Young Master Gu, Please Be Gentle

Chapter 8 - I've Always Personally Dealt with Those Who Betray Me

Chapter 8: I’ve Always Personally Dealt with Those Who Betray Me

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Tang Mo’er perched at the end of her bed, refreshing her Weibo feed. The top three searches were dominated with Han Xiaowan’s name, respectively titled ‘Su Zhe’s affair with Han Xiaowan’, ‘Innocent goddess turned whore Han Xiaowan’, ‘Tang Mo’er’.

Han Xiaowan’s Weibo was flooded with negative comments. Countless netizens and keyboard warriors started lashing out at her aggressively online via forums and message boards.

-Damn it, it only took a night and the whole world tells me that Little Innocent Goddess has an affair with Tang Mo’er’s fiancé.

-Little Innocent Goddess, why did you seduce Tang Mo’er’s fiancé? You’ll be banished to the lowest depths of hell for breaking up someone’s marriage. Please give us a reasonable explanation!

-This Little Innocent Goddess did it just because she was jealous of Tang Mo’er, who was always more popular than her. She doesn’t have Mo’er’s acting skills, but she certainly has some skills in bed. Little Innocent Goddess? More like Big Shameless Sl*t.

-Oh dear, I can’t continue reading this. Some people behave so innocently on the television screen but they are completely different in real life. She couldn’t wait to shove her tongue into the man’s mouth. Han Xiaowan, return me my Little Innocent Goddess!

Tang Mo’er realized that her inbox was almost exploding. Many warmhearted netizens were teasing her, saying that she had been betrayed.

Qi Xi interrupted her thoughts, “Mo’er, Han Xiaowan must really be suffering. It seems that many of her endorsements are being withdrawn as they don’t want anything to do with her. They have even edited her out of her newest movie, there’s only a side profile of her face!”

“Qi Xi,” Tang Mo’er remained calm, her voice steady, “The battle has only just begun. Prevailing Entertainment’s public relations team is one of the best in the industry. We’ve caught them by surprise this time, but we shouldn’t let our guard down. They will definitely strike back. We have to remain cautious, don’t get overconfident.”

“Don’t worry, Mo’er. They are good but we aren’t any worse. I’ll always be on your side to support you. I’ve got your back. This time, we have to make sure that these shameless people receive the punishment they deserve!”

Tang Mo’er felt touched, and found herself nodding, “Okay.”

The doorbell sounded, disrupting the peacefulness in the morning.

It was still early, who was wanting to see her at this ungodly hour?

Tang Mo’er gave a contemptuous snort and narrowed her clear, beautiful eyes. Who else would it be other than Su Zhe and Han Xiaowan?

She ended the call and walked gracefully to the front door.

Su Zhe glowered at Tang Mo’er, a vicious snarl on his face as he stood outside the entrance of her apartment. He knew without a doubt that she was the one behind the leaked photos, as she was the only person other than him, who had the set of keys for access to Jincheng Villa.

“Tang Mo’er, did you hire someone to cause this incident?”

Tang Mo’er considered his question wordlessly, a half smile gracing her features. “Which incident?” Her tone was slow and indolent, as if humoring a child throwing a tantrum.

Su Zhe’s handsome face darkened and he growled, “You’re still acting?”

Tang Mo’er tilted her head and her mouth formed a small ‘o’, as though she suddenly understood what he was referring to. “Oh, you mean the incident about your indecent affair with Han Xiaowan? You’re wrong, I didn’t send anyone to do this. It was all me. I personally exposed you!”

She smiled. “I took the photographs and wrote the title. Did you know? I always like to personally deal with those who betray me!”

Su Zhe’s tightened his fists and he clenched his jaw so hard his teeth ground together. “Okay, Tang Mo’er, since you already know everything, let’s just talk things through. The one person I truly love is Han Xiaowan. Let’s break up.”

Tang Mo’er had originally thought that she would be heartbroken when facing Su Zhe and hearing his hurtful words, but her indifference to the whole situation surprised even herself. She wondered why she even took a liking to Su Zhe. This man actually fell in love with Han Xiaowan, that pretentious b*tch. Their 20 years of friendship formed from childhood was not even comparable to his three year relationship with Han Xiaowan in Las Vegas. How despicable.

“Alright. I’ll have to thank you graciously for not marrying me. I sincerely congratulate you both and wish for you two shameless human beings to rot in hell, forever.”

Su Zhe’s face contorted, revealing his hatred towards Tang Mo’er. His eyes raked her up and down from head to toe, judging her with a dark expression that was both bitter and filled with disgust. She was wearing a black silky negligee with thin straps, covered with a flimsy black cloak. Her dark, silky hair cascaded down her creamy skin, winding its way around her neck, her presence as alluring and seductive as a dark siren.

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