Young Master Gu, Please Be Gentle

Chapter 47 - I'm Only Giving You a Taste of Your Own Medicine

Chapter 47: I’m Only Giving You a Taste of Your Own Medicine

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Tang Mo’er pulled away from Su Zhe after he dropped her wrist as though it had suddenly become scalding hot. She squeezed her way through the crowd and discovered her name really wasn’t on the list.

She had been eliminated in the pre-selection phase!

There were three interviews to go through in order to become the spokesperson for DHA Diamonds. The first was the pre-selection stage. Female stars were chosen based on their appearance and overall aura and stance. The second round was the casting where they were tested on their acting skills. If they passed the casting, they were able to be nominated. The third round was the last stage where the DHA Diamonds spokesperson would be selected from all eligible candidates.

Tang Mo’er had confidence in herself, she was sure that she was one of the best female stars in the entertainment industry. However, she hadn’t even been given the opportunity to showcase her acting skills and talents. How? It was ludicrous that she was eliminated in the pre-selection round!

“Why is this happening, Mo’er, why didn’t you qualify? Anyone who has eyes would be able to see that you’re the best, there’s something wrong!” Qi Xi started to make a ruckus, she was pissed off. “Mo’er, look, Han Xiaowan has qualified. Oh gosh, even Su Shuiqin had qualified, how on earth did she get through when you didn’t?”

Han Xiaowan and Su Shuiqin’s names were indeed on the list. Tang Mo’er was incensed. Su Zhe must have messed with the list!

He was one of the investors for DHA Diamonds, he had definitely removed her name from the list.

He was detestable!

Su Shuiqin started to laugh, her voice mocking, “Tang Mo’er, you’re accusing DHA of manipulation just because you haven’t been selected? Do you even have evidence? I bet you weren’t selected since you’re lacking in looks and figure. Let’s not forget that you’ve also been a bully on social media, why would DHA even engage a person like you?”

Han Xiaowan cut in gently, putting up an act with Su Shuiqin, “Shuiqin, don’t say anymore, Mo’er is so pitiful.”

“Xiaowan, you’ve always been too kind. How can you still speak for her even after facing such bad treatment from her. Don’t you remember what she did to you?”

The crowd was slowly swayed by their pretentious words, starting to gossip about Tang Mo’er while pointing their fingers at her.

“Look at Tang Mo’er, she’s so pitiful. She’s so gorgeous but she didn’t even make it past the pre-selection round.”

“It was definitely President Su who removed her name. It’s hard to say that he wouldn’t do anything worse like barring her from the industry.”

“Look at Han Xiaowan, she’s definitely having it easy since she’s President Su’s loved one now.”

Tang Mo’er started to tremble in anger. Both her hands were balled into fists and she confronted Su Zhe with a scathing glare, “Did you do this?”

Su Zhe had both his hands in his trouser pockets. He looked at Tang Mo’er with a poker face and shrugged, “You’re right, it was me. I asked CEO Wan to remove your name. So what? Aren’t you very capable? Why don’t you ask your sponsor to help you out? Let’s see whether he is capable enough to meddle in the affairs of the Gu Corporation.”


Tang Mo’er’s clear and watery eyes were now sparking in rage due to her anger. They were all waiting to see the drama unfold. She would give them a good lesson if she ever had the chance to seduce the President of the Gu Corporation.

Still, she knew these were unachievable dreams, she would never have any opportunity to meet such important people.

Han Xiaowan and Su Shuiqin were laughing at her from afar. She hadn’t even taken revenge on them for stealing her clothes and trying to humiliate her.

Tang Mo’er looked at Su Zhe again, “President Su, I have something important to speak with you about. Please come with me.”

Su Zhe looked at Tang Mo’er and hesitated for a moment before following her out.

Along the corridor.

Su Zhe looked frostily at Tang Mo’er, “Why did you ask me to come out?”

Tang Mo’er blinked at him with her large, doe-like eyes, her voice flirtatious and playful. She held onto his shirt, pleading as she moved closer, “President Su, this casting is really important to me. Would you please show some mercy and give me another chance?”

Su Zhe straightened his back and pushed her against the wall, “What do you mean, are you trying to seduce me?”

Tang Mo’er had an innocent expression on her face. She looked at Su Zhe with her clear, glimmering eyes. They were mesmerising. “If I said yes, would you be willing to be seduced?”

