Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing?

Chapter 1312 - The Story of Ling and Heng (575)

Chapter 1312: The Story of Ling and Heng (575)

“All right, I understand. I’ll be prepared.” Feng Ling’s voice was patient and gentle on the phone.

After hanging up, Feng Ling remained standing in the same place. The large office was empty, as though only her own breathing could be heard.

Then her two cell phones kept ringing, announcing the beginning of the tug-of-war between Feng Mingyi and her.

Feng Ling turned her body slightly. Her long eyelashes fluttered with her movements and she picked up the phone expressionlessly.

“CEO Feng, the relevant personnel in charge of the financial investment department are all clamoring to see you.” The assistant’s voice came from the other side of the phone, accompanied by noisy chatter.

Feng Ling’s expression was cold. “Let them in.”

In less than five minutes, more than ten heads of the relevant departments walked into the office. They looked at each other but didn’t know who spoke first.

“The financing in Washington is probably difficult, and the contract has already been canceled. The Feng Corporation’s stocks have been falling non-stop. Our old partners have also been under f*cking pressure. They called to inform us that the contract won’t be renewed after the contract is over.” One of the managers said with a frown, “CEO Feng, you’ve only taken over the company for less than a year, and now you’ve encountered such a big obstacle on your first trip to the Financial Conference. Do you have any good plans? You can’t let so many of us stay here to accompany you.”

“Right now, it’s just a rumor. As for those partners, the Feng Corporation doesn’t plan to continue cooperating with them. We haven’t received the important funding that can be used on yet. Are these small bits and pieces of pressure enough to make you lose your footing?” Feng Ling asked coldly.

Initially, the managers thought that she must have been flustered because of this situation. However, after hearing the news, they saw that she didn’t seem to panic at all. From the moment she heard the news to the present situation, she had been slowly applying pressure on them. Everyone thought that Feng Ling wouldn’t have any ideas, but now it seemed that although the issue would become bigger and bigger like a snowball, this snowball was clearly not much of a threat to Feng Ling.

It was not the first day they had followed her. They could tell from her expression that she was calm.

“But right now, the calls of those old customers are all hinting at us… hinting that we might…”

“I know. Don’t worry about it. Just do what we’ve arranged for you to do in Washington. You don’t have to be affected. I know what I’m doing. All of you can go out.” Feng Ling didn’t say much but just threw these words at them.

“CEO Feng, we’ve met Feng Mingyi before. He’s a very cunning person. You can’t go head to head with him…” One of the managers hesitated for a moment before saying,” Besides, he has a lot of tricks up his sleeves. It’s not necessarily all open and aboveboard. ”

Feng Ling did not speak. She stared at the manager with her pure black eyes and did not speak for a long time.

At a nightclub in Washington.

The wine glasses clinked and the color of the wine filled the sky.

A certain financial magnate sat on the sofa in a luxurious private room, smiling as he exchanged toasts with Feng Mingyi. He put down the glass and wiped his mouth. “What’s the name of the person in charge of the Feng Corporation? I remember that she is the second daughter of the Feng family, isn’t she?”

“Yes.” Feng Mingyi raised his eyebrows, but his tone was mild. “Her name is Feng Ling. She wandered outside when she was young and must have suffered a lot. When she grew up, she was recognized as a member of the Feng family, but she didn’t receive any good education. CEO E, you don’t have to take her seriously. In the business world, this kind of girl with very little experience is not worth mentioning. She is not a threat at all. She can be easily suppressed.”

CEO E played with the wine glass, his eyes shining. “What’s there to suppress a little girl in her twenties? I’m more interested in her.”

Feng Ming raised his brows. “Oh? CEO E has taken a fancy to her?”

“When I went to New York for work a few months ago, I met her by chance. She probably didn’t notice me, but I think she’s a cold-faced beauty.” CEO E narrowed his eyes. “At that time, several security guards bullied her assistant. When I turned back, I saw her beat up those security guards. I’ve never seen such an expression on a woman.”

Feng Ming snorted. “I checked her past. She seemed to have stayed in a military base for several years. She does have some skills.”

“I’ve been in the business circle for so many years, but I’ve never seen such a woman. I really want to taste her.” CEO E rubbed his chin as he spoke, and at the same time, he raised his glass to Feng Mingyi with an unkind smile. “But recently, someone has been putting a lot of pressure on Washington. It seems like she has someone backing her up. I’m not too sure about the details. Anyway, it’s not easy to target her. Mingyi, if you want me to help you hold down this bit of money, shouldn’t you give me some benefits?”

“What does CEO E mean?” Feng Mingyi smiled profoundly.

CEO E also smiled. “I heard that Mingyi, in this circle, you’re famous for not giving gifts but only beautiful women. As long as it’s a woman that your partner likes, you can almost think of ways to send her to the other party’s bed. Then take a look at this second daughter of the Feng family…”

“You’re making things difficult for me.” Feng Mingyi raised his eyebrows. “Everyone in the circle knows that I was the godson of the Feng family. No matter what, this Second Miss is my godsister. I can’t give her away.”

“Hahahaha, godsister, godsister, you’re not blood-related. You haven’t contacted the Feng family for several years. Now you’re trying to pull this godsister down with your own hands. Why do you care?” CEO E smiled. “This kind of cold-faced beauty, I think she’s still a virgin. After all, no one can get close to her. If you like her, you have to do it as soon as possible. Otherwise, if she stays in the business circle for a few more years, who knows how many hands she will have.”

“Besides, since you have the Feng family’s relationship with her, you can coax her no matter what. When the time comes, think of a way to send her to me. That way, she’ll be more obedient, don’t you think so?” CEO E said as he winked at him.

Feng Ming curled his lips and played with the wine glass in his hand. “It’s not impossible. It depends on whether your sincerity is worthy of me taking such a risk.”

“The biggest funding channel this time is in my hands, at least one billion yuan,” CEO E said confidently. “As long as I don’t release this sum of money, her trip to Washington will be in vain. Is my one billion yuan worth it?”

“Okay, deal.”

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