Young Master Gu, Please Be Gentle

Chapter 26 - Mr Gu Has a Husband’s Waist.

Chapter 26: Mr Gu Has a Husband’s Waist.

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Tang Mo’er closed her eyes and cringed. Why was it so awkward?

She lowered her head, and fumbled with Qi Xi’s sleeves without answering, instead whispering in a low voice, “Qi Xi, you can leave now.”

Qi Xi was too psyched to leave. She was unable to picture this man associated with the term “gigolo”. It was simply too vulgar. Winking at Mo’er, she said, “Mo’er, ever since you abandoned Su Zhe, I can see now that your taste in men has improved by leaps and bounds. This gigolo, or whatever he is, be it his looks or aura, far surpasses Su Zhe by great lengths. Most importantly, this gigolo possesses what they call the ‘husband’s waist’. It’s been on trend recently.”

“Husband’s waist?” asked Tang Mo’er. She had not heard of it before. Moreover, why did Qi Xi have to keep repeating the word ‘gigolo’?

Qi Xi explained patiently, “Husband’s waist means the inverted triangle of abdominal muscles combined with a thin waist. This is the sexiest part of a man. Husband’s waist is also known as… male dog’s waist.”

Male dog’s waist…

Tang Mo’er tried to dismiss Qi Xi’s words as they made her feel flustered. Just those three words alone were simply too imaginative.

Ignoring Mo’er’s apparent embarrassment, Qi Xi continued, “Mo’er, men with a male dog’s waist are good in bed. Their physical strength would explode in bed, just like a male dog. Their stamina is likely to be amazing. Moreover, this gigolo’s finger joints are very distinct and slender. I heard men like that are gentle and considerate. They know what women want in bed and are considered the ideal sex partner.”

The blush on Tang Mo’er’s face deepened as the words slowly fell on her ears and her mind comprehended the meaning. She felt a strange hotness tingle throughout her body. Unwillingly, she pictured Gu Mohan in bed, his tall and strong body pressing against her sensually, their bodies hot and entwined and his fingers dancing acrー

Hey, wait a minute, what am I thinking?!

It was all Qi Xi’s fault! What she had said was too erotic. Male dog waist and gentleman’s finger—they were two kinky things only wanton women cared about! She wasn’t shameless like that!

“Qi Xi, it’s not as if you’re lacking any men in your life. If you need more, go find them!”

“Mo’er, I have a boyfriend already. Every night, I experience the sweetness of love. But what about you?” whispered Qi Xi into Tang Mo’er’s ears. She continued, “Recently, it looks like your hormones are acting up again. Are you so eager to chase me away so you can get intimate with this gigolo every minute?”

Get intimate with him every minute?

Tang Mo’er frowned. Why would Qi Xi ever think that she wanted to be intimate with this man?

What a joke, wasn’t it the other way around? If anything, he would be the one that wanted to be intimate with her.

She was Tang Mo’er. In the entire Karghalik, she was the woman all men wanted to sleep with. Wherever she went, men would whistle appreciatively at her, showing their desire to get together. She simply wished she could lie low as it was all too much to behold.

At this moment, heavy footsteps could be heard. Gu Mohan had brought Yan Dong.

Tang Mo’er straightened her slender waist and sat up. In a cheerful tone, she gestured towards the door, “Qi Xi, you can really leave now.”

“Alright.” replied Qi Xi as she nodded her head.

Tang Mo’er heaved a sigh of relief. She was afraid that Qi Xi would say something inappropriate again.

“Hello sir.” greeted Qi Xi as she bowed to Gu Mohan.

“I’m Mo’er’s manager so I’m responsible for her everyday life. This includes her family life and any relationships she has, especially if there’s any physical involvement. Firstly, you cannot leave a hickey on her neck, arms or thighs. It would be inconvenient when she wears a skirt and gets photographed. We cannot afford to have any scandals. Secondly, Mo’er can’t get pregnant at such an age, she’s still young. So remember to use a condom, whether it’s Durex’s edition of Jeans, Together, Pleasuremax or Dotted, all are allowed. No further limits or restrictions. Just remember those two rules and you’ll be good.”

Tang Mo’er felt the blood rush into her brain and could almost feel the steam gushing out her ears from embarrassment. She could not bear it any longer and hissed, “Qi Xi, can you keep your mouth shut?!”

Qi Xi showed Mo’er an OK sign, picked up her bag and led herself to the front door. However, she turned back just before she left, “Sir, one last pointer from me to you. Our Mo’er is still a virgin, so please be more gentle, okay?”

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