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Chapter 1314 - The Story of Ling and Heng (577)

Chapter 1314: The Story of Ling and Heng (577)

“What disappointed you, even more, Miss Feng, is that I, Feng Mingyi, have always been an unwilling person. All of the assets and family businesses under your name should have been mine.” Feng Mingyi was very straightforward and did not take Feng Ling seriously at all. He was too lazy even to lie. “If you only desire the position of CEO, I can allow you to continue sitting here, but other than that, you can forget about anything else. Otherwise…”

Feng Ling looked at him without any fear, as if she had seen through his thoughts.

Seeing that she still did not soften her attitude, Feng Mingyi narrowed his eyes. He stopped speaking but looked at her meaningfully.

“I’m afraid Mr. Feng has misunderstood my purpose for coming here today.”

“Oh? Then why did you come here today? Could it be that your goal is to see me, your godfather?”

“Today, I just want to invite Mr. Feng to have a bet with me.” Feng Ling smiled. Her response to Feng Mingyi’s arrogant attitude was perfect.

“Bet? What do you have to bet with me? The chips in your hands don’t seem to be secure, and I can easily snatch them. Bet? Do you have the capital?” Feng Ming leaned against the leather chair.

“Anyway, I can’t play any tricks. Is Mr. Feng afraid?”

Seeing her attitude, the challenger in Feng Mingyi’s heart was also aroused. He narrowed his eyes and looked at her with interest. In this business circle where everyone had ulterior motives, it was rare to see such a clean-looking woman.

Ignoring his past with the Feng family, just looking at her made him want to dirty her eyes. How did such a person survive in the business world?

“Let’s bet that I’ll get through this. How about it?”

Feng Ling’s voice was as cold as clear water. Although she didn’t miss any expression on Feng Mingyi’s face, she didn’t have any extra reaction.

Feng Mingyi looked at her, his eyes full of emotions.

He really wanted to make a bet with her openly, but just as CEO E said, he didn’t know who was supporting her. He could only win against because of CEO E, and it was impossible to change the game.

Besides, CEO E was still waiting for her to come personally.

“What if I win?” Feng Ming asked.

“I don’t like what-ifs.” Feng Ling said indifferently, “If you win, I’ll give you the power of the Feng Corporation with both hands, and I’ll never regret it. On the other hand, if I win, you’ll return TMing to the Feng Corporation. The word ‘Feng’ in your name will be completely clear. You’ll never have anything to do with the Feng family again.”

Right now, Feng Ling was talking business. She could also speak like a businessman.

“Heh.” Feng Mingyi sneered. “As expected of someone who grew up in the military base. The way you speak is so straightforward. You don’t even leave any room for yourself. Then I’ll wait for you to hand over the Feng Corporation’s power.”

Feng Ling smiled lightly. “Is that so? Since both sides think they won’t lose, let’s set up a contract, lest we regret it.”

As she spoke, she got up and placed a printed document in front of him. The contents of the bet were all on it.

“You had it all planned out?” Feng Ming looked at the words on the page and then at Feng Ling, who had been calm and composed. For a moment, he wondered if he had miscalculated because she was really too calm and had been prepared.

“If possible, I hope you can erase the surname Feng as soon as possible and get out of here.” Feng Ling coldly glanced at him. After he signed, she picked up the contract and turned to leave.

With Feng Ming’s signature, she made an appointment with the branch company in Washington. After entering the office, Feng Ling contacted several people in charge of Fifth Avenue.

After finding out about CEO E, she found out that CEO E would hold a banquet with many of his partners tomorrow, and the venue would be at a mid-mountain villa in Washington tomorrow night. The Feng Corporation was also invited.

Logically speaking, the Feng Corporation had never had any cooperation with this famous financial company in Washington. This time, because the person in charge was her father’s old acquaintance, she contacted him. Now that the other party had changed, she had never even heard of CEO E, so there was no friendship between them.

Looking at the invitation list, most of them were companies that were very popular in the American Chinese community. Although the Feng Corporation was not small, it seemed a bit far-fetched to squeeze into this list. Besides, she had never met CEO E before.

Why did he invite her?

Why did Feng Mingyi keep mentioning that CEO E could help her?

Was there any connection between them?

“Are you sure you want to attend this dinner party tonight?” Qin Shuke looked at the invitation for a long time. “Am I the only one who thinks there is a trap?”

With that, she looked at the people around her.

Those were Feng Ling’s secretaries and assistants. Hearing her words, they said almost at the same time, “You’re not alone.”

After speaking, they all looked at Feng Ling.

Feng Ling was signing documents. She quietly held her pen in her hand. After signing her name, she looked up at them. “I know it’s a trap.”

“Then why are you still going?”

Feng Ling pushed the signed document forward and said calmly, “I know what I’m doing. Don’t worry. If anything happens, I won’t be the one to suffer.”

Qin Shuke: “…But you’re in the business world now, after all. You’re no longer in the circle where people call for you to be killed. Those people rely on martial arts. What if someone takes a fancy to you and drugged you? What can you do?”

Feng Ling raised her eyebrows. “You reminded me.”

“So?” Qin Shuke looked at her. “You think it’s possible?”

“Yes.” Feng Ling said lightly, “I have to go.”

“You…” Qin Shuke saw that she had made up her mind. She gritted his teeth in anger. “Are you crazy? You know that they don’t have good intentions for you. If you meet with any trouble, you won’t even have the chance to protect yourself. You won’t even be able to escape from a deserted place like the mountain villa. Even the police won’t be able to get there. ”

After speaking, Feng Ling didn’t say anything, nor did she explain anything. Qin Shuke picked up her phone and quietly flipped through her contacts as she walked out. When she found the name, she walked to the door and was about to make a call.

“Shu Ke, who are you calling?” Feng Ling’s voice suddenly came from behind.

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