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Chapter 1190 - The Story of Ling and Heng (453)

Chapter 1190: The Story of Ling and Heng (453)

He should have not allowed Ah Feng to enter the base when Grandfather Li proposed that.

Since he had handed over the “power” of these so-called trivial affairs to Ah Feng, he couldn’t even enter Feng Ling’s room after leaving her room.

Especially during the meeting, Ah Feng mentioned several times that a lot of newcomers had come to the base who didn’t know what happened between Boss Li and Feng Ling, nor did they know the story of Feng Ling, so the base would not expose this matter in case women who harbored malicious intentions sneak into the base.

As Ah Feng said, they should not let the newcomers know about this matter because XI Base was a military training base.

Hearing Ah Feng’s impassioned speech at the conference, even Han Jin and Xiao Xu couldn’t help but applaud and approve the decision.

Indeed, now that Feng Ling had already returned and they could see each other every day, Boss should restrain himself a bit and shouldn’t play lovey-dovey with Feng Ling all day long. Otherwise, those newcomers would be distracted from training and might be eliminated from the base. They should create a good training environment for those newcomers.


After the meeting, Li Nanheng suddenly found several members of the base following him all day long.

Even Han Jin and Xiao Xu betrayed him and kept an eye on him, prohibiting him from approaching the base hall at will.

Even at lunchtime, when Feng Ling went to the canteen of the base to have lunch, she would be surrounded by a group of newcomers who kept asking her questions about training, but Li Nanheng couldn’t even enter the canteen. Xiao Xu would order food for him before lunchtime, which was much richer than the food in the canteen. They tried every possible means to prevent Boss from approaching Feng Ling.

Li Nanheng was very angry.

These b*stards!

After struggling for a few days, he found that Feng Ling seemed to have forgotten him and enjoyed being surrounded by the group of eighteen and nine-year-old boys who would even give her a massage during breaks.

Once when they were massaging her, Li Nanheng happened to pass by. When Xiao Xu saw this, his teeth chattered with fear for fear that Boss Li would rush in and shoot the newcomers to death. He hurriedly dragged them away, but that day, Boss Li was crossed all day long.

What made him angrier was that the woman who said softly to him that he could do whatever he wanted to her hadn’t contacted him these days!

No matter how busy she was training the newcomers, couldn’t she even answer his call?

The next afternoon, when Li Nanheng passed by again, Xiao Xu and Ah Feng did not allow him to enter with the excuse that he might frighten the newcomers and asked him not to come until the time of formal assessment.

However, Li Nanheng had seen the young man who massaged Feng Ling last time pouring water into Feng Ling’s cup. The sunny boy was beaming with a smile, showing his white teeth and looking very fond at Feng Ling.

These newcomers were still kids in Li Nanheng’s eyes, but they were about the same age as Feng Ling!

Until the evening, he finally found an opportunity to go to the canteen, only to see that the boy had just helped Feng Ling get a portion of food and put it in front of Feng Ling. Feng Ling even smiled at him, although the smile was very polite, she was smiling at him!

She barely smiled at others and he heard that she was very strict with these newcomers. Although she was a female drillmaster, these newbies were very afraid of her.

But she was smiling at that boy!

Li Nanheng’s temples pulsed. Instead of entering the canteen, he pointed to the boy who was overattentive to Feng Ling. “Where did this guy come from? Bring me his information.”

Xiao Xu: “…

Xiao Xu felt that in recent days, Boss Li was about to break down, so he quickly asked Han Jin to solve this problem. Otherwise, Boss Li might lose control of himself.

Han Jin went to get Boss the information.

When he went to Li Nanheng again, he found that Boss was no longer in the canteen, but Feng Ling was still having lunch with the newcomers.

Although he didn’t see Feng Ling much these days, he had to admit that in just three or four days, these newbies had become much better than when they just entered the base after being trained by Feng Ling.

It was said that on the first day, Feng Ling knocked the two most disobedient boys to the ground and stepped on their backs, dealing them a head-on blow at the first encounter.

Who said female drillmasters were easily bullied?

These newcomers might not know that in the entire base, even Boss Li was afraid of this female drillmaster.

When Feng Ling was still undergoing training in the base, she was very serious and meticulous about training, so she was also very strict with the newcomers. If any of the newcomers dared to slack off, she would beat the hell out of him.

Han Jin went to the building where Li Nanheng lived, but he was not there. He went out to look for Boss, only to find that Boss Li, who hadn’t practiced shooting for a long time, had wasted more than a dozen bullets on the shooting range.


“Tell me where he is from.” Li Nanheng continued to load the gun without looking back, his voice cold.

Seeing the somewhat mechanical and numb posture of Boss, Han Jin knew that Boss was almost driven crazy by jealousy. Feng Ling had ignored him for three or four days and he couldn’t bear it anymore.

Han Jin coughed and handed him the information in his hand. “Nothing special. This kid is just over 19 years old. His name is Wan Ke, and he has no special background. He is an orphan.”

Hearing the word orphan, Li Nanheng suddenly stopped and looked at Han Jin.

Han Jin shrugged. “I checked out his information just now. Wan Ke is very similar to Feng Ling. They’re very alike in personality, life experience, and martial skills, except for gender.”

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