Young Master Gu, Please Be Gentle

Chapter 19 - Tang Mo'er, Nobody Loves You Because of Your Arrogance

Chapter 19: Tang Mo’er, Nobody Loves You Because of Your Arrogance

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Han Xiaowan stopped smiling. Tang Mo’er’s words broke her innocent mask and she revealed a murderous expression. “Tang Mo’er, do you know why I hate you so much?”

“I know,” Tang Mo’er nodded her head and shrugged. “Although we are stepsisters with different fathers, the same blood flows in our bodies to some extent. I’ve always been better than you in everything. If I was the beautiful flower, then you’d be the forgotten leaf. Of course you would be jealous and mad with envy. It’s natural for you to hate me. I understand. That is why you’re constantly coveting my things and trying to snatch them away.”

Her dismissive manner was even more infuriating. Han Xiaowan clenched her fists tightly, her nails forming crescent moons in her palm, and her eyes burned with hatred. She hated Tang Mo’er whenever she behaved like this. She was incredibly arrogant just because she was the mayor’s daughter.

She didn’t understand why Tang Mo’er had to exist in this world. Why? Just as Tang Mo’er had mentioned, Tang Mo’er had outshone Han Xiaowan and received all the attention. Han Xiaowan was always, always, merely a supporting character to the female lead, Tang Mo’er.

She was indignant, she wanted to snatch away everything that Tang Mo’er had owned. She needed to defeat Tang Mo’er to prove her own worth.

“Tang Mo’er, you’ve always been like this growing up. Whenever I’ve taken something away from you, you would never show even the tiniest hint of sorrow or shed a single tear, even if you were truly hurt. I actually do pity you, your mayor father doesn’t care for you and your mother doesn’t love you. Even Su Zhe belongs to me now. Other than arrogance, what else do you have? Do you have anyone who loves you?”

Tang Mo’er paused at the vindictive words, her thoughts grinding to a halt. Her eyes fixed at a point on Han Xiaowan’s face without blinking, as though she had gone into a trance.

Han Xiaowan lifted the corner of her lips, clearly pleased. She knew that she had hit Tang Mo’er where it hurt. She was arrogant because there was no one left who loved her.

She took a few slow, graceful steps in front of Tang Mo’er, chiding her in her sickly sweet voice, “Sister, why did you release photographs of Su Zhe and I kissing, instead of just coming inside the villa directly to confront us? Did you seriously think that I would be destroyed from those leaked photographs? You’re too naive, Su Zhe is now my boyfriend and he’s the president of Prevailing Entertainment. He’s also the young master of the Su Family. With his protection, how are you going to hurt me?”

Pacing around Tang Mo’er like a preying shark, she continued to sneer, “This game has just begun, do you really think that you’ve already won?”

Tang Mo’er felt as if she was being entangled by a poisonous snake, listening to Han Xiaowan’s malicious words. She suddenly realized there was more to the meeting today than she had expected. “You’re not only here to show off, what are your true intentions?”

“Ha,” Han Xiaowan barked out a strange laugh, then grabbed onto Tang Mo’er’s tiny hand, her grip a firm vice. “Sister, I’m sorry, I’ve truly realized my mistake…”

Tang Mo’er wanted to laugh when she saw a sudden change in Han Xiaowan’s attitude. She instantly transformed from being arrogant to a pitiful victim. Han Xiaowan was truly a star actress, her acting was so great that she could receive an endorsement as the number one pretentious b*tch in the world.

“Let go of me!” Tang Mo’er shouted coldly, trying to wring her wrist out of Han Xiaowan’s grasp.

“I’m sorry, sister.” Han Xiaowan had started crying while apologizing, looking even more pitiful. A few curious onlookers were looking over at them.

Tang Mo’er then withdrew her tiny hand with some force, flinging her wrist out of Han Xiaowan’s tight grip.

“Ah!” Han Xiaowan let out a piercing scream before she stepped backwards into nothingness and fell down the stairs.

Tang Mo’er’s black pupils contracted when she realized that Han Xiaowan was ruthless, even to herself. There were around 20 steps on the flight of stairs and the way her body fell backwards, compounded by the hard impacts… it made such a huge ruckus that it was likely she would suffer more than a light injury.

Han Xiaowan fell to the bottom of the stairs, her face full of blood and her body twisted and full of bloody scratches by the time she hit the bottom.

“Ah, someone’s fallen down the stairs!” The shoppers in the mall quickly crowded around them, forming a chattering mess of spectators.

“Isn’t that Han Xiaowan? Oh my gosh! Tang Mo’er pushed Han Xiaowan down the stairs, hurry up and use your cell phones to film it!”

It was a complete pandemonium.

Too many people were rushing around erratically, and in the chaos, someone had pushed Tang Mo’er hard, shoving her delicate waist into the sharp edge of the staircase. The sharp pain from the collision made her wince and she let out an involuntary moan from the pain.

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