Su Zhe took a deep breath before pressing himself against her. He breathed in her maidenly scent again, it crept into his nose and overwhelmed his senses. His voice was hoarse, “You were just kissing your sponsor while wearing his blazer. It hasn’t even been that long and you’re already trying to seduce me. Tang Mo’er, you’re truly filthy!”

He scolded her with much agitation, he hated her filthy body and her treacherous deeds. However, he despised himself even more. He hated how he wasn’t able to forget about her, even now, even knowing how she was tainted and dirty he couldn’t stop himself from touching her, smelling her, wanting to taste her.

Tang Mo’er persevered and tried to hold in her disgust as he was ground himself against her. She saw from the corner of her eyes that Han Xiaowan had found her way there. She immediately clung Su Zhe’s neck and said coquettishly, “I can’t help it, since you’re one of the investors. Now that I need your help, President Su, are you willing to help me?” She breathed into his ear, her voice an alluring whisper that breathed life into his lower region.

Su Zhe could not resist her. He kissed her without any further hesitation.

“President Su,” Tang Mo’er turned away and avoided his attack. She teased laughingly, “Don’t be so impatient, I’ve already booked a room for tonight. Remember to find me in room 6014.”

Tang Mo’er pushed Su Zhe away gently and left, clawing her fingers across his chest.

She saw Han Xiaowan after she made a turn.

Han Xiaowan had saw Su Zhe and Tang Mo’er leaving together when she was at the lobby. She had an ominous feeling and followed them. She had controlled her anger even though she wanted to just charge forward and tear them apart. She didn’t want to fight with Su Zhe.

Now that she had met Tang Mo’er face to face, her pretty face morphed into a fierce one. “Tang Mo’er, you’re such a b*tch. You actually tried to seduce my man!” She lifted her hand and tried to throw a slap across Tang Mo’er’s face.

However, Tang Mo’er held her wrist just before it hit before laughing mockingly, “Han Xiaowan, just who do you think you are? You don’t have any right to hit me. You think you’ve snatched Su Zhe away from me? I’m just giving you a taste of your own medicine!”

Han Xiaowan stared at Tang Mo’er ferociously, her voice a vicious snarl, “Su Zhe wouldn’t be seduced by you, he’s mine! He’s forgotten all about you!”

Tang Mo’er threw Han Xiaowan’s hand down and gave her a provocative smile, “Let’s see if Su Zhe appears at room 6014 tonight. Do you care to have a bet?”

Han Xiaowan wanted to tear the smug expression off Tang Mo’er’s face. She didn’t want to listen anymore.

“By the way, Han Xiaowan, let me tell you. Men simply want things that they can’t possess. You’ve been sleeping with him quite frequently, haven’t you? He’s probably sick of you by now. Remember to stay in my good books before I’m forced to seduce your man when you upset me.”

“You!” Han Xiaowan had almost vomited out blood in anger.

Tang Mo’er left her, poised and elegant as she floated out of the room.

Qi Xi was anxious when Tang Mo’er finally returned to the lobby, “Mo’er, why did you leave with President Su just now?”

Tang Mo’er roll her eyes at the inquisition, “I just had to add some fire and spice to Su Zhe and Han Xiaowan’s relationship. Who knows? We might see some drama tonight.”

Qi Xi had cursed and scolded the trio, Su Zhe, Han Xiaowan and Su Shuiqin since long ago. She despised the three of them. “Mo’er, what should we do now? With Su Zhe’s manipulation, we can’t even qualify for the next round.”

Tang Mo’er wasn’t going to be easily defeated. She was going to become more courageous with every difficult situation that was thrown at her. She would never give up without a fight.

After some further thought, she bit her lower lip, “Qi Xi, get me CEO Wan’s contact number.”

“Mo’er, what are you thinking of doing?”

“I’m going to invite CEO Wan for a meal.”

In the Presidential Suite.

Gu Mohan was dressed casually in black silk pajamas after drenching himself in a cold shower. His wet hair fell loosely across his forehead and his pants were loosely tied, hanging off his masculine hips. His whole demeanour screamed power and elegance.

Yan Dong stood beside his desk and opened the laptop to report, “President, I have the results here from today’s pre-selection round.”

Gu Mohan lifted his eyes and his gaze flickered to the film of Tang Mo’er standing behind the screen. She was standing sideways and proudly showcased her prominent feminine curves and assets. Her poses were natural and poised, with no hesitation whatsoever. He raised the corner of his lips into a devious smirk. Only Tang Mo’er would be able to present herself in such a unique and beautiful way, treading that fine line between elegant and promiscuous.

What a wild kitten she was!

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