Young Master Gu, Please Be Gentle

Chapter 36 - The Spokesperson for the Year Was Decided Behind Closed Doors, It Will Be Han Xiaowan

Chapter 36: The Spokesperson for the Year Was Decided Behind Closed Doors, It Will Be Han Xiaowan

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Gu Mohan raised his eyebrow at the question.

Fu Qinglun took the mahjong tiles he needed and spoke in a serious tone, “Mohan, Beauty Tang is fine as a girlfriend but you’d better not be in a serious relationship with her. She’s definitely not considered good wife material and wouldn’t meet the standards of the Gu family. Your parents would never accept her.”

It was normal for men like Gu Mohan to be in different relationships at the same time. He was a lavish spender and any woman would be lucky to be alongside him. As good ‘brothers’, they had made no comments when he had laid his eyes on Beauty Tang.

A man in his 30s would definitely need a woman to satisfy his needs. Money and commitment wasn’t an issue, but marriage was definitely not on the table.

The Gu family set sky-high standards for their future daughter-in-law. Tang Mo’er would never be good enough to become the Young Madam of the Gu family.

Gu Mohan took out a cigarette slowly and held it in his mouth. He lit it up and took a puff before releasing the smoke in a continuous stream. He smirked. “I’ll be the one who makes the final decision.”

Fu Qinglun and Huo Beichen exchanged glances that confirmed their initial thoughts. Gu Mohan was going to provide a lot of support for Tang Mo’er.

The next day.

Tang Mo’er received Qi Xi’s phone call early in the morning. She could hear the excitement in Qi Xi’s voice. The DHA Diamonds team had replied and told her to attend this morning’s casting.

She put on some light makeup before rushing off to meet the crew.

She had just entered the entrance when she saw an extravagant setup. There were more than ten bodyguards making way through to the building and passionate fans were screaming in excitement on both sides.

A luxurious car stopped in front of them. The chauffeur opened the door and Su Zhe got off the car. He wore a formal black suit and was his usual good-looking self.

He stretched his arm out and helped Han Xiaowan out of the car gently. It seemed she had completely recovered from her injuries. Han Xiaowan wore a long pink dress, her black silky hair was braided beautifully with petals weaved through as though she was a fairy princess.

Her fans were screaming loudly.

“Han Xiaowan, fighting! You’re endorsing for your true love, you’ll forever be the innocent goddess in our hearts.”

“Han Xiaowan, we love you. You’ll definitely be the queen of DHA Diamonds.”

Su Zhe was holding onto Han Xiaowan’s hand as they walked down towards the entrance. She was greeting her fans with a sweet smile on her face.

“Obsessed fans with twisted morals!” Qi Xi couldn’t help but scold them fiercely from beside Tang Mo’er. She then spoke softly into Tang Mo’er’s ears, “Mo’er, Su Zhe is really quick! He’s already removed the Weibo popular searches and censored negative comments. Not only that, he left the positive terms on Weibo intact. I’ve heard that Prevailing Entertainment is one of the investors of DHA Diamonds. Han Xiaowan was chosen by Su Zhe and everyone has been saying that Han Xiaowan has been selected behind closed doors since long ago.”

Su Zhe is involved in DHA Diamonds?

“This isn’t entirely unexpected, Prevailing Entertainment has a large market share in the entertainment industry. It’s possible he is indeed an investor of DHA Diamonds, then Han Xiaowan would definitely be guaranteed to get a spot.”

Tang Mo’er’s heart sank. She would not allow Han Xiaowan to get away with this. She had to become the spokesperson for DHA!

Su Zhe brought Han Xiaowan over. Han Xiaowan’s eyes lit up when she saw Tang Mo’er, “Sister.”

“Wow, some people are indeed shameless. You’ve been labeled as a home-wrecker and you’ve still got the guts to appear in public. Aren’t you afraid you’ll be beaten up?” Qi Xi spoke sarcastically.

“Qi Xi, why would you say something like that?” Someone had spoke up, it was Su Shuiqin.

Su Shuiqin was Su Zhe’s younger sister, but they had different mothers. Su Zhe’s mother had passed away while giving birth to him and his father had remarried another woman. They had given birth to another baby, Su Shuiqin.

Su Shuiqin was stunning. She had a voluptuous, womanly body, with a generous E-cup chest, honey thighs and small waist. Her body was to die for and men were all attracted to her. She was fairly popular due to the support she received from the Su family, and she was the last of the four most popular female stars.

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