Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing?

Chapter 1163 - The Story of Ling and Heng (426)

Chapter 1163: The Story of Ling and Heng (426)

Very soft.

Very hot.

He was enchanted.

She gave him only one kiss.

Or to be exact, Feng Ling just pressed her lips on his for a while before she pulled back.

The man resisted the urge to fish her back into his arms. As if afraid to scare her, he said in a soft voice, “Is this what you mean?”

Feng Ling blinked and nodded very seriously. “Yeah.”

The smile on the man’s face was spreading. “You like me very much, right?”

Feng Ling replied honestly. “Yes.” This time, she added a nod to affirm it.

“Then don’t control yourself.” The man smiled.

Feng Ling looked at him for a while, suddenly covered her eyes shyly, and turned around suddenly. “No, I’m shy.”

Li Nanheng looked at Feng Ling who suddenly became so girly. “…???”

“Why are you shy? Your man is right in front of you. Besides, we’ve already slept together. We’re not children, right? Just show your courage on the battlefield.” The man poked her slender shoulder and began to induce patiently.

Feng Ling seemed to believe his words, put down the hand covering her eyes, turned around hesitantly, and looked at him again.

Seeing her turning around, the man sat on the bed that took up a lot of space in this small room. He stretched out his long legs casually, raised his arms, and signaled at her with his eyes. “Come, do whatever you want.”

However, Feng Ling stood there and didn’t move for a long time.

Li Nanheng raised his eyebrows and still stretched out his arms to her. “Come on.”

Feng Ling suddenly raised her hand, scratched her chin, and then gently scratched the place where her ear was connected to her neck.

Only then did Li Nanheng remember that in this temporary camp, although the water supply was sufficient, Feng Ling couldn’t go to Tonlé Sap Lake to take a bath like other brothers. There wasn’t any shower facility here, so these days, she filled a large basin full of water and took a bath in her room before going to bed every day.

She hadn’t taken a bath today and had been drinking with K just now. This place was too sultry and hot and there was no air-conditioner in the small room. There was only a fan that was not turned on at the moment. She felt hot and itchy all over, which made her uncomfortable.

Although he still wanted to induce her into doing what she wanted to do to him, he didn’t want her to sleep uncomfortably.

Li Nanheng sighed and patted the bed. “Come here. Sit down.”

Feng Ling looked at him for a while, walked over and sat beside him obediently.

Li Nanheng went out, took a few minutes to collect the water, and then found the towel she used in her room. Then he washed and wrung the towel out and rubbed her blushing face with the towel, and then his hands moved down to her neck and wiped off the sweat on her neck. After doing all these, he leaned down and gently lifted her chin with a finger, saying temptingly, “Do you feel better?”

“Yeah.” Feng Ling nodded and closed her eyes comfortably, waiting for him to continue wiping.

Li Nanheng: “…”

She really didn’t know how seductive she looked sitting here like this as if she wouldn’t resist no matter what he did to her.

He took her hand again, wiped her arms and hands exposed outside, and then pulled down the collar of her loose T-shirt. When he saw the black tight tank top she was wearing, he resisted the urge to strip her, patiently wiped the area around her collarbone and shoulders, and gazed at her.

Feng Ling had opened her eyes, comfortably narrowing her eyes and looking at him.

After finishing wiping her body, Li Nanheng decided not to take off her pants. If he did so, the one who will be out of control would be him.

He threw the towel back into the basin and looked at her. “Done, do you want to sleep or what?”

“I want to drink water.”


Li Nanheng looked back at the table next to her bed where there was a quick boiling pot and a water cup. He rinsed the cup with water briefly, poured water, and handed her the cup. “Drink.”

Feng Ling took the water and began to drink without saying thank you. After a few mouthfuls, she obediently returned the empty glass to him.

She was unbelievably tame.

Although he could not do anything to her now, Li Nanheng was really unwilling to let her off.

He simply sat next to her, put his arm around the shoulders of this well-behaved little woman, and looked at her, saying with a smile, “Feng Ling, will you do whatever I ask you to do now?”

Feng Ling was silent for a while as if analyzing the meaning of his words, and after a few seconds, she said, “Yes.”

“Then answer my questions honestly, OK?”

“All right.”

Li Nanheng: “Why didn’t you tell me what happened that night at Rogers Pass for so long?”

Feng Ling: “I was a little flustered. I didn’t know how to tell you.”

A little flustered?

He had thought that she didn’t tell him because she had no feelings for him and didn’t want him to pester her. It was her first time, but she pretended that she had been used to it.

So it turned out that she was panicked and afraid, but she just hid in her cold shell and refused to speak the truth out.

Li Nanheng smiled and patted her shoulder, looking at her sideways. “What will you do if someone else treated you that way?”

Feng Ling looked into his eyes and said without hesitation, “Except for you, no one else has the opportunity to treat me that way.”

Li Nanheng: “Am I a very special one in your heart?”

Feng Ling: “Yes.”

Li Nanheng grinned from ear to ear but then put on a solemn look. He felt it too shameless for him to take this chance to peep at her innermost thoughts and feelings. He should ask her something normal.

“Why do you refuse to go back to the base?” he asked.

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