eaten at night, and now they had eaten so much. When Shi Niange stood up from the dining table, she almost could not straighten her back.

Qin Siting saw her useless state and shook his head. He placed the things on the table into the dishwasher.

When he came out of the kitchen, he said, “I don’t have any medicine here that can help with digestion. Don’t be in a hurry to go upstairs to sleep. Walk back and forth here for half an hour before you consider sleeping. Otherwise, it’s easy to accumulate food.”

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