Young Master Gu, Please Be Gentle

Chapter 40 - How Could Karghalik's Greatest Beauty Not Be Beautiful?

Chapter 40: How Could Karghalik’s Greatest Beauty Not Be Beautiful?

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Tang Mo’er’s face flushed red in an instant, she realized the heated spot where she had buried her face in.

“It wasn’t on purpose!”

Tang Mo’er’s face was a bright tomato red all the way to the back of her ears. The atmosphere in the room was becoming heated as they stared each other down.

She was the first to look away. She stood up speedily, avoiding his hard stare.

Gu Mohan had also sat up. He looked at her tiny face, it was as red as apples and her eyes were clear and watery. Her face was plump and firm, full of collagen, it appeared to be so soft and inviting. He was tempted to have a taste of it.

Tang Mo’er panicked and covered herself up with the curtain. When she raised her eyes again, she saw him staring at her chest.

“Gu Mohan!” She pounced on him, covering his eyes with her tiny hands, “You’re not allowed to look, I’ll dig your eyes out if you continue to do so!”

Gu Mohan pulled her hands down, “I’ve seen everything, B cup.”


B cup?

Was he blind?

“C cup!”

“No.” He paused for a moment, “How about you let me see them again?”

“… Gu Mohan!”

Tang Mo’er realized that she had been fooled by him, he was such a jerk!

She lifted her hand, intending to give him a slap.

Gu Mohan held her wrist in time. His deep narrow eyes were filled with scorching passion as his gaze penetrated hers, like he could see into her soul. The corner of his lips were a perfect angle. She was a fool, why did she even try to hit him when she was so gullible?

A man like him wouldn’t let himself be slapped easily.

“Alright, C cup, very beautiful.”

He behaved as if he was placating his favorite kitten, but Tang Mo’er’s heart skipped a beat. She looked at him with satisfaction, “That’s all sweet talk, how can a woman who’s coveted by the men of Karghalik not be beautiful?”

Gu Mohan stood up and pulled Tang Mo’er up too. He took off his blazer and covered her up with it, leaving only her head exposed. It was large on her and covered her important parts and a little way down her thighs. He used his large palms to touch her head, ruffling her hair tenderly. He spoke softly, as if he was pacifying a little girl, “Wait till we’re back home, I’ll take off my clothes for your pleasure.”


Who wanted to see him naked!

Tang Mo’er was determined to not give him anymore leeway, and turned her head up at his words. He was seriously shameless.

Tang Mo’er cuddled up in his blazer and pulled it closer around her, it smelled a little like tobacco but it smelled great when it was combined with his manly body scent. She liked it very much.

She suddenly heard footsteps, it was Su Shuiqin speaking. “Brother, Xiaowan, hurry up and come over here. I saw Tang Mo’er, she was with a man.”

Tang Mo’er’s pupils contracted into angry slits, Su Shuiqin had actually brought Su Zhe over. It seems like Han Xiaowan and Su Shuiqin had collaborated to embarrass her in front of Su Zhe.

“Mr Gu, hurry up and bring me somewhere else. Please.” There was nowhere else for them to hide and the footstep sounds were nearing. Tang Mo’er pleaded for Gu Mohan to help her in a panicked tone.

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