Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing?

Chapter 1172 - The Story of Ling and Heng (435)

Chapter 1172: The Story of Ling and Heng (435)

Although this mission was not extremely dangerous, it was really tiring being stationed near Tonlé Sap Lake for the last few days. They flew back to Los Angeles and returned to the base. Feng Ling and Li Nanheng took K and some other brothers to guard the hospital. And XI Base also sent some people over to take turns on duty for protecting Mr. Mo and Mrs. Mo.

Mr. Mo was seriously injured, but fortunately, the wounds were all on the back and weren’t fatal. However, according to K, Mr. Mo’s back was covered in blood. No one knew what he had experienced in the jungle.

Feng Ling was very guilty whenever she saw Ji Nuan’s scalded hands. She didn’t need to take care of Mr. Mo, so she spent most of the time staying with Ji Nuan, buying food for her and guarding outside her ward.

After all, although she was now in Los Angeles, she was still Ji Nuan’s bodyguard, which was her job.

Ji Nuan went to Cambodia in a hurry and didn’t bring any clothes. After returning, she bought only two sets of clothes, so she lacked daily necessities..

While Ji Nuan went to Mr. Mo’s ward, Feng Ling went to the largest department store nearby to help Ji Nuan buy some clothes and daily necessities.

Feng Ling remembered that Ji Nuan seldom used skincare products. She was standing in front of a skincare product counter, holding in her hand a lotion recommended by the shop assistant. She knew nothing about these products and felt that all these products were the same except for some slight differences.

Feng Ling put down the things in her hand and continued to stroll around on the first floor of the department store.

She didn’t know much about these skincare products, but since Mr. Mo loved Mrs. Mo so much, she just needed to buy the best ones for Ji Nuan, but she didn’t know which products were best, so she just strolled around, only to find that the skincare products were surprisingly expensive. A small thumb-sized bottle of lotion would cost thousands of dollars and many products were more expensive, charging tens of thousands of dollars…

At this time, Feng Ling finally knew why the brothers in the base would complain how much money their girlfriends had spent.

And she also understood why Ling Feifei kept showing off her skincare products to her and Ji Nuan when she lived with Ji Nuan in the dormitory in the university.

Ji Nuan once said ‘Feng Ling, you are such a pretty girl. Why don’t you keep your hair a little longer and try living like a woman? You shouldn’t miss the most beautiful years of a woman. Although you look pretty with short hair, you can experience keeping long hair once in your life. You can’t always take yourself as a man and you should get used to living like a woman.’

At that time, Feng Ling just smiled and didn’t take her words seriously.

Now looking at these skincare products and then at the young girls walking by who smelled so aromatic, she found that the perfume on each of them seemed to be different, so did the skincare products and colors of the lipsticks they used.

It seemed a bit difficult to “live like a woman.”

Feng Ling stood in front of a skincare product counter and looked at the expensive blue and gold bottles placed on the counter. Listening to the shop assistant bragging about these products for quite a while, she had to buy a few bottles and some facial masks, ready to take them back to the hospital for Ji Nuan to use.

As for her, well, no, she felt it more difficult for her to learn to live like a woman than to run a company.

Carrying the skincare products she had just bought, Feng Ling went upstairs, planning to buy some clothes for Ji Nuan.

She was strolling around in the mall. Considering that it was getting cold, she wanted to buy some coats for Ji Nuan. Ji Nuan liked to wear cashmere coats, which were warm and fitted her. Feng Ling walked into a brand store and was looking at a white cashmere coat when she saw a middle-aged woman walking out of the fitting room.

“Mrs. Feng, you can rest assured that this coat is very warm…”

The shop assistant accompanied the middle-aged woman out of the fitting room while speaking to her all smiles.

The moment Feng Ling turned around, the middle-aged woman also saw her.

When their eyes met, Feng Ling recognized that it was Mrs. Feng, Qin Qiu.

Qin Qiu was in bad shape recently, especially after what happened to Feng Mingzhu, who made a tremendous row at home every day and almost drove her family members crazy. Although Feng Mingzhu never listened to Qin Qiu, Qin Qiu couldn’t help worrying about and being angry at her daughter.

It was getting cold and one of her friends, Mrs. Cen, asked her to come out to shop for some clothes. Qin Qiu wanted to go out for relaxation, so she came to the department store with Mrs. Cen.

She caught a cold a few days ago and her throat was still hoarse. The moment she saw Feng Ling, her eyelids suddenly twitched.

Even when she saw Feng Ling when she was still pretending as a man, she felt Feng Ling looked like her. At this moment, seeing Feng Ling who was wearing black sportswear and no longer concealed her feminine body curves, Qin Qiu completely froze.

“Mrs. Feng, would you like to buy this coat? Mrs. Cen is still trying on a coat in the fitting room. Are you going to pay after she comes out? Or…”

The shop assistant was speaking but Qin Qiu didn’t hear her at all but just stared at Feng Ling.

When facing Madam Feng, Feng Ling was calmer than she thought.

After all, the two jade pendants didn’t mean anything. Although she was probably her daughter, she couldn’t be sure until there was solid evidence.

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