Young Master Gu, Please Be Gentle

Chapter 24 - A Woman’s Tears

Chapter 24: A Woman’s Tears

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Gu Mohan wore a simple, navy blue shirt with a black belt around his well-defined waist. The light rays from the chandelier hanging above his head shined attractively onto his sleek hair like dancing rays of sunshine. He spoke in a firm tone and ease about the affluent surroundings that strongly hinted at his place in high society.

Tang Mo’er was astonished and her eyes flickered around the extravagant room, finally settling back on Gu Mohan. It was natural for humans to love looking at beautiful things and Tang Mo’er was no exception. She also cared a lot about one’s appearance and worked hard to maintain her own image. In terms of appearance, this man had no flaws. He was tall and charismatic, good looking with a toned body and dressed well. She was smitten.

She was only 21 years old and mature men in their 30s has an undeniable appeal. His deep and narrow eyes told a story, even a normal gaze from him would be able to give one electrifying goosebumps. His eyes exuded an endless degree of charm.

When Tang Mo’er realized she was behaving like a lovestruck fool, she regained her composure and replied, “I’m fine!”

Don’t ever look down on me!

Gu Mohan brought his secretary Yan Dong upstairs and they entered the study room.

He was at a business conference before the event. Once he learned the news of her landing in the police station, he instantly canceled the conference and went over to help her.

He needed to start working again immediately to make up for lost time.

There was a laptop placed on the desk in the study room and an ongoing video conference that was still in progress with a French man. Gu Mohan sat on the black leather chair and spoke in fluent French, “Hello Mr Johnson, sorry to keep you waiting.”

Johnson shrugged, “Mr Gu, this conference was of paramount importance. May I know the reason for your sudden departure?”

Gu Mohan raised his lips into a charismatic smirk and answered, “A woman’s tears.”

After 15 minutes, the entrance doors were thrown open again, interrupting the tranquility in the villa. Qi Xi rushed into the room in a flurry, her eyes anxious until she spotted Tang Mo’er.

“Mo’er, what happened? Tell me every detail, it’s all over the internet!”

Mo’er was lounged on the plush sofa with her legs crossed and looking decidedly peaceful. She was helping herself to a plate of desserts that the helper had laid out on the coffee table. Putting down her fork, she looked up at Qi Xi, “What’s all over the internet?”

“The video of you pushing Han Xiaowan at the mall. There are also large numbers of fans posting threats on Han Xiaowan’s Weibo.”

Settling herself down onto the sofa, Qi Xi continued, “I suspect Su Zhe is hiring people online to post the threats. The public was initially on your side as you were the victim. However, they’re all saying now that you pushed Han Xiaowan down the stairs and it’s caused people to lose trust in you and they will no long support you. There will be a public outlash and everyone will probably wait to watch the drama happening between you and that pretentious home-wrecker.”

Qi Xi had Tang Mo’er take a look at Han Xiaowan’s Weibo page. There were indeed a multitude of different curses and threats targeted at her.

She looked at her own Weibo page.

“Fuck! I thought that Tang Mo’er was innocent but it seems like she’s just an evil woman on the inside. She used the media to put down Han Xiaowan and then she went ahead and pushed her down the stairs. What an evil woman.”

“Han Xiaowan is not innocent but Tang Mo’er isn’t any better.”

“What is the point of two women fighting for the same man? Why aren’t women supporting and helping each other?”

“Tang Mo’er is so evil. It’s not hard to believe that Su Zhe left her now that we can see how she truly is. We shouldn’t encourage such behavior in our society. How is our security ensured when people can easily hurt others due to relationship problems?”

“Shh, you’d better mind your words. Be careful unless you want to get cursed.”

Tang Mo’er smirked and shook her head at their self-righteousness. Most of the comments were left by people hired by Su Zhe. These keyboard warriors wanted to make use of the internet to influence the society’s view and tarnish her image. It was like killing two birds with a single stone. They would able to accuse her and rebuild Han Xiaowan’s innocent image at the same time.

It seemed like Prevailing Entertainment was hard at work.

“Qi Xi, do you believe me? I really didn’t push Han Xiaowan. She fell down the stairs by herself.”

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