Young Master Gu, Please Be Gentle

Chapter 29 - Tang Mo'er, What Are You Trying to Do

Chapter 29: Tang Mo’er, What Are You Trying to Do

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“I’m fine. I’ll apply ointment myself.” Tang Mo’er repeated as she tried to snatch the ointment from his hands.

However, in the next moment, her small face was squeezed gently between the man’s palms. His eyes were electrifying and demanding and she couldn’t look away, “You didn’t wear any undergarments, right?”

Crap, he realized?

Tang Mo’er’s small face turned red again and she glanced downwards to avoid his gaze. Her eyelashes fluttered like gentle butterfly wings that did not dare to move. “My clothes are all wet, I don’t have anything to wear…”

“Oh? What a coincidence. You run into a man’s bedroom, take a shower in his bathroom and wear his shirt with nothing underneath. Tang Mo’er, what are you trying to do?”

His words made it sound like she was deliberately seducing him.

Tang Mo’er was a little angry. However, she took the opportunity to act simple-minded and innocent. “Mr Gu, you’re right, I’m seducing you.”

In reality, she wanted to challenge him. Usually, he acted all cold and almighty, like nothing would phase him. That night when she was drunk and tried to let herself be taken by him, he had splashed her with a bucket of icy cold water. She felt shameful and embarrassed and her pride had suffered a beating.

As a woman, she needed to know if he was interested in her at all.

Gu Mohan laughed lightly. In a hoarse voice, he asked playfully, “How do you plan to seduce me, hm?”

Tang Mo’er was very new to the more physical aspects of a relationship. Although Su Zhe and her had formed their friendship since young, there had only been a handful of times when the couple had held hands. The transition into a relationship that was more physically amorous had not happened, and she had never been this intimate with a man.

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