Young Master Gu, Please Be Gentle

Chapter 38 - Tang Mo’er’s Legs Were Beautiful

Chapter 38: Tang Mo’er’s Legs Were Beautiful

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Tang Mo’er had known about such castings. Since there were strict requirements for the female’s body stature, posture and stance, they needed to have the female stars fully naked and stand behind the screen.

“Mo’er, are you up for it?” Qi Xi asked.

“I’m fine with it, we are all professionals here.”

Qi Xi was relieved, she was initially afraid that Mo’er wouldn’t be willing to take off her clothes. It seemed her worries were unfounded.

“Mo’er, thats DHA Diamonds’ in-charge, Wan An. The investors are crowding around him, Su Zhe is there too.”

Tang Mo’er looked at the group and saw an elite-looking man wearing a tailored suit. It was Wan An, he was speaking to Su Zhe and the other investors were crowding around them.

Su Zhe was indeed one of the investors of DHA Diamonds.

Tang Mo’er froze for a moment. She needed to be in her best state to outperform Han Xiaowan. She would not miss this opportunity.

Someone called out, “Tang Mo’er, Han Xiaowan, it’s your turn.”

Tang Mo’er and Han Xiaowan went into their dressing rooms respectively. They took off their clothes and stood behind the screen.

The two screens were connected and the entire set cleared. Only Su Zhe, Wan An and a few investors remained for the casting.

There wasn’t much to see once the women were behind the screen, it was almost the same as when they were dressed. The only difference was that the panel would be able to make out the shape and form of their bodies without other distractions from clothing and accessories. It was their ‘raw’ form without embellishments. However, this also meant the men thought too much, caught up with the idea that the women were naked behind the screen.

Su Zhe heard a few investors privately discussing the womens’ figure in a way that was unrelated to the casting.

“Look at Han Xiaowan’s legs, they are long and slim.”

“I can’t see Tang Mo’er’s legs clearly but I’m pretty sure her legs are more beautiful than Han Xiaowan’s from my frequent observation.”

“Tang Mo’er’s legs are so long, I really want her legs around my waist.”

“Haha, stop dreaming. There are so many people here looking at Tang Mo’er you don’t even stand a chance.”

Su Zhe looked at Han Xiaowan. Han Xiaowan had given her virginity to Su Zhe. She was innocent and chaste. Although she always agreed to his requests, it had only happened a few times as he was protective of her.

He turned and looked at Tang Mo’er. Almost all the men around him were discussing about Tang Mo’er. Han Xiaowan had merely became her sidekick, cast to the sidelines when they appeared at the same time. He observed Wan An and noticed that even the one in-charge was looking at Tang Mo’er for an extended period of time.

His eyes were clouded with sadness and hatred, he wanted to gouge out their eyes. He would then throw Tang Mo’er on the bed… and kill her. If he could manage to kill her successfully, the men wouldn’t be completely bewitched by her.

Su Zhe’s handsome face was slightly distorted at his own imaginings. He hated Tang Mo’er more than ever. This was just like how men enjoyed engaging the services of prostitutes but would never wish for the prostitute to be their wife.

If Tang Mo’er knew that Su Zhe had just compared her to a prostitute, she would have been in a rage and cursedーfuck your mother!

“Okay, it’s over.”

Tang Mo’er and Han Xiaowan left the screen. They judged each other’s body figure and Tang Mo’er told Han Xiaowan, “Your figure is not bad, just as innocent as your face.”

Han Xiaowan stood up straight as she had confidence in her own figure. She didn’t need Tang Mo’er’s praises to feel good about herself.

“Thank you, sister.”

“However, you’ll probably face some difficulty seducing men with such an innocent figure, look at Su Shuiqin’s E cup chest.”

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