Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing?

Chapter 1057 - The Story of Ling and Heng (320)

Chapter 1057: The Story of Ling and Heng (320)

Feng Ling was about to turn around and walk, when Chen Beiqing suddenly held her wrist, staring at her.

At this moment, silence was better than sound, and Feng Ling knew what he wanted to say.

“Sorry,” Feng Ling said as she gently pushed his hand away and then turned her gaze to the other people in the martial arts club. In the end, her gaze fell on the head coach’s face. She nodded politely and gratefully to him, then turned and followed Han Jin out.

After walking out of the martial arts club, Feng Ling saw the tall XI Base vehicles parked outside. For a moment, she felt as if her life in the past two years was a dream and she was still in XI Base. Even after two years, these were still so familiar to her.

“Go to the car in front.” Han Jin remained cold to Feng Ling. Leading Feng Ling to walk over, he opened the car door and looked at her. “Get in the car, Miss Feng.”

It seemed that after they met again, every time Han Jin called her Miss Feng, his tone would cool down a bit.

Feng Ling turned her eyes to him. “Did the bullet hit the vital part of his body? If he just lost too much blood, why hasn’t he woken up?”

“He has been in a coma for two days,” Han Jin said coldly, “I know you don’t want to see him. Coincidentally, if Boss wakes up now, I don’t want you to show up in front of him to stimulate him either. Yes, he hasn’t woken up yet. Dr. Wen, Miss Wen, and Dr. Qin, who happened to come to Boston to do errands, have all come, but he just hasn’t woken up. We can’t find the reason. Maybe he is too tired after looking for you for two years and wants to sleep a few more days.”

Feng Ling clenched her hands slowly. “So why do you want me to go over?”

“Get in the car first.”

Feng Ling turned into the car and Han Jin closed the door for her deadpan. Then he sat on the driver’s seat. Only then did Feng Ling notice that the other members were all in the other cars behind. Only she and Han Jin were in this car.

As Han Jin started the engine, he seemed to say casually, “If anything happens to Boss Li, do you think I will let you off?”

When Feng Ling heard his words, there was no surprise in her eyes.

She knew very well how loyal Han Jin and Xiao Xu were to XI Base and Li Nanheng. They were very nice to her when she was in the base, because, firstly, their friendship, and secondly, Li Nanheng treating her so specially. Otherwise, how could Han Jin be so nice to her and even gifted her wine for free?

She glanced at the view passing quickly out of the car window and put her hand on the car window. “So are you taking me to XI Base or where?”

“Doctor Wen and his friend opened a private hospital in Boston where we can treat gunshot wounds and the like. Boss is seriously injured, so we stayed in Boston for the time being,” Han Jin said while pressing the rear lights, giving a sign to the cars following him, and then drove the car into a side road.

Through the rearview mirror, Feng Ling could see the martial arts club getting farther and farther away and gradually disappear. She had a strong hunch that she would not be able to return. Even if she did, she might not be able to work normally there.

Thinking of the look in the head coach and Chen Beiqing’s eyes just now, they could tell it too.

She might not be able to see them again.

Feng Ling leaned on the seat. Even if Han Jin said that he would not let her off just now, she was still relaxed because the one beside her was her old acquaintance and she wasn’t wary of him.

She was just thinking, in the past two years, she finally lived a normal life outside, and finally learned the ways of the world, but in the end, these didn’t seem to belong to her.

“If you are tired, go to sleep. It takes at least half an hour to drive from here to the private hospital of Doctor Wen.”

“It’s okay. I’m not tired.”

“You look terrible. Why don’t stay in the hospital for a few more days?”

“It’s not necessary.” Feng Ling said, “Why did Miss Wen come to Boston?”

“The contract between Dr. Wen and XI Base has expired and may not be renewed. He has private hospitals all over the United States. He plans to integrate them into a large chain hospital institution and find a place to settle down. Miss Wen resigned and followed him. Wherever Dr. Wen went, she would go. You probably don’t understand what happened between the brother and sister, and even I can’t understand them,” Han Jin said, took a thin blanket from behind, and threw it on her body. “Sleep for a while.”

He said coldly that he would not let her off as if he was gonna kill her, but in the end, he didn’t have the heart to do anything to her.

Looking at the thin blanket that was suddenly thrown into her arms, Feng Ling smiled, covering her legs and body with it. Then she looked at the cars behind in the rearview mirror. “The people coming with you look familiar, but I remember they were still newcomers when I left. It seems that they are already qualified to enter the elite team.”

“They are not as good as you.” Han Jin was still driving seriously.

Feng Ling turned to look at him. “Are there still those four people in the sniper team?”


Feng Ling paused. “Oh, I see. There are five places. Since I left, there should be someone to replace me as soon as possible, so as not to affect the training of the entire team.”

“There’s no one to replace you. They have been waiting for you to go back. Every time there is a mission, they will prepare a set of weapons and uniforms for you. Even after two years, your things are still piled up in your original room. K and Lin Cheng cleaned it up regularly. You have never left XI Base.”

Feng Ling was silent for a moment.

Han Jin continued to drive and said, “The seniors of the Li family said they had driven you out, but in fact, XI Base is under the supervision of the United Nations. Firing any member requires an official document. They just drove you out verbally, so nominally, you are still a member of XI Base. You just temporarily left the base.”

Feng Ling didn’t know how to describe her feelings, but something in her heart that already died seemed to come to life little by little.

Did she still belong to XI Base?

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