Young Master Gu, Please Be Gentle

Chapter 569 - The Chances of Your Wife Getting Pregnant in the Future Would Be Extremely Low

Chapter 569: The Chances of Your Wife Getting Pregnant in the Future Would Be Extremely Low

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There has never been a lack of women willing to give birth to Gu Mohan’s children…

Xiyan will give birth to his child in the future, he will forget about the child you just miscarried in no time at all…

He doesn’t need you in his life…

Tears dewed her lashes, and Tang Mo’er let out a strangled sob.

Baby, I’m sorry, just because you’re Mommy’s baby, there aren’t many people who love you. I’m so sorry.

Perhaps Daddy will forget about you in no time at all, but Mommy will never forget about you. Mommy loves you. Forever and ever.

Huo Yanmei hung up the phone call and Tang Mo’er’s cell phone fell on the car seat. She was bleeding profusely and her stomach hurt so much, she could no longer bear it.

She slumped against the backseat and could no longer hear what the chauffeur was saying. Her eyes slowly went out of focus and tears were dripping down endlessly.

She curled up, only wanting to comfort herself.

All she wanted was for Mr Gu to be here, at this moment. She had a fear of pain and with the blood flowing out of her body endlessly, she really felt as though she was going to die in the next moment.

She wanted to hear Mr Gu’s voice, listen to him tell her—- Mo’er, everything’s going to be fine, don’t be scared.

Her Mr Gu.

She wanted him to place his hand on her tummy gently, for him to show his love for the baby as the baby slowly left this world. She didn’t want the baby to be afraid.

Or perhaps, he would even tell the baby—-Baby, Daddy loves you, Daddy will never forget about you.

But it was just a hopeful wish of hers, their baby was leaving the world and she had to bear the pain alone, all by herself.

—-Why aren’t you willing to let Mohan go even after losing the baby?

—-Tang Mo’er, why are you so selfish?

—-If I were you, I would bear the agony of losing the baby all by myself.

Tang Mo’er closed her eyes. She had lost everything today.

She was so tired.

Wrapping her arms around herself, trying to give herself some warmth as she mumbled feebly, “Mom… Mom, I want a hug…”

Nothing on earth belonged to her, only her mother belonged to her.

She really missed her mother.

Mom, please hug Mo’er…

At the wedding venue.

The auspicious timing was long over and the guests were gossiping behind hushed whispers—-

“What happened, why isn’t the wedding starting yet?”

“I don’t know why, but haven’t you noticed that the bride, Jun Xiyan hasn’t appeared the entire day?”

“What? How can the bride be absent on the wedding day? What is President Gu up to?”…

Gu Mohan stood in the church alone, he had heard the comments made by the guests standing outside but he wasn’t affected at the least. He lowered his head, looking at the watch on his wrist. It was already one hour after the stipulated time.

She didn’t come.

She made the decision not to appear.

“President,” Yan Dong ran over and his voice faltered, “President, something bad has happened…”

He couldn’t speak in full sentences.

Gu Mohan remained expressionless and gave Yan Dong a glance. “Hm?”

“President, Miss Tang had a miscarriage!”

Miss Tang had a miscarriage.

That sentence seared right into Gu Mohan’s mind. His face darkened and he furrowed his brows. “What did you just say?”

“President, Miss Tang is in the hospital right now. She is bleeding profusely and has already been taken into the emergency theater…”

Yan Dong didn’t even manage to complete his sentence, he felt a gust of wind pass him. Gu Mohan had rushed out without a backward glance.

He had cast away his usual composure and rushed out with chaotic footsteps. Passing by the lawn, he even knocked into a few people and one waiter, spilling the wine glasses he was serving all over him. His suit was completely soaked.

The waiter quickly took out a few pieces of napkin and apologized profusely, “President Gu, I’m really soー”

But before the waiter could even try to clean up his suit, he was already gone.

At the hospital.

Gu Mohan was standing outside of the operating theater and the red light outside was lit up.

A doctor stepped out of the operating theater and announced, “May I know where’s Tang Mo’er’s guardian?”

Gu Mohan quickly walked in front, grabbing the doctor’s collar impulsively as he demanded, “What’s wrong with her? What happened to her?”

The doctor was frightened by his imposing manner. The man’s facial features were dark and threatening and the doctor quickly said, “Mister, y-you shouldn’t be too agitated. There are still fetal remains in the patient’s uterus, resulting in severe bleeding. I’ll have to conduct a surgery to clean out the fetal tissue.”

“Okay,” Gu Mohan nodded and held the man up threateningly. “I don’t want the baby anymore. Do whatever you can to make sure Mo’er stays alive, do you understand? If anything happens to her, I’ll make sure to ruin this entire hospital!”

The doctor was extremely stressed out after listening to his threats. He swiftly handed the consent form to Gu Mohan. “Mister, I need your signature here.”

He grabbed the pen from the doctor and signed on the form.

“Mister, what’s your relationship with the patient?” the doctor asked.

He paused for a moment before he reacted, “Husband.”

He claimed that he was her husband.

“Alright, I’ll carry on with the surgery. However, I’ll have to advise you that the next time you’re thinking of terminating a pregnancy, please visit the hospital for an abortion surgery. If your wife takes the abortion pill without any supervision, there will be unforeseen complications.”

“What did you just say?” Gu Mohan glared at the doctor with bloodshot eyes.

The doctor was stunned, he handed a medical report to Gu Mohan. “Mister, your wife just had an abortion pill. That was the cause of her miscarriage.”

After speaking, the doctor rushed into the operating theater.

The door was closed, Gu Mohan lowered his eyes to look at the medical report. A few seconds later, he crushed the report into a ball furiously and threw it against the wall.

He even kicked the dustbin along the corridors to vent his frustration.


Gu Mohan slumped against the wall, he loosened his bow tie and gasped for air.

The blood in his body was rushing up to his mind, threatening to burn away all his senses of rationality but soon after, he calmed down. All that was left was a distraught helplessness.

He leaned his head against the wall, before closing his heavy eyelids.

Half an hour later.

Tang Mo’er was pushed inside the hospital ward. Gu Mohan stood outside the door and the doctor spoke softly. “Mister, your wife has suffered from severe bleeding, which has caused irreversible damage to her uterus. The chances of her getting pregnant in the future would be extremely low.”

The chances of her getting pregnant in the future would be extremely low.

Gu Mohan watched the lithe figure lying on the hospital bed with bloodshot eyes, his hands clenched into two fists by his side. The chances of her getting pregnant in the future would be extremely low.

Yan Dong was worried when he heard the doctor’s words. Gu Mohan was of distinguished status and he couldn’t go without having his own children to take over the empire he had built up so painstakingly.

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