Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing?

Chapter 1170 - The Story of Ling and Heng (433)

Chapter 1170: The Story of Ling and Heng (433)

From Feng Ling’s own point of view, it did not seem to be abrupt.

It seemed that everyone had known their relationship.

It seemed that no one felt strange.

It also seems that everyone accepted it without any objection and there was no gossip about it.

This made Feng Ling suddenly start to seriously consider their relationship. Now it was time for her to face up to the relationship between her and Li Nanheng.

As a result, her body, which was a little stiff in Li Nanheng’s arms, gradually softened and slowly relaxed.

As if perceiving the subtle changes in the woman in his arms that no one else could detect, Li Nanheng glanced at her who was sitting next to him obediently, hanging her face and pondering.

He secretly smiled, held her more tightly, and brought her body deeper into his arms seemingly unintentionally.

In the past few days, due to the fact that Ji Nuan was missing, Feng Ling had been emotionally tense and did not sleep much. Last night, she got drunk and didn’t sleep well, so she was a bit weak today. Now she finally relaxed both physically and spiritually. Being surrounded by the soothing smell of the man and feeling a security, she unknowingly rested her head on the man’s arms and fell asleep.

K and the other were chatting, and when they saw Feng Ling was asleep, they immediately pointed to her to remind Boss Li that she was asleep.

The body of the woman leaning on him suddenly softened, which Li Nanheng had certainly noticed.

Looking down, he hugged her more tightly while adjusting his sitting posture to make her sleep more comfortably. Although his movement was imperceptible, Feng Ling could feel it. Feeling his tenderness, Feng Ling leaned against his chest more closely.

Everything happened silently, but it seemed that something subtle had penetrated into the hearts of the two of them. Feng Ling leaned on him sleeping with her eyes closed and the man was holding her tightly.

Seeing Boss didn’t speak, nor did he mean to put Feng Ling on the temporary bed in the cabin, K continued to talk to others.

The helicopter landed outside the jungle. In order not to wake up Feng Ling, Li Nanheng gave K a wink, signaling him to take care of Ji Nuan and Mo Jingshen. After all, Mo Jingshen was injured and the wound on his back should be treated, so should Ji Nuan’s burned hand.

However, since the expiration of the contract between Doctor Wen and the base, the base had not found a suitable doctor yet. Although the doctors who followed them here were not bad, they were no match for Doctor Wen and Qin Siting. Mo Jingshen and Ji Nuan’s wounds would just be disinfected first and be treated well after returning to the United States.

Everyone else got off the helicopter and there were only the two of them still in that seat in the large cabin.

Li Nanheng didn’t move. Feng Ling was sleeping soundly. He was sitting there and she was leaning on him quietly.

After a while, the man moved slightly, looked down at her sleeping face, and touched her cheeks that were a bit hot because of the sleep.

She had been worried about Ji Nuan and didn’t sleep well in the last few days. If she didn’t sleep now, she wouldn’t have time to sleep because she needed to take care of Ji Nuan after getting off the helicopter. Even if Ji Nuan asked her to take a rest, based on what he knew of Feng Ling, she wouldn’t listen to Ji Nuan.

Looking down at her for a long while, Li Nanheng slowly leaned down, carefully carried her up, and when Feng Ling was about to wake up, he whispered in her ear, “Go to sleep. It’s safe. Get a good sleep.”

Maybe his words worked, or maybe Feng Ling dreamed of something in her dream, she frowned, then relaxed in his arms, and continued to sleep. Even if the man carried her off the helicopter and past the base brothers who were dumbfounded, she didn’t wake up.

K wasn’t quite surprised but the other brothers all gaped and froze when they saw this scene. As soon as Boss Li carried Feng Ling into the camp, they gathered in groups and muttered, “Oh my God, I never expected Feng Ling had this side. Battles are about to break out at any time and there are minefields all around. I can’t believe she can still sleep so soundly and she was actually carried down the helicopter by Boss…”

“Well, for a man like Boss Li, any woman will look petite in his arms, OK? Feng Ling is only a few centimeters taller than most girls. How tall is she? 1.7 meters? Many female models are 1.8 meters tall. It is not surprising that she looks like a little woman in the arms of Boss!”

“Not surprising? But she was always cold to Boss! But now the two suddenly became… so intimate?”

“Boss has been chasing her for so long. He deserves something in return.”

Li Nanheng carried Feng Ling into the camp, throwing all the gossip behind and carrying her all the way back to her small room.

As soon as he walked into her room, memories of last night flooded into his mind like a tide.

His body had a reaction too when he remembered how that the little woman’s hands held his… yesterday…

Li Nanheng restrained his desire and gently put her on the bed, but the bed was a simple folding bed that was a little hard and not as comfortable as in his arms, so Feng Ling suddenly opened her eyes.

Seeing that she was awake and sat up abruptly, he gently pressed her shoulders. “Okay, don’t get up. Continue to sleep. I’ve already had someone bring hot water to Mo Jingshen and Ji Nuan. The base doctors are there, and you don’t have to go over to help. Now all you need to do is to sleep.”

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